Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Family!! It´s so good to hear from you!! Sounds like everyone´s doing pretty good.

That´s pretty crazy about President Carter getting released. 10 years is a long time for a calling. President Craig is the new stake president? I don´t know him but that´s pretty cool. I guess I´ll be reporting to him when the time comes.

Dad! I think you should quit with your dreams about serving in the Philippines and start getting ready for Chile!! The Philippines is cool but Chile definitely wins. Have you ever been to Saskatchewan before? Why is that company meeting there and not in a real city like Calgary? What are you gonna do for your work Christmas party this year? That´s too bad about your toe, I hope it gets better soon. The weird thing about mine is that it´s big red with a bunch of pus but it doesn´t hurt to walk. I think the Lord´s blessing me a ton in regards to that because normally an ingrown toenail would destroy someone with all the walking that we do. That´s pretty sweet about Mary-Clare´s bridle shower and everything. I can´t believe she´s getting married so soon!! She still hasn´t written me mind you, and neither has Jane. I´ve asked Grandma and Grandad to get on their case for that but still nothing. Could you get me their email addresses so I can write them myself? Another question, is all the family that comes from England gonna be at our house on Christmas so I can talk to everyone? I hope so.

Mum! My toe is healing a lot which is good. I went to town on it and cut a bunch of the nail out. It seems to have worked as the swelling and redness is going down. Still no luck with the camera though unfortunately... That´s pretty cool what Becky´s doing with the bus training! I hope everything goes well with that! That´s a really nice story about the Sequoia keys. I liked it. It´s cool how the Lord helps us when we have real intent like it says in Moroni. Sometimes we want something from the Lord but we have to be willing to act. I´m happy that you decided to help others with the blessing that the Lord has given you. I also like what you did with the dance thing at school. Sometimes it´s hard for us to stand up for what´s right because we might feel uncomfortable. I hope all goes well with giving her a For the Strength of Youth and all!! It would be a great missionary experience!! Thanks for sending me the strap, I hope it works with my bag. 

Michael!  That´s pretty sweet about the Flames games, I´m pretty jealous. How are the flames doing right now? That´s pretty sweet about being accepted to BYU Idaho already. I guess they just took one look at your awesomeness and decided to accept you just like that. Awesome.

Charly! That´s pretty crazy about the lockdown. How long were you in lockdown for? What has happening in the neighbourhood? That´s cool that you like babysitting. I always loved babysitting at your age, especially if the people paid well hahaha.

Jake! So you told me about doing fast offerings. What do you think about passing the sacrament? That was my favourite part about being a Deacon. Sometimes I think we forget how important the sacrament is, but the truth is that without it it´s like we were never baptized! It´s like getting baptized again every week which is pretty awesome. I hope all goes will with fly on the wall. I loved doing that in Junior High. I think in Grade 7 when we did it we won if I remember right. About the paintballing, we will see who wins buddy.

Family!! This week was great!! Camila got baptized!! She got baptized in pretty much the shortest time possible. We met her exactly three weeks before her baptism. She progressed super fast and when she got interviewed the zone leader said she was one of the most prepared people ever. Elder Navarrete and I are super happy. She was a huge blessing because we had to do practically nothing for her to get baptized, just teach the doctrine. She kept all her commitments herself with very few problems. At the baptismal service she was really nervous at first but afterwards said she wanted to get baptized again because she felt so great. She is really shy but thanked us a bunch after. I got to baptize her too which was an added bonus. On Sunday, she arrived half an hour late to church because of some opposition from her mother. I was freaking out a little but she still managed to get confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I´m so happy. Unfortunately however, Jackeline had to go out of town this weekend for the birth of her grandson so couldn´t get baptized on Saturday. Hopefully we´ll be able to get her in the water this upcoming week.

Unfortunately we only had one investigator at church this Sunday since Jackeline is out of town, Camila is no longer an investigator, Natalia´s son has chicken pox, and a bunch of others all had personal and very untimely problems. But hey, that´s one person progressing towards baptism.

I absolutely love being a missionary. I come home every night completely shattered, but I wake up excited the next day to go back to work. I feel so happy to have such an awesome companion. The mission president thinks very highly of him and I´m blessed to have him as my trainer. He´s really bold and direct and knows his stuff. We get along great. I look at some of the ward members here and their willingness to sacrifice in order to help us and I´m just so grateful. We get fed every single day except P-Day. 

On Sunday last minute before church we ran into a problem with an investigator named Ximena who can´t walk very well. She was waiting for a family to pick her up but the family had gone to Santiago. We made a few phone calls, and a member who was blessing his baby that day was immediately willing to help us after his baby blessing. We ended up going with another member to pick her up because he was ready quicker, but when we came back with Ximena the other member was outside waiting for us. Talk about service. Also, about Ximena. She has a baptismal date for the 24th of December!! It´s pretty exciting. She was my first investigator in the mission, and it´ll be so cool to baptize her. We met her my first day in Talca. We can only meet with her once a week and she can only very rarely go to church because of her work schedule, but she´s so awesome. She´s in 2 Nephi now in her Book of Mormon reading.

This week we are hopefully going to baptize Jackeline and Natalia. We visited Natalia with the Elders Quorum President who´s a recently returned missionary and with his girlfriend a ward missionary Nicól. We set a date for the 10th with Natalia so we´re really excited. She still hadn´t told her mother about her experience with the Book of Mormon and desire to get baptized, but did it yesterday. Now she feels more calm. I´m so happy to see the changes that she´s made and her change in attitude since the beginning.

A week ago we went to an investigating family´s house. Their little puppy had died that day and we helped them bury it in the backyard. It was pretty sad to see the kids and how upset they were... It reminded me of how I felt when our dog died years ago.

Something I learned this week is the importance of dedicating everything to the Lord. There´s always some excuse as to why we can´t do some act of service or fulfill our calling as much as we should, or as to why we can´t live a higher spiritual standard, but I think the Lord is truly happy with us, and we are truly converted, when we are willing to drop absolutely everything without restraint to do His will. I think it´s easier to do that as a missionary because we work all day everyday doing missionarywork, but I want to do that for the rest of my life.

Oh about the calling at Christmas, I still don´t know what I´m gonna do about that. We can´t go downtown and pay for internet since it´s on a Sunday, but maybe we´ll be able to go to a member´s house. The time difference is that I´m 4 hours ahead I think. I´ll probably call some time in the evening around 6 or 7 Chile time but I´m not sure yet. I´ll try and have more information next week. I´m really excited!!

By the way, I attached some photos and sent some others in other emails. Hopefully you get them alright.

Also I´m gonna try and call the bank if I can Mum, I got your email.

I love being a missionary. My testimony groes everyday through this work. God loves us and wants us to be happy. We can find that happiness through his restored gospel. I love sharing the truth and watching it change the lives of the people that accept it. I´m excited because I still have so much more to improve in the language and my teaching ability, but I know that the Lord will make me stronger.

Can´t wait to talk to all of you!!