Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Familia!!! I´m so happy to hear about the baptism of Dennis! That´s so awesome. And Anthony and Aries are taking the lessons too?? That´s so exciting!! Get on Anthony in the shop too!! You definitely should write an Ensign article, that would be so cool! It really is a miracle how so many people have been affected by the message of the gospel. That´s cool that you´re doing the baseboards and stuff. The house is gonna look completely different in two years haha. I really hope all is well with Holly, that would suck if they had to put her down. Haha i hate Canadian winters, but at least you have the option to heat the house up!! Here we have two space heaters and we´re lucky compared to the other missionaries. I get cold at night sometimes but the winters are gonna be pretty brutal. I´m excited to hear about your friends who are going to church!! That´s really cool because the best investigators are member referals. They are more receptive, feel more comfortable in church, and are more likely to stay active. Keep working with her it´ll change her life!

Michael I hope you did well on your ACT! I´m sure you did. I hope you get the scholarship, but if you don´t, don´t worry about it. It´s nice but it´s not really a big deal. You´ll get accepted and kick but when you´re there and that´s what matters. We don´t have Día de los Muertos here en Chile but we do have Halloween. I dunno how big it is but I guess I´ll see. If they do, I think I´ll dress up as a missionary. Never wear your speedo, that´s sinful, and I´m super jealous that you get to Vegas, that´s awesome. I dunno if things have changed, but with BYU, I needed my transcript from BYU and the conversion of my percentage grades into the letter grades. Talk to your councellor about that. Then send that off to BYU. When I did it they just gave me the unofficial transcript up to grade 11 I think, and that worked fine. I don´t even think they ever looked at my grade 12 stuff, but I dunno. Just email them or call them if you have any questions. Just get it done quick!! I´m sure you´ll be fine.

Charly! That is pretty sweet that you got to go to a Selena Gomez concert!! I´m pretty jealous of that. You went to Beaverbrook too! You´ll be about ready to go to Beaverbrook when I get back!! That´s nuts. I love making ridiculous movies as you know. It´s always a good time. What do you do in service class? When I was at Wilma I´m pretty sure they did nothing except pick up recycling.

Jake! That´s too bad about your soccer game, but hey at least you got that far. Nickle was always known as the druggy school for us haha. How is there someone who plays on team Canada if he´s only in Junior High?? I hope things go well with the piano!

So I didn´t end up getting the operation. My toe doesn´t hurt or anything and it´s practically better. Just another blessing!! Today we´re in Constitución which is about a 3 hour train ride west of Talca. We went to the beach and played ultimate frisbee with our zone and another zone too. It was cool cause the sand was black and there was this gigantic rock with a hole in it. It used to have a cross on it that someone put there and it was called the Rock of the Church. There were seals on it too it was sweet!

This week we had 2 investigators at church. We had hope a few days before for like 10, but a bunch bailed. It´s ok though, because we still had 2! This week we´re gonna do contacts in an area that we haven´t contacted before because it´s so far from the house. I think it´s probably been a long time since missionaries have been in that part because our sector´s huge, and our house is near the lower limit. We´re gonna find a bunch of golden investigators this week I´m excited. Also, in the ward boundary, there are something like 800 inactives it´s insane. It´s a shame when that happens.

Last week the Bishop laid down the law with the Sabbath Day in sacrament meeting about how we should never watch TV, never play sports, should remain in our church clothes all day, and some other stuff. It was pretty intense, but I learned a lot. We should always be trying to improve our Sabbath Day worship instead of making excuses and saying that what we´re doing is good enough. He also talked about tithing. Unfortunately, it offended some recent converts who are bordering less active, who said that rules come from man, and not from God when we went to their house. They also said that tithing isn´t from God. Before their baptism, the wife had some weird experiences with visions and angels giving her the ability to heal people, and even healing someone who fell out of a window. It actually happened, it was confirmed by the Bishop´s wife. She also claimed that Joseph Smith was ministering to her and instructed her to be baptized. The problem though, is that now they are saying that God works through more than one way, and our church isn´t the only true church. The husband said of course he believed Joseph Smith was a prophet, but something to the effect that Joseph Smith told him that some changes have to be made in the church. It´s some pretty weird stuff, and obviously not from God. It´s weird because what they believe is directly contrary to what Joseph Smith, the one who supposedly appears to the wife at night, himself said about the church, about the commandments, and about who has the authority to receive revelation for the whole church. It´s basically apostasy starting to set in. We´re going to try and work with them, but it´s difficult because they get offended when someone teaches a commandment they aren´t keeping. It´s super tough.

This week was funny in church because a counsellor gave a talk in sacrament about respecting the chapel. I can´t really explain it, but it was really funny the way he did it because he did it all preachy with his arms waving around and stuff. Once when we ate lunch with him and I told him I wanted to be a lawyer, he told me that being a lawyer was not a career for members. When Elder Navarrete told him that some Apostles and Prophets have been lawyers, he had nothing to say. Some people, especially older people, are hilarious here cause they have their funny opinions.

One of the people we teach and who went to church has a daughter who is a super snake. It´s pretty ridiculous. Elder Navarrete says now that I have my first snake, I only have to fight a dog to be a full-fledged missionary haha.

This week I also ordered some scripture cases with cool personalized leather covers of gospel paintings burned in. I was thinking about what to get the family for Christmas, and was thinking of getting a cool poster thingy for the family that has the family name, and a drawing of the Christus looking down over a temple with the first names of the family underneath. If you want me to get it (I think it would be really cool), tell me and I will. Tell me what temple too. I don´t know if you want the temple where you were sealed Mum and Dad, or Cardston. Let me know!!

Yesterday Elder Navarrete and I were sick, Elder Navarrete to the point where he couldn´t go out to work cause he had such a bad headache. After lunch yesterday, we just had to chill in the house. It sucked, but at least we both feel quite a bit better now.

This week I gave 2 blessings in Spanish!! It was really hard, but I´m happy. It´s tough because I had the thoughts of things to say, but I had to translate it into Spanish using the tú (informal) form of the verbs instead of the usted (formal). We have to always use usted except in prayers and blessings. Both mean you.

Thanks for all of your prayers everyday. I´ve seen miracles with my toe healing with little trouble, and with my increasing ability with teaching and the language. I know the Lord lives. Jesus Christ died to save us from the effects of sin, and if we repent and try to follow him we can be saved. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and the prophet Joseph Smith really restored the church and gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days. We have living prophets today who lead and guide us. The Lord hears our prayers, and will answer them. If we remain faithful we will be blessed in so many ways.

I love you all so much and pray for you everyday!! I hope all is well!! Tell grandma and grandad Blomfield and Steward to email me!!


Elder Blomfield