Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Thanks for the emails everyone!! It´s too bad that everyone´s sick... Being sick is a bummer. Elder Navarrete and I have had some kind of stomach problem for maybe a month and a half now. Every once in a while we just feel completely gross and have to go to the bathroom. It hasn´t been too much of a problem though.
Dad that´s pretty sweet that now you´re a High Priest! How many are in the High Priest group in our ward? What did you have to do for the youth conference? What happened in it? Hahaha I keep telling Elder Navarrete about my youtube videos. I wanna show them to him but of course I´m on my mission so I can´t, and I´m afraid to tell the members or investigators about it in case they think I´m crazy hahaha. That´s weird that it´s been 4 months already that I´ve been on a mission. I don´t want it to end ever, I love it too much. That´s good about Aries, I hope he gets baptized. What´s the deal with Anthony? Is he listening to the missionaries? That´s good about JoJo. I wish every recent convert was like him. That would be so awesome if Andy and Stephen moved to Canada. It´s a way better place to raise a family, and the church is stronger. Don´t worry though, I don´t have plans to live in the US. Living in the US when I could live in Canada would be like taking a volkswagen beetle when I could have a Lamborghini. It just doesn´t make sense. Thanks for always being the best Dad ever. You really are the best Dad, and I´m eternally grateful for all you´ve taught me. Also, loved the Spanish in the letter. Maybe if you practice some Spanish we could talk in Spanish when I get back! That would be sweet!! You should learn Spanish!
Mum! To answer your question, yes I think I´m pretty adjusted to Chile, however I´ve only really seen Talca and Constitución. Don´t worry about missionary mall, it´s no rush. When you do do it though, if you could also talk to them about if they could send me a new strap for my bag that I bought from there. I think I left the shoulder strap in Constitución a couple weeks ago. If they can´t do it for free, if you could pay with some of my money that would be great. That´s pretty crazy about the speeding ticket, you need to let me know how it goes! What is there to fight anyway? That´s crazy about the cold. It´s the opposite here. We get all sweaty cause of the heat and it tires us out pretty bad. I hope you feel better soon, being sick is the worst.
Michael! Sounds like you had a pretty sweet week!! Feeling the Spirit is the best thing ever. Sounds like the Youth Conference was pretty fun. What did you learn in the lessons? Where was the youth conference, and who was it with? I couldn´t agree more about your dancing comment. I love dancing too, and the crazier it is, the better. I don´t mean to brag or anything but my hips don´t lie. Testimony meetings are always really good too. Especially when the people actually bear their testimonies and don´t tell long stories or do a thankamony, cause that´s frustrating. Deep conversations about gospel stuff are the best too. I always did that with Scott my roommate in BYU. I loved it. How much is left in your BYU application? Hopefully you nab that scholarship. I bet you will. Have you done the scholarship application too? Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with that. I offered a little prayer about your speeding ticket, but with the time difference which I think is 3 hours, I bet you already finished with that.
Charly! I hope you start to feel better soon... puking is no fun, especially when it comes out your nose, although it is pretty funny for everyone else ;-) Love you!
Jake! That´s pretty sweet that you saw a bear so close up. How far away was it? I bet that was fun shooting the 22. I loving shooting guns. Haha that would be pretty sweet. I should have went to the houses and said "restored gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation or treat!" I think that would´ve worked well. How come you´re selling all your DS games?
Kenna! I heard you were sick! How do you feel now? I hope you feel better soon. That´s too bad that you had to miss school. How is school going by the way?
Izaac!! HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY BBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can´t believe you´re 4 years old already!! How was your party? Did you get lots of presents? Did you have fun at Burger King? I know you love burger king. I´m gonna send you something with stuff for Christmas, but I think it´ll get to the house late, but hopefully not too late! I told an investigator about you so now you´re famous in Chile!
Alright! So this week was pretty crazy. I broke the shower on Wednesday which is too bad. It was twisted funny and when I put it back it just broke. Pretty sketchy. Now we just have water that shoots out of a hole in the wall. It still works but it´s pretty bad.
Something funny that I´ve noticed about being here. Little bits of apostasy in the church hahaha. One time we went to take the sacrament to a member and here they don´t cover the bread or water when they bless the other. Another thing is that they sing the hymns but with the wrong tune!! They have it almost right but I imagine because they don´t have a legit organist or let alone an organ (they have a piano like Grandma and Granddad Blomfield´s) that sometimes they sing a few notes in a song wrong. It´s funny. Last week during companion exchange, one of the zone leaders, Elder Glass, taught me that whenever you see for example, dogs chasing a car, broken or sunken sidewalks, horses in the street, people that have "brand name" shirts that have the English spelling wrong, or funny things in church, you put your fingers out one at a time on one hand as if you´re counting to five on your hand. Each finger is a word "We are in Chile now". I like it. I do it to Elder Navarrete all the time. It´s even funnier with him cause he´s Chileno.
This week we did another companion exchange. I was with the other zone leader Elder Gregory. I had a lot of fun in one lesson with Natalia when we ripped apart her cigarretes and threw them in the garbage. It was sweet. He also did an interview with Enrique, who keeps all the commandments, but he doesn´t have a testimony. Having a testimony isn´t a prerequisite for baptism but he needs one to be able move forward through the opposition of his family and girlfriend.
This week we had 5 investigators at church. We´re pretty happy about that. Sunday is always the moment of truth. President Humphrey says that if no one shows up at church in a week that week is almost wasted, because the definition of a progressing investigator is an investigator who has a baptismal date and keeps their commitments meaning goes to church.
This week I think we´re gonna go to Constitición again to do interviews for the sister missionaries. Conty is so gross. It´s on the ocean and because of the earthquake and tsunami that came afterwards, it destroyed pretty badly. There is a stench of a cellulite plant and everything´s so dirty. The city is on a hill so walking around is pretty crazy. The houses are uglier, the dogs are uglier, and Elder Navarrete said even the people are uglier hahaha. Although we lose so much time going there, it´s still necessary because the people need interviews to get baptized.
The language is coming pretty well. It´s cool that my blessing says I´ll be able to communicate things of the gospel early. I feel like I´ve been really blessed with that. I have a ton more to learn because it´s tough to understand other things and to express what I wanna say as directly as I want, but I´m progressing a lot.
I know the church is true. Without a doubt it is. I love being a missionary and seing people change and accept the restored gospel. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and Jesus Christ is the Saviour. He lives and loves us. The Book of Mormon is true. This is God´s work.
I love you all family!! I hope you have a great week!
Elder Blomfield