Sunday, 28 August 2011


Hola everyone!
Thank you for the letters and for the package Mum and Dad! I got it yesterday. The chocolate's sooo good. My roommates don't appreciate it as much as I do because they're silly Americans, but I love it. And after lots of pestering they let me put up the Canadian flag. I hang it proudly.  Also thanks to Sally and Simeon for sending me a birthday card and a package too!! I looove chocolate! I forgot to say thanks for the letter Joseph and Jenny sent me a while ago too. Thanks!! Getting mail is seriously the best thing ever.
You may think I didn't wish Mum happy birthday, but I did! I didn't wanna just send a lame email, but I realized I didn't know the address for the cabin at Idaho. When I got my package yesterday I got the address and I sent my letter this morning. Hopefully it gets there soon. I hope your birthday was awesome Mum! I'm glad to hear all is well at the cabin and I hope you're having fun!
Good to hear about Michael's EFY experience! ¿Había muchas chicas bonitas? ¡Qué bueno! Do you like my Spanish skills? Don't be too impressed, I really don't know anything. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn! The language seems so daunting right now, but I know I'll be fine eventually. I can write Spanish pretty well, it's just thinking of the right verb, right tense, and right conjugation on the fly that's really hard. I just need to practice more.
I really love personal study time. I also kinda like getting up early! It seems crazy, but I can legitimately see myself getting up early everyday after my mission. Maybe not quite as early as 6:30, but I have so much more of the day.
On Tuesday, Cecil O. Samuelson came to speak with us. He's the president of BYU by the way. It was awesome. He talked about making sure we are always behaving like representatives of the Lord which I thought was really important. It's weird to see people leave the MTC! We had some friends outside the district who left, and Elder Russell in our district left early. He was a marine, and tried to come once but got deployed to Iraq. He came after that but something felt weird and he talked to the leaders about it the brethren told him it wasn't his time to be in the field yet so left the MTC, and stayed in the MTC for only 2 and a half weeks before leaving to Nicaragua. I'm guessing there must be some reason that he needs to be there right now. He was super intimidated cause he realized how little of the language he knew, but the MTC people told him he spoke better Spanish than most of the beginner missionaries they send out. That gives me hope, seeing as I have 6 weeks left and my Spanish might already be comparable to some of the leaving beginners. Some of the missionaries in my district are awesome at Spanish though, so then I realize how terrible I am haha. I'm sure I'll be fine. It's sad though cause another Elder in our district, Elder Marcum is moving to a beginner Spanish district cause he doesn't know a lot of the basics. It'll be good for him but it still sucks. Elder Berdichevski-Poroi from Tahiti is going to Montreal, Spanish speaking, and is probably leaving early too. He's already been here for 9 weeks more than us because he was in beginner but busted his knee so stayed and moved up to intermediate.
I talked about this in my letter to Mum, but we are trying a new curriculum where volunteers come in and don't act like investigators like they used to, but we just teach them as they are. We work with our teachers as progressing investigators. Hermana Esplid is a woman named Natalia living in Santiago, Chile, and we just found out that her husband cheated on her. It's hard to address a problem like that in English, but it's super hard when instead of focusing on the message I'm trying to get across, I have to focus on the words that I can use to get my message across with my limited Spanish. It's hard but it helps us learn a lot. The MTC is focussing on training us to teach people not lessons now which is great. I'm so excited to get out into the field!!
Do you think you could get on my facebook and ask P.J. Quinn if he's gotten his mission call yet?? I'm really curious. It's super cool seeing a bunch of the people I know from BYU here. It's weird calling them Elder and not by their first name!
Anyway, I love you all! Being a missionary is awesome. I can't wait to go to Chile and start teaching!! I'm glad I'm not going yet though, cause the language would destroy me if I did.
Love you all!!!!!
Elder Blomfield