Monday, 19 September 2011


Hola familia!
Thanks for all of your letters. Thanks for getting on Grandma and Grandad Steward and Blomfield's cases for not writing me. I got their letters and I'm sending out some replies. That's awesome that Mike's seminary council president! I know you'll do a great job. Charly that's cool that your teacher is Mr. Jackins. He's super cool. Tell him I say hi, and ask him to play dead ants. It's super awesome. Mrs. Stiles is awesome too. I really like her. How's Jake liking Junior High?? I'm so happy to hear about Ricki's baptism!! That gets me super excited especially as a missionary. I can't wait to go and teach real people. That little story about Izaac is hilarious!!! He cracks me up so much. How come everyone's taking piano lessons from a new teacher? Good luck with the new baseboards, the house is gonna look completely different when I get back haha. Keep playing the piano Mike, I wish I had done more before I came, cause there are opportunities to play, and I think I'll have more in the field. I need to practice more. Also, study Preach My Gospel and the scriptures in it. It's awesome. If you get familiarized with scriptures for different situations and where they are now you'll be so set for your mission.
This week's been pretty sweet! Elder Stapley, Sister Hamilton's nephew is in my district which is pretty cool. Yesterday we got to welcome the new missionaries which was really cool too. We have someone named Elder Barton who Caroline Erasmus dated at BYU, and it's funny too cause 2 Elders in my district, Elder Pugh and Elder Carlson know Caroline too. Dad apparently you played soccer with someone who's now in the MTC? I welcomed her last night too! Dianna Munez I think? It's crazy how small the world is at the MTC. On the way back from the temple today I saw Becky Vance too! I'm not allowed to stop and talk so I just kinda waved and said hi and kept going, but it was still pretty cool.
Alright so I'm expecting my travel plans to either get here today or tomorrow morning. It's crazy! Elder Hague and I just got emails from people in our mission giving us instructions on what to do in the airport and stuff. I can't believe it's only 11 days away!! I think the flight's gonna be super long, but we'll see how many of the passengers we can commit to baptism on the flight hahaha. The good thing is I'll be flying with 5 other missionaries from my district I think who will all be flying to Santiago, with some of us going further to Concepcion or to Osorno. I'm so excited!!!!
Hmmm what are some interesting stories that I can tell.... We have people that start our gym period everyday that are employees. One of them we aren't too fond of. It's hilarious cause he's on a huge power trip since he controls the gym period. Some people... His name is Jake and he's been given nicknames Gake and Jimbo. He stopped a soccer game once cause people were falling when it was wet, and told everyone that they know better than to slide around like that, and that he has the power and will stop the games. I can't really describe it, but it's pretty funny and ridiculous. Yesterday this one elder was taking it WAY to seriously and put someone in the headlock for absolutely nothing, and was freaking out whenever someone on his team messed up. It cracks me up sometimes how some missionaries can act like 5 year olds. He was on the other team, and lets just say I was less than sorry when I took his feet out a couple times afterwards haha. I know I should be more loving, but some people just don't deserve love. hahaha. There are so many more funny stories but it wouldn't be funny unless you knew the people or heard the stuff they say. We have a lot of fun here at the MTC.
Spanish is getting a lot better! I'm trying to use more pronouns when I speak, and use the weird subjunctive tense that we don't have in English. It can be hard cause we don't think that way in English, but I'm confident I'll figure it out in the field. I love being a missionary!
Anyway I'm running out of time!!! I know the church is true. I feel it renewed everyday as a study and teach. I can't wait to see the Holy Ghost work in people's lives in the field. This work will go forward and I can't wait to be a part of that now and for the rest of my life. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true. Something that I've always liked is that nothing ever bad comes from the church, so of course it's true. But more important than that is the Holy Ghost bearing witness that it is. I know it is with something more than sight. It's incredible.
I wish you all the best and send you my love!!
Hasta 2013,
Elder Blomfield