Thursday, 28 July 2011


Ok!! sorry i didnt say too much in my last letter, it's really hard to fit everything in in only half an hour and remember everything you wanted to say. I'm gonna try and write some real letters today. If you could, please only send me dear elders or real letters and not emails cause reading emails takes away from my time on the computer, also I get dear elders that night which is awesome. I understand why missionaries are so excited to get mail now cause I'm always super stoked when I get some. Gracias!
Ok so classes are going well and I'm learning a ton. Me and Elder Hague taught a lesson in English and one in Spanish. It was pretty awesome. We also practiced a bunch of contacts in Spanish. The set up here is pretty cool. Volunteers come and are assigned an identity of an investigator that we have to research and prepare a lesson plan for. We have so much time to study it's awesome. It's insane how little free time we have. If we're lucky we get maybe 15 minutes at meals or before and after gym where we have some time, and half an hour or 45 minutes at night, but thats it besides p-days. It's sooo crazy. I'm surprised how busy it is. I'm really tired cause me and my roommates talk at night and have to wake up at 6:15 the next morning. It's nuts!
So today I went to the temple with my district which was awesome. We get to go every p-day. I loved it! The Provo temple is a lot brighter than the Cardston temple and it was cool to have a different experience.
We go to church in one of the buildings in the MTC. It's not your typical 3 hour block set up cause everything is always churchy anyway. My branch is all intermediate or advanced Spanish speaking missionaries. It's cool to see how some of the people who have been here for 5 or 6 weeks can speak Spanish so well. I'm so excited for when I can speak Spanish well! We have devotionals every week on tuesday and firesides on sundays with the whole MTC. It's cool.
Me and my companion are seriously wondering why some of these sisters are here and not married. Some are sooo good looking! Don't worry though, they aren't distracting me...
My birthday was hardly a birthday haha. I forgot that it even was my birthday most of the day cause I was still adjusting to the MTC. It's funny though cause yesterday all the new missionaries came and now we get to act all experienced and stuff. Haha we can say "don't worry it'll get better soon" even though we've hardly been here at all either. Everyone says that it gets easier after the first Sunday and it's true, although I'm still dying from lack of sleep.
I saw Elder Lyons and a whole bunch of friends from BYU. A bunch of us took pictures together to send to Stephen Merrill which was awesome. I'm still trying to figure out how to send letters home cause I have no idea how to right now unless I print them off and mail them. I'll figure it out soon though.
I'm so stoked to go to Chile. There are some Chileans on our residence floor and they speak sooo fast. Me and Elder Hague figure that if we can understand them after our missions, we can talk to anyone. It's gonna be so cool to be fluent at Spanish.
I'm trying to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish and English at the same time to help me with the language at it really helps! Right now though, my Spanish scriptures and Spanish hymnbook are getting "Elder Blomfield" put on them so I haven't done it for a couple days. It's so cool how the Lord helps with understanding the language and the lessons. I've noticed that I can understand a lot more than I thought and I've been able to memorize scriptures really easily. I'm so excited to get out and really teach.
Oh, I really liked the idea of the blog being called Diggin That Chile. I thought that was really funny. I feel like I'm so lucky to go to Chile cause it's basically the best. My roommates and I got messages from the MTC that we don't even need visas to go there!!! We were so stoked cause that means we won't be delayed getting out there and cause it means Chile is basically the best.
Anyway I'm sorry if I've forgotten to write something, I'll try and write real letters to everyone. I dunno if you have but could you put my blog on my facebook? I'm almost out of time so I gotta go. I know the church is true and that the Spirit can help us with anything. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today. Jesus Christ is my saviour and I know He lives today. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I'm so excited to use it to bring people to Christ. Thanks for all the letters and please keep them coming they are the best!!! It's so exciting to get mail.
I love you all very much, and I wish you all the best.
Hasta luego,
Elder Blomfield