Sunday, 28 August 2011


Hola familia!
It's good to hear from everyone. That's awesome that PJ got his mission call I'm really excited for him. That's crazy that he doesn't leave til January, but I guess it's only 4 and a half months so that's not too bad. I got that package from Mum. Thanks so much it was awesome!! I loved all the letters in it too. I'm glad to hear things are going well at the cabin. That's too bad a bout work being so busy Dad. Hopefully you'll be able to find some more drivers soon. Good to hear that Mike's doing well on the job too. Thanks for those addresses this morning Dad I got them. If you could try and get the last one it would be great. I've got a letter written up all ready to send.
First off, I figured out my missionary mall stuff. I know Mum was getting worried about it haha. I sent the coat back and told them I wanted to return it but they sent me a new kind instead with longer sleeves. It's really nice. I think I might keep it and send Dad's one back cause this one has a warm inner linner and a waterproof outside and I can wear either one. Also I got the suit trousers that I needed. That's all taken care of. Also, how many pairs of socks did I buy there? I thought I had 10 but I only have 8 right now... Could you check for me? Also can machine dry my slacks or do I have to hang dry them? I don't remember what they said at Missionary Mall.
So we figured Elder Hague was going to be released as District Leader on Sunday because they switch it up every month, and we knew the previous Zone Leaders were leaving in about a week, so we were worried that we were gonna be called. As we walked into the cafeteria on Sunday morning for breakfast, the Zone Leaders grabbed us and asked us to follow them. Elder Hague and I kinda looked at each other funny cause we knew what it was. Then we met with the Branch Presidency who told us we're going to be the new Zone Leaders of our branch after the old ones leave. This week were are in training so we went to a bunch of meetings with the regular Zone Leaders on Sunday and welcomed a new district last night. It's busier but it's good cause it's given me a desire to be a better example and to be more exactly obedient.
My Spanish is coming along lots better! We try to speak only Spanish sometimes but it's tough because speaking and translating Spanish in your head is really tiring somehow. My brain feels like mush after an intensely Spanish day. I know it's good though so I'm trying to do better. When I do speak Spanish, I speak only Spanish. I'm starting to use the different conjugations better especially when teaching and I'm starting to use pronouns more too. There are still more verb tenses that are really hard that I'm trying to work in like something called the Subjunctive. We learned a tiny bit about it in high school but basically we use it when expressing judgement, doubt, or uncertainty or something like that. It's really hard to know when to use it, cause it's difficult to describe the situations when you would. It's coming though. My roommate Elder Carlson, the new District Leader, is really good at Spanish cause he's been taking it since grade 2 I think so he's really good at helping me. I memorized the Articles of Faith in Spanish in 2 days this week, so I'm pretty happy about that. Now i know them, D&C 4, baptismal invitation and the First Vision in Spanish.
Elder Hague and I are getting way more flexible when we teach. We used to struggle if we had to vary from the lesson plan because we didn't know what scriptures to use and our language was way more limited, but now we can handle some curve balls way better. It's awesome. I always wondered how missionaries would handle super hard situations but I've noticed I've been able to remember scriptures way more easily, and I've learned that it's important to focus on the fact that the people need to find out for themselves. We need scriptures to explain why we need things or to show how what we're saying comes from God, but it still basically boils down to them getting their own testimony. Also, I'm getting better at showing some emotion when I teach. Before, teaching missionary lessons was kind of alien in a sit-down 2-on-1 setting especially when teaching Spanish, but I'm getting better at identifying the person's needs and trying to address them. I can't wait to get to Chile and teach real people.
I know the church is true and that it brings us happiness. The Book of Mormon is true and can bring us happiness. Jesus Christ lives and is my Saviour. I know that the Lord is preparing me now for the work I have to do in Chile, and I'm excited for it. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. I know that God answers our prayers and that He loves us. He wants what's best for us, and I know that if we obey Him we will have more happiness, because that's what happens to me.
Anyway, I'm running out of time as usual. Thanks for the letters and keep writing!! I really wish I had more time to sit down and write everyone individual letters but it's super tough. I love you all and pray for you everyday!
Elder Blomfield