Monday, 20 February 2012


Family!! So great to hear from all of you this week. I love getting all your letters.

Dad! That's so awesome about Aries. Tell him congrats for me. I know he's gonna be really blessed for his decision. I hope he's doing well! I really like that story you told me. We've been studying hard and praying a lot to know how to improve, and Preach My Gospel explains that a successful missionary is someone who is committed to work hard to help people receive the Restored Gospel through baptism and confirmation, and how if we feel the Spirit work through us, then the Lord is happy with our efforts. That's pretty cool about Lily. I love being a missionary because the people are so kind and loving and are willing to help out in any way possible.
 Mum! That's pretty awesome that you're playing volleyball! I love volleyball. I'm no good, but it's a lot of fun. That sounds like a fun Relief Society activity! It made me laugh inside because like you said, it's so relief society-ish. hahaha. 
 Michael!  That sounds like fun with Tie Qwando, and nice work for beating Ben. How the heck did you see the northern lights? That's good the Flames are picking up again. That's awesome about Camallari! He was incredible! Was Bourque good? I don't remember. Still no letter from BYU? Hopefully it arrives soon! I know you'll get in. You're gonna love it. That's cool about Jeremy too. Tell him congratulations! How goes your studying of Preach My Gospel? It's the best. Mark it up and do the activities. It'll help you prepare really well for your mission! I love chapter 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10. It's awesome.

Charly! It seems like you were half asleep when you wrote your email hahaha. That's crazy that you don't have adult teeth!! Hahahah!!! What are you gonna do?? Hahaha it seems like I stole them when years ago I had two extra teeth! YOU CAN'T STUDY FOR YOUR LEARNERS TEST YET!! There's no way you're old enough for that yet!! That's insane!!! You're so old! Haha you're gonna love driving.

Jake! Sounds like that was an awesome Deacon's camp!! I always loved going on camps. Sleeping in a quincee is way better than a tent any day. It's way warmer. That activity sounds like a blast too. Nice work on getting back so fast. I remember playing capture the flag in the snow one year at night. It was a blast. I'm happy to hear that piano is a little better now. It's really fun to play songs that you already know and like. It makes it way more interesting. You need to keep practicing for your mission! I play all the time!

This week we went to Constitución with the Zone Leaders to help the sisters with an activity they had. A group of  young single adults from Santiago had a conference in Conty and wanting to do contacts. Almost forty of them with mormon helping hand vests flooded the plaza and the market, and we went and taught a couple people too. It was a lot of fun!

This week was tough, but Elder Nogales and I feel great. We feel like we've been applying the principles from Preach My Gospel more every day, we're striving more to have the Spirit, we're being more obedient, and we're always maintaining a good attitude. We've been praying to know if there is something that we've been doing wrong, or if the Lord is testing our diligence right now, and we both feel like the Lord has been testing us. I know I'm a terribly imperfect teacher, but we're really trying hard to improve. I was thinking that it's easy to remain content and not progress when the success comes easily, and I think the Lord's been helping us to progress more rapidly as missionaries. We're learning a lot and improving a lot. I think the Lord also wants to test our diligence. I think He wants to see if we are going to work hard and do our best even when we aren't seeing a ton of results. A couple of the things that we're improving on this week are teaching with the purpose of a commitment, and being more sincere with our testimony and with our teaching. We're trying to use less words when we teach, so as to not impede the Spirit.

I have been praying and fighting to have a stronger witness of the truthfulness of the work and the reality that Jesus Christ is my Saviour, and finally I felt it. Yesterday in church, we gave talks. We were assigned to talk about anything from Preach My Gospel. During Elder Nogales's talk and the talk of another member, I felt the Spirit testify to me that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I was really greatful for that witness the Lord blessed me with, and for that spiritual renewal. I felt the Spirit as I spoke about our purpose as missionaries with the point of view of how every member is a missionary. I talked about the importance of the Restoration and of Jesus Christ, and the importance of sharing this message with the world.

I know that God lives. This is His work, and He will bless us if we are faithful and diligent. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I love you all so much!


Elder Blomfield

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Family! Thank you so much for writing to me and letting me know how things are. I love hearing from you all every week. It's the best!

