Saturday, 12 November 2011


Family!! So nice to hear from you.
Mum and Dad!  Sounds like you had a great trip to Las Vegas!! Thanks for sending me a package, I wanna send you something but I´m worried it might arrive late. I wanna send something for Izaac too cause his birthday´s coming up soon. I can´t believe he´ll be almost 4! That´s weird to think about Mary-Clare getting married. Are they going to the temple? What´s the plan with that? That´s pretty crazy that my blog has been viewed that many times. I have another SD card so I´m good with that. I don´t think I took a picture with Braedon Lyons, I think I only just saw him. Oh and Dad, I have no idea what the iTunes password is, I think it´s what you sent to me. That´s crazy about the winter. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here!! It´s sweet. Have I told you there are palm trees here?
Michael! To answer your question about the thing for BYU, I don´t remember. Maybe something about Duty to God, or your grades (which it sounds like you are kicking butt in by the way), Chief Scout Award... I dunno. How´s the application coming along? Have you found out your ACT grades yet? I know how it feels to be tired hahaha. Don´t be stupid like me in BYU. Actually get some sleep. Sleep is nice. That´s sweet about your Las Vegas trip. I´m totally jealous. That sucks about those stupid pimps but I´m sure the rest was great. You went in a limo?!?!? Lucky!! And the magic show sounds sweet. How the heck did he make a car appear that´s insane. And of course, I´m jealous of the cars. That´s sweet about swimming. I love swimming. Why did Ben puke?? THat´s super awesome about Aries. I bet the missionaries are just stoked out of their minds!! I would be!
Charly! Sorry I had no idea what you meant by twister. I thought maybe you meant the twister game but how was I supposed to know!! Haha that´s pretty awesome though. Really creative. I heard you won an award for it?? Nicely done! Did you have fun at halloween? I know you didn´t get as much candy as Jakob but hey at least you got some! How´s school going?? You have Seminary next year! That´s sweet. Remind me, what classes do you have right now?
Jakob! How was your Halloween? I bet you had fun. Based off of Charly´s email it sounds like you had a pretty good haul. We bought some candy and gave it out to people on the street. It seems like Halloweens still growing here.
Kenna! Thank you so much for your email! What volcano are you talking about? I haven´t heard anything about any volcano. That´s so cool about your primary presentation. I wish I could have seen it! That´s cool that you got to dress up as Tangled with a long blonde wig. Have you eaten all your candy already?
Izaac! How was your Halloween? Did you get lots of candy too? I heard you threw a temper tantrum for Grandma you crazy boy!! It´s your birthday soon!!! Are you excited? Your getting so old!
Grandma and Grandad Steward! I think I forgot to reply to your email last week. It´s good to hear that you´re liking your new ward and that you have a new calling. I hope everything works out for Aaron and Amanda. The blessings that come from the gospel are incredible. Thanks for your prayers, I hope all is well.
Grandma and Grandad Blomfield! Haha Grandad don´t worry I have had a few slammed doors, but not too many. It happens so rarely that I laugh when people are harsh. Hahaha I liked your comment about the superiority of English. It seems the people in Chile haven´t quite figured that out yet as they`re still speaking Spanish hahaha. Grandma that´s funny about Izaac. He´s hilarious. That´s too bad about Holly, I hope everything goes well with her. That was really funny about how you showed up to church early because the clocks changed. Nice work, and Grandad, your secret is not safe with me. As you can see I´ve just sent an email to you which will be published on my blog for the whole world to see that you didn´t change your clocks. I can´t believe Mary-Clare´s getting married. That´s crazy. I hope all is well with everyone. Tell them all to email me!!
OK! So Enrique didn´t get baptized on Sunday, cause there was just no way he could be ready in that short amount of time. This Saturday we have two baptisms. We´re going to baptize Enrique and Claudia. We´re fasting today for them. I really hope that this goes through and that they will be ready. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. We had 4 investigators at church on Sunday. Claudia and Enrique, and two others who now have attended twice. Hopefully we´re going to baptize them next week! I´m so excited to see the fruits of our labours.
This week is going to be insane. Because Elder Navarrete is now the district leader, we have to travel to Constitution which is about 2 hours away to do interviews sometimes. The districts in our zone changed so now it´s us with the two sets of sisters. We are going to Constitution tomorrow and because of that we lose a whole day of work in our sector. It´s gonna be super difficult but I know the Lord will provide for us. Also on Thursday we have the conference in Concepción. We have to leave Talca at about 1:30 at night to arrive in Concepción in the morning. We still have no idea who´s supposed to be coming, but we´re super excited. For that though, we lose Thursday.
Remember the family that claimed to have seen Joseph Smith? It´s a sad story. Basically they are recent converts with a completely distinct idea of God. Like the majority of people here, they believe that God doesn´t ask things of us. That he is pure love that dwells in all of us and just wants us to be comfortable. They think the church has been changed by man and don´t wanna go anymore. They are basically apostates. The Bishop has worked with them but nothing´s changed. A ton of people here who supposedly believe completely in the Bible believe in a completely different God than He who is described in the scriptures. They think that God doesn´t ask us to make sacrifices or follow a certain path. It´s interesting because the God who they claim to worship is the same God who punished the people in the Bible when they were wicked. It´s a very short-sighted view that many people have. They are believers but don´t do anything. It´s a shame to see the ignorance and laziness of a lot of people. It´s so awesome when we find people who really want to change.
We have an investigator that we´ve had since before I got here in Talca. She´s been flaky with her commitments, but understands our message. She just wasn´t connecting the dots with why she needs to act. For her to fully understand, we had to lay down the law a bit and say that either all of our message is true, or none of it is, and that if it is true, she needs to act or God will not be happy with her. I like to be really direct with flakey people because that´s the only way they do things.
With the language I feel like I keep getting better. It´s tough in the lessons because sometimes I don´t feel confident in saying something and it´s easy to sit back and let my companion teach the whole lesson, but I´m trying to improve on that. Elder Navarrete´s a great teacher and I´m learning a lot from him. I think if I just have confidence in the Lord and not worry about my lack of ability and just open my mouth. I know that´s what the Lord wants me to do.
I know this is the true church. It is the only church that contains the fulness of the gospel, and the only church through which we can have salvation. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and really saw God the father and Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is a true record that testifies of Christ. We have a living prophet today and apostles also. God loves us. Jesus Christ died for us so that we could have happiness in this life and in the life to come. Only through him can we find true happiness.
I love you all!! Write to me soon and keep praying for me!
Elder Blomfield