Sunday, 18 December 2011


Family! So great to hear from all of you as always!! I can´t believe it´s almost Christmas!! It´s pretty crazy. About calling home, I´m not sure what´s gonna happen. Since Christmas is on a Sunday, we can´t go downtown and pay to use an internet place like usual. We might have to call home the day before on Christmas Eve. I really don´t know yet. I hope we get more information this week. Either way, I´m super excited.

Dad! That´s pretty sweet that you went to Saskatchewan. What´s it like? I always imagine it to be a flat and boring wasteland. Where´s Prince Albert anyway? Sounds like the work Christmas party was pretty awesome. Was it a lot of work? That would be awesome to go to the Banff Springs hotel. That would cost a boatload normally wouldn´t it? That´s hilarious that Izaac´s shoveling and everything, he´s so funny. That´s pretty awesome about the Christmas Carol concert that you had so many people from work. Nice work! Which ones still need to get baptized?

Mum! Haha no Mum I´m not too fat don´t worry, and ya it´s crazy how it´s so sunny in December. I love it! Still pretty gutted about my camera. I have no idea where it could be!! Oh well. I guess if someone else has it now they might need it more than me. I have a question, when was your´s and Dad´s sealing date? It sounds like the house looks way different! You should send me pictures of everything! That´s pretty sweet that the family´s growing. People are just having babies all over the place! I´m excited to be able to have secret Spanish conversations with friends after the mission too. I think it will be fun to start blabbering on with Ross or someone and you won´t be able to understand me! We were crammed for time last week so I didn´t have time to call the bank, but I got permission to do it so I´ll try and do it today. I have know idea what´s gonna happen on Christmas but I´m really excited to have it here. I miss all our chats too, but like you said, I´ll have tons of stories to talk about when I get back! Thank you sooooo much for the money you sent me by the way... I needed it badly!! How did you do it??? Thank you!!

Michael! Dude. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome week. Nice work with the Christmas Carol thing, I´m sure you rocked it. Oh, and by the way I´m not gonna retranslate that thing i sent last week into English. You have to figure that out yourself! Do it on the computer or something if you need to. I miss all the fun stuff we used to do also. Hopefully we´ll get a little time between our missions to hang out a bit, but if not, it´s the Lord´s will and all will be ok. Any news on BYU yet?

Charly! I hope everything´s going well! Are you excited for Christmas? It´s weird cause all the people here are finishing school for the year soon. Since summer starts in January here, they have school at different times. I´m excited to talk to you.

Jake! That´s pretty sweet about your shoveling job! You´ve always been super business-like it´s awesome. You´re gonna make some good money! Just gotta work hard!! Maybe it would be a cool idea around Christmas time to look for some houses and shovel them for free to do some service. That´s doing missionarywork too! Remember Ammon in the Book of Mormon? He did missionarywork by serving others. You could do the same!

Kenna! Thanks for saying I looked handsome as a missionary. You look really pretty in the pictures I have of you. I´m gonna show pictures of you and Izaac to some people to show them how pretty you are and how handsome he is! That´s a pretty good Christmas list you have there! I´m so excited to talk to you in a couple weeks.

Izaac! That´s pretty sweet that you saw Santa. Why were you so scared of him? That´s so good that you love Lily so much! I´m good to hear that you´re so good in school. That´s important! I´m so excited to see you on Skype soon!!!

Alrighty!! This week was awesome. Unfortunately Jackeline didn´t get baptized, but Natalia did!! I never thought I would be able to say that. I think about how she was 3 months ago, and it´s incredible to see the change. I remember when she said, "I´m never going to leave my church!" and it makes me laugh. She was super hard, and we were super direct with her a lot, but she finally took the step of faith and got baptized. It was super hard for her because she taught the children in the Catholic church to prepare them for the First Communion. She then got her testimony of the Book of Mormon and wanted to be baptized. We thought she was good to go but then she told us she needed a year. She struggled to drop all of her traditions, but she finally got the strength to do it. She was so excited after her baptism and her confirmation. Her mother, who is super hard and refuses to do anything and was against Natalia´s baptism, actually attended the service! She also went to the confirmation yesterday. Natalia had a huge smile on her face and was so happy. She wants to read the Book of Mormon quickly so she can more effectively participate with callings in the church. Maybe she´ll get called to something in the Young Women´s. It´s cool cause her and Camila seem to be friends! We actually set a goal with her to finish the Book of Mormon before the next cambio. That means reading from 2 Nephi through Moroni in 6 weeks.

Jackeline didn´t get baptized. She passed her interview but´s worried about feeling accepted in the church. She met with the Bishop to try and help her with that concern. We´re a little concerned about her and some of the things the bishop said. She´s chronically sick with depression and it´s hard to know how to help her. We know though that with the help of the Lord we´ll be guided.

It´s so weird to have so much sun in December. It´s so hot outside and we´re always sweating. We saw a snow man figure in a window and it made us laugh because Christmas here doesn´t have snow!!

Also, have I told you about the corner spiders yet? There are quite a few. They are super poisonous and can kill people. We had a blanket from the bed on the ground and when Elder Navarrete picked it up he saw one of them right near his hand. They are a good inch or inch and a half wide. It´s gross. I hate spiders.

Anyway, I love being a missionary. There´s nothing better than being a servant of the Lord. I love finding people and helping them accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we get to watch the changes. I know this is the truth. The Lord loves us. Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true. The gospel is so simple when we really seek to understand it. We can really have the guidance of the Spirit in our lives. God listens to us and guides us.

I can´t wait to talk to you all soon!!

¡Nos vemos!