Dad! That's a shame about Ulyses and Anthony. How come Anthony's leaving?? That is a crazy story about Brad James!!! That's crazy!! It's good to hear that they survived and everything. I'm sure West was traumatized! Wow!! Hahaha and the boat's called the Liahona to top it all off too. Hopefully everything's good with them now! That's good that you all enjoyed the wedding and the temple. I'm jealous that you can go to the temple. I wanna go really bad, but there's still no progress on the Concepción temple. Hopefully all goes well with Mitt Romney. I liked that email you forwarded to me too. I think the fact that he's having such success will be great with spreading the gospel. I heard about Whitney Houston, cause our Bishop mentioned in Sacrament meeting that she died from a drug overdose. That's good that you're in the choir! You've always been a great example. Hopefully all goes well with your busy week!! That's especially awesome about Aries and his baptism. Congratulate him for me! Do you have any stories from your mission that you could share with me? By the way, sorry I forgot to tell you that I bought something. I was short on cash so I bought a couple things from the grocery store. How much was it by the way?

Mum! I'm glad you enjoyed the temple. I loved going to the temple before I came to Chile, and that's something I miss. It's so peaceful and you can rest from all your worries when you're inside. That's good about the wedding too. Congratulate Jason and Mackenzie for me! That's really funny about Grandma and Grandad too. I'll try and get you some more photos next week too, but make sure to remind me next week too! Sounds like you have some fun trips planned too!

Michael! That's pretty sweet about the hockey game!! How are the Flames doing by the way? I'm completely isolated from that and I have no idea! Are we doing good? Any news from BYU yet?

Dad asked a little bit about my companion. First off, Elder Jesus Guillermo Nogales is from Bolivia. Bolivians stereotypically have a lot of problems with Chile. Because I think back in the day, Peru and Bolivia went to war with Chile, but Chile ended up winning and taking territory from both of them. Bolivia now has no ocean access, and the Chileans like to make fun of Bolivia for that. I think Chile is better off economically. Everyone always teases Elder Nogales and asks him how he liked being by the ocean in his last sector. He takes it really well and likes Chile. He's really nice and we get along well. We're both working hard and sacrificing to try and improve. It sounds like Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries to live in. He told me that all the kids in the high school age ride around on motorbikes which sounds pretty cool. Something else I learned about this week is that the average monthly salary in Chile is around 1.5 thousand dollars. The pay is a lot lower here than I thought, but everything is a lot cheaper.

So this week was quite a struggle for us. We feel like we're improving a lot with our teaching, our studies, and our obedience, but we've been running into quite a few problems. This week we had no one in church. Carola, who was our sure baptism this month, didn't show up, and our only hope of baptizing anyone in February is if we see some pretty huge miracles. Susana basically left town and isn't gonna be around this month, and Cony's grandma who is her legal tutor, doesn't give her permission to get baptized. The grandma is a member who's been inactive for years and doesn't have a testimony. She says Cony needs to be 18 before she can get baptized. We saw Edith, and she thanked us for all we've done, and has a testimony, but can't make the decision to get baptized. It was frustrating because during a lesson, her sister was spewing out anti-mormon stuff too. It was very difficult with all that, and we desperately need some miracles. Also, we've managed to find a lot of new investigators, but almost always they aren't there for the second lesson. We can teach a short, powerful lesson to the needs of the person, but when we have an appointment for even as soon as the next day, they bail out on us. It's been really frustrating because all the new people we've found haven't progressed. We're studying, praying, and fasting to know what we can fix, and so that the Lord can do the rest. I am happy however, because Jacqueline is improving gradually.

I love being a missionary. It really tests everything you have. I feel like I have to give everything I have, and then some more, but the great thing is that that is how you grow. I feel like I'm growing a lot as a person and as a missionary. There isn't any down time because we have to do all we can to help these people, and our thoughts are always about how we can help them. The people can say really nice things about us and about how we're such great people, but that isn't what we want. We want the people to come unto Christ through His restored gospel. It makes me really sad to think that I've already been out for almost 7 months, but all I can do is just work as hard as I can to serve the Lord.

