Thursday, 13 October 2011


Hola everyone!!

So another week is done here in Chile. I can´t believe how fast the time is going. It´s insane!

That´s awesome to hear about your cruise Mum and Dad, I hope you keep having fun. Remind me, where exactly are you going for your cruise? What do you do when you get off the boat? How much time do you have everyday? What do you do on the ship? Fill me in! Oh and if you tried to send me some kind of picture, it didn´t work.

Michael! Sounds like you had a pretty weird dream hahaha. Don´t worry, I´m still here. It sounds like seminary´s going pretty well, the old testament is cool. It has a lot of really cool stories in it, and I liked the talk this conference that said that we need to use all the standard works when we study, even the old testament. Haha I remember our super lame motag video. It was fun, but it was terrible. Make sure you win motag. That´s sweet about your guitarness. When you get back from your mission you need to teach me all your amazing guitar talents. Oh and for sure make sure you´re one of those EFY or BYU tools who can play 3 chords on their guitar and think they´re hot stuff.

Charly! I bet it´s quiet. Is it boring with no one in the house?? I always got super bored when that happened. The food here is super awesome. I ate something called a churrasco on Saturday which is basically like a giant burger type thing. Also we have completos which are super awesome hot dogs. I love the food here. Haha I´m glad you´re still enjoying my ridiculous videos. You should make some so you can show me after my mission!!

Jakob!! How´s junior high going?? Do you like it? it´s way different isn´t it? I liked junior high more than elementary, and high school more than that, and university more than that. It´s awesome how life just keeps getting better and better. And your a Deacon!! How´s that going?? Email me!

Thanks for the email Grandma and Grandad!! Hahaha I liked that little Spanish line you threw in there about English being the true language. Haha it would be so much easier to teach in English!! How´s everyone doing?? Tell everyone to email me!

Some more things about Chile are that tons of people have little stores set up at their houses. They´re everywhere, and everythings so cheap compared to Canada. A small bag of chips might cost 200 pesos which is about 40 cents instead of the $1.25 it might cost in Canada. It´s awesome. There are tons of taxi things called colectivos that we take everywhere too. There´s still tons of earthquake damage here too. We have one really nice recent convert that we visit sometimes who talks nonstop. She´s really nice but I can´t understand her! It´s really funny cause she has a one-way conversation with me while looking me right in my eyes but I have no idea what kind of facial expression I should have. Elder Navarrete just sits there and thinks it´s hilarious cause he knows I can´t understand. He says sometimes even he can´t.

Alright so this week! Right now we have 9 investigators with a baptismal date this month. The thing that´s really tough though, is that they´re progressing. The rule is that they go to church a minimum of 3 times before baptism. Unfortunately, everyone either didn´t pick up their phones or were too busy to go to conference this weekend. It was too bad, cause conference was AMAZING!! I get so excited that we really have profets and apostles!! I think sometimes we look over that in the church. We have a real life prophet!!!! I LOVED conference. It was like a giant feast and I felt the Spirit so strong. Of course the church is true.

Anyway back to the mission. We try to invite people to be baptized the first lesson. Before my mission that seemed way to forward but now I see it as a great opportunity. Our investigators need to know what our goal is for them, and how coming unto Christ through baptism will really bless their lives. If they have problems, we can address them. Something else I learned here is that our main job is to "harvest" not to "plant." We are here to find the people that are ready to accept our message, and although we will be doing some planting of the word in people, the main use of our time should be to work with people who are progressing. If people aren´t willing to progress, they may not be ready, and we may need to reconsider the use of our time. Also, something I liked about conference that I felt, is that we need to teach WITH the Spirit, not just having the Spirit as a helper. The Spirit is the real teacher, and our job is to follow it exactly and allow others to feel it. I like the scripture that says the people were angry because they couldn´t help but believe the words that I think it was Nephi in 3 Nephi said because of his faith. I want that for me. I have learned tons on how to teach better. How to ask inspired questions, how to guide the investigators through the lesson, and how to address the lesson directly to their needs. I still have sooo much more to learn though. I´m progressing with the language too. I can understand most of what everyone says now but not all of it, which is difficult when teaching sometimes because the one sentence I miss might completely change what it is I need to say. It´s coming though. I keep praying for that gift of tongues and I feel it gradually coming. Something else I like, is that we need to expect miracles. We´re representatives of Jesus Christ and as such we need to have faith that miracles will happen. For example we need to have faith that the Spirit will work through us, and that people really can change and be converted.

On Thursday we had an appointment but it fell through, and after talking with a ward missionary we saw, the investigator came out and said he actually could make the lesson. After that, all of our appointments were late. We tried to make it to one across our sector by taking a colectivo but all of them were full!! Anyway we were about to finish doing contacts (we´re supposed to do at least 20 a day) which was knocking doors at that time, and go home. It was the last house we were gonna do, and they let us in and were super receptive. It was awesome!! Tonight we have another appointment with them and we´re gonna invite them to be baptized. It was awesome because without all of those appointments falling through and colectivos being full, we wouldn´t have been at that spot. It was a miracle. It´s cool to see how the Lord blesses us so much.

Another miracle. We went out to go running one morning, but Elder Navarrete forgot the keys inside so we were locked out. We prayed. The people here sleep in way later, so the neighbours didn´t answer the door for a while. Finally someone did and we managed to hope the fence into our back yard. The sliding door, which ALWAYS has this bar thing to prevent people from opening it, for some reason wasn´t there and we could slide the door open!! It was incredible!! It´s never out of place but for some reason it was right when we needed it to be. It was amazing. The Lord looks over us so much and blesses us in so many ways.

I love the gospel. I know it´s true. I have it confirmed to me everyday that it is. We have prophets and apostles on the earth today, and we have the Book of Mormon!! Anyone who says the Book of Mormon isn´t true needs to really read it. It can change lives. It´s changed mine. Thomas S. Monson is the Lord´s prophet on the earth today, and he really receives revelation from God for us! I love this gospel and I love this church. Jesus Christ lives. He loves us, and suffered and died for us. This is His church. It´s so important and we need to share it. That´s why I´m here.

Tons of love!

Elder Blomfield