Sunday, 28 August 2011


Hola everyone!
It's so awesome to get you're letters, they make my day everytime. I hope everything's still good at home, and I hope Michael has a good time at EFY and the family has fun at the cabin. Sorry Dad but I dunno how fun work can be haha. It's good to hear that David's back and doing well! Tell him hi for me. It's crazy that it's already been two years. I bet it'll be exactly the same for me though. People always say that the days go by really slowly but the weeks fly by. It's so true!! Everyday seems to take forever but I've already been here for 2 weeks I can't believe it!! It's cool cause I'm learning so much. Elder Hague and I have taught a few lessons in Spanish and we're getting tons better. It's cool cause I always find it ten times easier to speak Spanish when I'm teaching than when I'm talking to people or whatever. It has to be the Spirit. I love it at the MTC! A lot of people hate it cause we have basically no freedom, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. I'm learning so much and I always look forward to my study time. My scriptures are getting nice and marked up. It was tough to study the first week cause we would all be laughing and goofing around in our district but we're loads better now.
It's cool how much my testimony and faith has grown since I've been here. I never truly realized how important the Book of Mormon was in missionarywork, since I've mostly only used it to read myself, but one of the Apostles said it's the most powerful converting tool. It connects everything else in our religion, and it's true!! We're also taught to teach about families a lot because everyone has a natural tendency to care about families, even if theirs is broken or whatever. We're also taught to tie everything we teach initially when answering questions back to the Restoration. (I almost just wrote restauración instead). We're taught about the restoration, Book of Mormon, eternal families, prophets, that we are God's literal spirit children, and that He loves us our whole lives, but those things are really pretty new to a lot of people. They don't realize how much God cares for them and from my experience "fake" teaching that's been a really important thing to address. He is our literal "Padre Celestial." I love Spanglish.
One thing that I've been taught is that we shouldn't go too crazy about learning the language. It still seems like such a huge task even though I'm making good progress. When my teachers speak how fast they actually can it's pretty crazy. Then those Chilenos drop s's all over the place and speak the fastest Spanish ever. There are a few Chilenos that I've met here that we play fútbol with at gym time, and when they speak fast it's insane. It's gonna kill me. I've heard good things about Chile though. Apparently in Concepción it's really green all the time which is gonna be super cool considering how ungreen it is most of the time in Calgary. And the food is apparently really really good. I'm super stoked.
On Tuesday, Gerald N. Lund came and spoke to us! It was really cool. He spoke about how we need to exercise faith and learn by faith. I've noticed how much more I've come to see how important my testimony is as a missionary, and I haven't even taught someone real yet. Sometimes when I teach I think of all the evidence I could give as to why the church is true, or to why Joseph Smith wasn't a fraud, but that's not what does the converting. One quote I heard is "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." It doesn't matter whether there's physical evidence that the church is true, because that isn't where a testimony comes from. We know the church is true because we exercise faith in God, and learn through the Spirit that it is true. I'm starting to realize how important bearing my testimony is when teaching, because that touches people really well. Another thing is that we don't have to answer every question. Sometimes someone will ask us something that we don't know how to answer, but just because we can't answer it, it doesn't mean the church isn't true. Again, the best thing is to ask them to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it is true for themselves.
Something I forgot to tell everyone is that Elder Hague was assigned as our District Leader! He gets everyone's mail and conducts district meetings and goes to leadership meetings and stuff. It's pretty sweet, cause I'm the first to know if I get mail. His friend was telling us about how in his district the district leader's companion is on a power trip. We thought that was hilarious! I've tried to go on a power trip a couple times but I don't actually have any power to trip on. It's pretty awesome.
I got that birthday package sorry I forgot to mention it it's so tough to remember everything that I wanna write about! Thank you very much those cookies were delicious, and the little card inside was awesome too.
Anyway, thanks so much for everything!! I love you all!!
Elder Blomfield