The ward is progressing a lot. The members are really supportive and a really reaching out to the less active members that there are. That makes me really happy when I see the people here helping to build up the Lord's kingdom and to lift up the hands that hang down. 

Anyway, it was great to hear from all of you! Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I know if I have faith and draw nearer to the Lord, He will bless me. I know that if He will be happy if I work hard. This is the Lord's work, and this is what He wants me to be doing. I know the church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and He atoned for my sins. Through Him, I can have true peace and happiness.

I love you all so much and hope you're all doing great! You're in my prayers!


Elder Blomfield


Hey family! It's great to hear from you all. Sounds like everyone's doing great back home, and based on what you said in your letters, it's not even that cold and it's February! I got the money that everyone sent by the way, thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.

Dad! That's pretty awesome about Mitt Romney. You said he's been receiving some negative and positive news. What kinds of things are the people saying? I've heard a little bit about it hear from the members but we only know what the people tell us. I think it's great because the church is going to have more publicity. I think the gap is widening between the good and the bad in the world, and I think the work of the Lord is really going forth. This scripture is pretty awesome 

1 Nephi 14:7

7 For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will worka great and a marvelous work among the children of men; a work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other—either to the convincing of them unto peace and life eternal, or unto the deliverance of them to the hardness of their hearts and the blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually, according to the captivity of the devil, of which I have spoken.
That's awesome about Aries! He's so awesome. Send him my congratulations! And with Carlos and Lizette that's awesome too! I remember they were looking at how to stay in Canada, but how was that worked out for them? How is JoJo's family??  How goes the calling as young men's president? 

Mum! I got the picture of the plaque. It's awesome!! I love it. I remember how parent teacher conferences were always super weird because we just went, talked for like 5 minutes about nothing, and left. Haha I remember when you decided not to go to anymore of those either. I always loved going swimming for FHE. I remember we used to do it once every month I think. That's good that you and Dad had a fun time going out for dessert too. Where did you go? I don't remember who Mackenzie is but congratulations to Jason! That's awesome. That's hilarious about Izaac. It's funny how he does something only to show that he's angry and to get attention. There was a little kid here who did the same thing who purposely broke something of his mum and then kept on showing it to her to show that he was angry. Then he started throwing things like pillows at us at the table when we were eating. It was pretty funny. I like the talk of a Caribbean cruise! I think it's a great idea!! Hahaha that would be awesome, although talking about me having a wife by then is pretty weird. About the sunken cruise ship, I only heard about that from what Dad said last week. That's pretty ridiculous about the captain. He's done for.

Michael! Ya my companion's great. The ward too. You should work hard in Spanish! It's the best. Maybe you'll get called on a Spanish-speaking mission. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun with your friends too. That's awesome. That's cool about the gym membership too. Can you afford 67 bucks a month? That's a cool spiritual experience that you had. I always loved to do that too. The small and simple things  that we do to strengthen our relationship with God are the most important things. Also, congrats on the 96%!! That's awesome!! I'm super impressed!

Charly! That's nice about getting your normal teacher back. Some subs are cool, but some are just messed up! Nice work with your marks too by the way!! I'm really happy for you! Keep it up! That's good that you've had so much fun with your friends too. I really wanna try that teriyaki chicken caesar salad too! You'll have to make it for me one day. How is swimming class going? What movie did you watch at Tobynn's house?

Jakob! That's good that Sammy's doing better. I saw a dog who looked just like him the other day! Normally the dogs here are dirty and ugly so it was cool to see one like Sammy.That's pretty funny about your robotics teacher. How do you know he takes pictures of himself in the mirror? I remember we did something in Industrial Arts when we had to build a mask with lights inside and use a control thing to make the lights turn on and off as we guided the person through a maze. It was the coolest thing ever! That's cool about hobo stoves too, you'll have to teach me how to make them one day. Nice work with your report card too!! Keep it up ith the piano because it'll come in handy on your mission. I play the piano all the time! Hopefully you can play some songs that are a little bit more exciting for you.

