Friday, 2 September 2011


Hola familia!!
Thanks for all the letters they were super awesome!! I didn't know Mary-Clare got engaged til Mum told me!! That's super exciting! Tell her congratulations for me and tell her to write me. Also tell Grandma and Grandad Steward and Blomfield to write me. I haven't heard from any of them yet. Also I'm super excited to hear about Ricky! That made me sooo happy when I heard that he's getting baptized. Dad, you should tell all the guys at work that they can write me if they want as well. I'd love to hear from them. That's the best thing ever to hear about people accepting the gospel and being baptized. It's like a dream come true! Also, thanks David for writing me and sending me those brownies, it was really really nice. I'll write back it's just tough to find the time.
Alright so this week was our first week oficially as Zone Leaders. It's really cool cause we get to greet all the new districts that come in. Our zone is either advanced or intermediate Spanish speakers which is pretty cool. It's fun to see how "deer-in-the-headlights" all the new missionaries are and it reminds me of what it was like for me.
By the way I've been singing in the choir every week here. We practice on Sunday before our Fireside, and then sing on Tuesdays at devotional. I've been on the camera 4 or 5 of the 6 I've sung in. It's cool. On Tuesday, ELDER HOLLAND CAME!!! I was sooo excited. He's my favourite. The only person I'd rather hear speak is President Monson. It was seriously the best thing ever. Elder Pugh in my district is really good at the piano, and played for some ASL sisters at the devotional. One of them could hear and sang, and the other is deaf and signed. It was incredible. Normally they don't do musical numbers at the Tuesday devotionals so I was suspicious, but Elder Pugh found out early and told us. They replaced the closing hymn. Elder Holland really lays down the law which is the best. My favourite part was how he said if the church had any kind of symbol or icon, it would be two missionaries walking side by side. Also he said that people think that the missionaries are perfect, and although we aren't, they have the right to think that. He yelled and said we do not have the right to corrupt that image. It was so awesome. It made me wanna be so much better. He also said he can't live when people choose to come home early or return from their missions and go off the rails. He said that so many blessings come from a mission, and that our whole lives will be affected by it. He seemed really sad about something when he was speaking, and mentioned something about someone giving their lives for the work 4 hours ago from when he was talking, but didn't explain. We found out today when Elder Pugh and the ASL sisters were performing just for the MTC Presidency (yeah they were so good that the MTC Presidency wanted an encoure) that some sister missionary in I think New York was t-boned and killed. It was crazy to think that one of 50 000 missionaries dying upsets a member of the Twelve so much. It was a testimony to me of the divinity of their calls and how much they love the church. He also said along with the prophet, we are the most prayed for people on the earth. It was really awesome.
The language is coming. We did a strictly Spanish day on Monday which was brutal but awesome. It tires you out so much to do that. I was completely burnt out at the end of the day. I bet it's gonna be like that in the field at first. I'm gonna die, but eventually figure it out. I just can't wait to teach real people! It's gonna be incredible. I wish I had more study time here cause I love it so much. I'm prepping for lessons by finding and marking scriptures with tabs and stuff for when I teach. There's just so much more I wanna learn!!! I'm excited to leave, but I also wish I had more time. It's weird. 
By the way I found the two missing pairs of socks. My companion accidentally stole them.
Anyway I need to get going. Thanks for all the letters and keep writing me!! Get more people to write me too hahaha. I love you all so much and pray for you everyday. I love being here. I know the church is true. Joseph Smith did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Spirit does testify of the truth and I can't wait to help others feel of that Spirit. The Prophet and the Apostles are God's servants on the earth. The Book of Mormon is true. It is the most correct book of any on the earth, and does bring us closer to Christ. Jesus Christ did die and atone for my sins. Through the atonement I can receive forgiveness of my sins, and I'm so excited to bring the message that we can repent and feel the burden of sin lifted off our shoulders. This is true. It just has to be.