Kenna! Haha no volcanoes have erupted, but a few people seem to be getting all suspicious of another earthquake soon. Hopefully it doesn't happen! A lot of people think that something bad is going to happen this year 2012. Some scientists think that something might happen soon. Sounds like you had fun at the family home evening and also with your friends! That's cool that Mary-Clare is your primary chorister! And now your assistant principal is sister Morrow! Now you have to behave yourself even more or she's gonna tell Mum and Dad!

Alrighty family! So first off, Edith still hasn't gotten baptized. We didn't see her all last week because she was in Concepción.  She knows she needs to get baptized but says because she's different, she can't make the decision. We've been praying and fasting for her to know how to help her. With Carola, the girlfriend of the less active, she's doing great. She had to work this past Sunday unfortunately. Hopefully she doesn't have to work anymore Sundays so that she can get baptized this month! Susana and Cony are doing well too, but Susana needs a little bit more motivation to get baptized.

This week was quite difficult. A lot of our appointments fell through, and a lot of people are out of town on vacations.We've been praying and studying to see how we can improve, because a lot of our second appointments with new investigators are falling through. Every day I realize more and more how much I have to learn and improve. I have a lot of things to develop in my own character and sometimes it's overwhelming to look at all the things we have to do as it says in Preach My Gospel. I'm praying a lot for help because I need to improve a lot. Sometimes it seems like all the things I have to implement are more than I am capable of doing, but as I was studying this morning about the Spirit, I learned that if I strive to have more of the Spirit I'm going to be able to do it. I just need to have faith and depend on the Lord.

Thank you so much for all your letters!! I know this is the work of the Lord and that He's here with me. I know that if I have faith in Him, His grace will help cover my weaknesses. I just want to work hard enough to qualify for His help. I know that this is Christ's church, and I know that I'm where I need to be. I love being a missionary!


Elder Blomfield

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Family! So great to hear from all of you! Things are doing great here with my new companion Elder Nogales. I love learning and seeing the strengths that every missionary has, and I'm working on developing my own strengths using them as examples.

Dad!  Your going to the Philippines! That's awesome. How many workers are you looking for? Are any going home? What are you gonna do in Thailand afterwards?? That's pretty cool about all the changes in the ward. We've had a bunch here in La Florida recently and it's been awesome. Sometimes a good change-up seems to give people motivation to work harder and keeps things interesting.

Mum! Sounds like life's pretty busy with the extra bodies in the house, but it's good that it's going well. Nice work with spreading the gospel! I love it! I think it's so important that we always share the gospel. It makes me super sad to think that full-time missionary service will one day end, and I'm dreading that day, but I'm happy because I'll always have the opportunity to be a full-time servant of the Lord, just serving in a different way. Could you send me a picture of the plaque? Thanks Mum, there is not a better mother that exists on the planet.  

Michael! That's awesome that your exams are done now. I'm sure you rocked them. That's pretty sweet about your gym membership too. How much did it cost? That's sweet about your dates too. Ice skating is super fun! Do you have any idea what you're gonna do in BYU to prepare you to go to med school? What did Brother Low tell you? Good job working too. It's always awesome after doing a whole bunch of work, cause you walk home with a bunch of cash. Sometimes it's tiring but it's worth it! Also, nice work with your home teaching. Sometimes it seems so trivial, especially when the ward seems to be functioning fine, but you'll see more and more the importance of home teaching when you work with more responsibility in the church. Sometimes a ward seems to be functioning fine, but behind it all are people working like crazy to make sure everything flows smoothly. I've seen as a missionary that unfortunately sometimes when someone doesn't get visited by the members of the ward or the leaders, they feel unwanted and stop going to church. Home teaching how we maintain contact with every member and report back to the ward if there is a problem with something. Could you please give me Keaton and Trent's addresses? Dude. you rock.

Charly! Nice work with that dance award and everything! I hope everything's going great! How do you feel about having braces? I had stuff like that in my mouth for so long in elementary that it was just who I was! Haha. I hope you're enjoying basketball even though it sounds like it's been tough. You're awesome Charly!

Jake! That's too bad about Sammy. How long has he been sick for? Have you taken him to the vet? Hopefully he's ok! There's a robotics class now?? What do you do in that class and why is the teacher so bad? That's awesome about that camp you're going on too. I always loved those. They were so much fun. Nice work with the sock by the way, lighting stuff on fire is fun. Love ya bud, you're awesome.

Alrighty! So I have my new companion! Elder Nogales is from Bolivia. Bolivia and Chile historically have a lot of conflict because Bolivia and Peru attacked Chile, but Chile won and took their land. Now Bolivia doesn't have access to the ocean, and the people here always tease Elder Nogales for it. He's super calm and cool though so it doesn't bother him. He's super nice. He has 6 months in the mission, which means he has one cambio more than me in Chile because he was in the MTC in Santiago for less time. We're a super young companionship, but it's awesome. He was junior companion last cambio and went straight to district leader now. Right off the bat I learned a lot about how to use time effectively and be diligent in being exactly obedient. I've learned from his example and improved a lot. We've started planning every half hour instead of every hour and we're trying to fill our time with set appointments and everything. We're also focusing on doing short lessons by teaching a principle, testifying, inviting the investigator to commit to do something, and leaving. It's more effective and we are able to do a lot more each day. Our numbers have shot up a lot, and I feel more excited. Also, he's a great example of loving the investigator and not being a robot. 

This week Edith didn't get baptized. She doesn't feel completely ready, and also was out of town this weekend. We're gonna work and fast to try and help her receive her answer that she needs. She's a really special person and needs special treatment as an investigator, but she's really great. We think this week or the next she will get baptized.

This week we had the expectation of having 6 investigators at church, but only 3 showed up. We were happy anyway because all three are progressing towards a baptismal date so we were really excited. We're especially excited with a referral that we received from a less active member. His girlfriend had been reading the Book of Mormon, and already knows basically everything she needs to before baptism. She was in 2 Nefi 9 when we first saw her, and accepted a baptismal date right away without any kind of condition or anything!! It was a true miracle similar to what happened with Camila, my first convert (she's doing well by the way). She went to church and loved it. She says she feels a special peace when she reads the Book of Mormon too. Basically, she's one of those prepared people that the Lord guides us to. She went to church.

We have faith that the Lord is going to continue to bless us this week in finding more people and helping those that we have to progress.

Lately I've been studying, in Preach My Gospel and the scriptures, the blessings I can promise to the investigators if they keep their commitments. Something I loved, was that, as it says in Alma 32, if we leave place for a portion of the word in our hearts and experiment upon it, our faith will grow. Basically, reading the scriptures and living it's precepts increases our faith. I'm starting to understand the importance of the scripture study and prayer for the investigators in their conversion process. We're focusing more on those commitments with everyone, because they're the basics.

We've ran into a few hard people who don't believe in God recently which is quite unusual in Chile, and it's quite disheartening and sad to see how people shut their eyes and harden their hearts to spiritual things, especially when it's so clear from our perspective with the Spirit. It makes me happy and grateful for the knowledge that we have that God exists and loves us. Through His gospel He can bless us, and that gospel is only found with His authority in His church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When we obey the commandments, our understanding is enlightened, and we have more spiritual clarity, and when we hear the truth it will sound familiar and correct to us as the Spirit testifies.

Family, I love you all. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It's such a blast, and more than that, it's what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing. My testimony is stronger than ever. I know this is the truth, and nothing can take that knowledge away.

¡Que estén bien!

Elder Blomfield


Hey Family!!

I'm sorry, this letter's gonna have to be really short. Today we have cambios so Elder Navarrete has a ton of stuff to do!

So first off, the baptism didn't go through this week. In the interview that she had we found out that Edith had been drinking tea everyday after expressly telling us that she doesn't drink tea. We were a little confused and frustrated, but sometimes she forgets things so I guess that's what happened! She has a baptismal date for this Saturday. Hopefully everything turns out well and we can reach our baptismal goal for the month!

So we have cambios! Elder Navarrete is going to Penco which is near Concepción, and he's gonna be a zone leader. An Elder named Elder Nogales (not sure on the spelling) is coming to be the new district leader and he's gonna me my companion. I imagine that this might be my last cambio here in La Florida. It's gonna be really sad to see Elder Navarrete go. We get along super well and both of us have progressed a lot. I learned a ton about being solid and unwavering. He was a great example of being direct, firm, obedient, and diligent, and we also had a lot of fun goofing around between us too. Couldn't have asked for a better trainer and start to my mission. I'm gonna mission and he's really given me a different outlook on life, and I now have a greater desire and commitment to consegrate all that I have to the Lord.

This week was really good! We found some people that really seem interested. A family that we were thinking of dropping because they bailed on going to church after committing twice already, went to church! The Mum and her 2 kids that is. They're really interested. We also still have Susana and Cony from before, but they've been on holidays and stuff so we haven't taught them officially for a while. They're really good though. We also found someone else who was actually looking to try and talk to us because she says that she doesn't feel right with any other church. She told us that our religion thus far after only two lessons seems like the most sincere. She was super excited about the prospect of baptism too. Elder Navarrete is super jealous because the sector is booming and he has to leave! It'll be good for my new companion to come to a sector with a lot of investigators and potencial baptisms. 

This week at church we had 4 people. The Cerda family, and Edith. The Cerda family unfortunately had 2 dogs die the other day. They were both healthy but the next day one was dead and the other was dizzy and couldn't walk properly. We saw it and it could hardly breathe. It tried to walk but almost fell down because it was sick. They think maybe the dogs were poisoned because both died suddenly in one day. It was sad.

So life's gonna be pretty different in La Florida for the next 6 weeks! I'm looking at some personal goals and some things I wanna implement in the sector with my new companion.

Anyway sorry for the shortness of the letter! I love you all and I know this is the truth. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!

P.S. Michael, my advice would be to participate more. Ask questions, and really study the scriptures. Seriously. Before I just read them, but now I study them, and I look forward to that every day because it's just so awesome! You will never find a book better than the Book of Mormon. Study it, mark it up, ponder it, and you will learn to absolutely love it. I think that'll help.


Hola todos! So great to hear from everyone. Thank you so much for your letters every week, I loving hearing about how everyone else is doing.

Dad! So I'm probably losing Elder Navarrete next week. We're almost 100% sure that he's leaving cause it's literally unheard of to have the same companion for 4 cambios. Also, he's already been in this sector almost 6 months. Because we have so many new missionaries coming and so few people going, maybe the President will stick 2 more missionaries in our sector. That's pretty sweet about your second companion! Sounds like you kicked butt with him. That movie sounds pretty cool. It makes sense what that guy did with the team. That's crazy about the weather. It's funny to think how you're all dying from cold while we're dying from heat at the same time. How are all your workers doing with the gospel by the way?

Mum! That's terrible about me already hitting my 6 month mark so soon... That's depressing. It feels like I've been out maybe one month. I did get that packet from the ward. Tell everyone thank you so much!! That strap works great too by the way. Thank you!!! Tell everyone thanks for all the chocolate and the money and the cards. I keep getting more and more money but somehow I keep using it!! Haha with the spiders we keep finding more. Most of the time they're dead in corners, but they're huge. I like that challenge that the sister missionaries did with you. We're thinking about doing the same thing with some members in our ward. Sounds like you've a crazy fun week with all the visitors and stuff. I hope you enjoy Preach My Gospel, and tell Grandma and Grandad thanks!!

Michael!  That's too bad about your tests and stuff, but that's good that you did well in your talk. Nice with the lesson too. We had to teach the Gospel Principles class last week with about 5 minutes of notice and this week we had to teach in Elders Quorum. I love teaching but I have so much to improve. I like what you're doing with Seminary Council. Why do you have to go to seminary during exam break?? 

Charly! Nice work in basketball! That's too bad you lost in your tournament but at least you scored! Nice work with the MVP too. Very impressive! That's a funny story about Marissa at Dairy Queen. How come you started this stroke improvement class? Any reason in specific? 

Jakob! I still haven't gotten your letters. It seems like you must be sending them wrong or something. Ask Mum for help! I did, however, hear about your basketball team. Nice work in winning the tournament!

Kenna! I heard you went to a Flames game!! How was that? That's really cool when the fire comes out of the jumbotron. I always loved that part. Are you back in school now? How's that?

Izaac! What's up buddy? I heard you were being quite the performer when a bunch of Dad's workers were over! I hope you can show me your dance moves when I get back!

OK! So Michael asked for funny experiences... Last Monday two Jehovah's witnesses came to our door. We had two other missionaries over to hang out for that P-Day and all four of us ran outside to talk with them. It was great. On Saturday, there were like 10 that were proselyting in our street and nearby. I think they were gonna come to our house but when they saw us come outside with nametag and all, they didn't say anything. In Elder Navarrete's old sector the Jehovah's Witnesses went to his house and started battling with them about Adam and Eve. It's interesting to compare their teaching style to ours and I think the biggest difference is that we teach to a purpose and we teach action. They have some interesting beliefs and sometimes it seems like they almost worship the Bible but I have a ton of respect for them because they're faithful and diligent in their beliefs. They have a good organization with good dedicated members without even having the confirmation of the Holy Ghost that their church is true! Pretty honorable people.

So this week we had a baptism!! Antonia Contreras got baptized. We found that family while we were doing contacts. They were less active for something small and just needed a little invitation to come back to church. They have made huge changes. We fasted with the mother to help her quit smoking and she has, and the father by himself without us teaching anything about it expressed his personal goal and commitment to pay tithing. He has expressed his remorse for stopping to go to church and realizes the importance of remaining faithful. They have the goal of going to the temple. They were a huge blessing from the Lord for us. We were able to help reactivate a great family and have a baptism from it. 

We were really happy to have Natalia and Camila and church again this week. Natalia is still facing some opposition from her mother, who doesn't like that she goes to church for three whole hours on Sunday. Camila wasn't at church last week because she was with her lonely grandmother in Santiago. Both are progressing a lot though, and both have almost finished Alma in their Book of Mormon reading. Ximena had an operation on her foot so unfortunately can't go to church, but some members of the ward have already visited her and we're eccstatic about that. 

The ward has had a lot of changes in leadership and we're happy with the approach some of the new leaders are taking. The second counsellor in the bishopric again this week asked us what we needed. We had some assignments for him and he delegated them out. It was great!! We're so happy to see how we're gaining more and more support from the members.

The two new counsellors of the Relief Society accompanied us to a lesson with Edith, who has a baptismal date for next week. We taught tithing, and had the plan to leave the sisters with Edith alone for maybe 15 minutes after the lesson. They ended up staying for almost 2 hours. It was great!! Edith is more excited than ever. Also, we went to one of those sister's house for lunch the other day and talked with her less active husband who was disfellowshipped almost 12 years ago. We had an intense and spiritual conversation and invited him to try and come back to church. He felt something really powerful, and his wife was really happy. We were so excited to see him show up at church on Sunday and stay for all the classes. I love being a missionary.

This week we have the possibility of Edith of a baptism. She sometimes forgets things so it can't be a little bit of a challenge to teach her, and her sister is staying with her right now too. Her sister is Evangelical and put some other ideas in Edith's head, however when her sister has been to church with Edith (3 times now), she's liked it. She doesn't like to admit it because she thinks she already "knows Christ" but we think she secretly likes our church more (who wouldn't, it's the Church of Jesus Christ!). We're gonna try and work with her too. Edith wants to get baptized but it's just a question of time now. She loves the church and having those 2 sisters stay with her after that lesson was vital. We hope to baptize Edith this week. Pray for her and her sister Mely!

We have some investigators that have been bailing repeatedly on commitments, so we're gonna see if we're gonna follow with them or not. It's been tough this week because despite of the huge time we've spent doing contacts, we haven't really found anyone. However, we know that we won't receive any witness until after the trial of our faith! This week we're gonna find lots of people to make sure the sector is busy and ready for the next Elder that comes next week.

Alright well that's about it for this week. Being a missionary is so rewarding. Going on a mission has definitely been the best choice I've ever made. I feel my testimony growing stronger and stronger each day. This the the Lord's church and His work. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Jesus Christ is the son of God, and through His atonement we can be cleansed and purified from sin. 

Thank you so much everyone!!


Elder Blomfield