Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hola todos! So great to hear from everyone. Thank you so much for your letters every week, I loving hearing about how everyone else is doing.

Dad! So I'm probably losing Elder Navarrete next week. We're almost 100% sure that he's leaving cause it's literally unheard of to have the same companion for 4 cambios. Also, he's already been in this sector almost 6 months. Because we have so many new missionaries coming and so few people going, maybe the President will stick 2 more missionaries in our sector. That's pretty sweet about your second companion! Sounds like you kicked butt with him. That movie sounds pretty cool. It makes sense what that guy did with the team. That's crazy about the weather. It's funny to think how you're all dying from cold while we're dying from heat at the same time. How are all your workers doing with the gospel by the way?

Mum! That's terrible about me already hitting my 6 month mark so soon... That's depressing. It feels like I've been out maybe one month. I did get that packet from the ward. Tell everyone thank you so much!! That strap works great too by the way. Thank you!!! Tell everyone thanks for all the chocolate and the money and the cards. I keep getting more and more money but somehow I keep using it!! Haha with the spiders we keep finding more. Most of the time they're dead in corners, but they're huge. I like that challenge that the sister missionaries did with you. We're thinking about doing the same thing with some members in our ward. Sounds like you've a crazy fun week with all the visitors and stuff. I hope you enjoy Preach My Gospel, and tell Grandma and Grandad thanks!!

Michael!  That's too bad about your tests and stuff, but that's good that you did well in your talk. Nice with the lesson too. We had to teach the Gospel Principles class last week with about 5 minutes of notice and this week we had to teach in Elders Quorum. I love teaching but I have so much to improve. I like what you're doing with Seminary Council. Why do you have to go to seminary during exam break?? 

Charly! Nice work in basketball! That's too bad you lost in your tournament but at least you scored! Nice work with the MVP too. Very impressive! That's a funny story about Marissa at Dairy Queen. How come you started this stroke improvement class? Any reason in specific? 

Jakob! I still haven't gotten your letters. It seems like you must be sending them wrong or something. Ask Mum for help! I did, however, hear about your basketball team. Nice work in winning the tournament!

Kenna! I heard you went to a Flames game!! How was that? That's really cool when the fire comes out of the jumbotron. I always loved that part. Are you back in school now? How's that?

Izaac! What's up buddy? I heard you were being quite the performer when a bunch of Dad's workers were over! I hope you can show me your dance moves when I get back!

OK! So Michael asked for funny experiences... Last Monday two Jehovah's witnesses came to our door. We had two other missionaries over to hang out for that P-Day and all four of us ran outside to talk with them. It was great. On Saturday, there were like 10 that were proselyting in our street and nearby. I think they were gonna come to our house but when they saw us come outside with nametag and all, they didn't say anything. In Elder Navarrete's old sector the Jehovah's Witnesses went to his house and started battling with them about Adam and Eve. It's interesting to compare their teaching style to ours and I think the biggest difference is that we teach to a purpose and we teach action. They have some interesting beliefs and sometimes it seems like they almost worship the Bible but I have a ton of respect for them because they're faithful and diligent in their beliefs. They have a good organization with good dedicated members without even having the confirmation of the Holy Ghost that their church is true! Pretty honorable people.

So this week we had a baptism!! Antonia Contreras got baptized. We found that family while we were doing contacts. They were less active for something small and just needed a little invitation to come back to church. They have made huge changes. We fasted with the mother to help her quit smoking and she has, and the father by himself without us teaching anything about it expressed his personal goal and commitment to pay tithing. He has expressed his remorse for stopping to go to church and realizes the importance of remaining faithful. They have the goal of going to the temple. They were a huge blessing from the Lord for us. We were able to help reactivate a great family and have a baptism from it. 

We were really happy to have Natalia and Camila and church again this week. Natalia is still facing some opposition from her mother, who doesn't like that she goes to church for three whole hours on Sunday. Camila wasn't at church last week because she was with her lonely grandmother in Santiago. Both are progressing a lot though, and both have almost finished Alma in their Book of Mormon reading. Ximena had an operation on her foot so unfortunately can't go to church, but some members of the ward have already visited her and we're eccstatic about that. 

The ward has had a lot of changes in leadership and we're happy with the approach some of the new leaders are taking. The second counsellor in the bishopric again this week asked us what we needed. We had some assignments for him and he delegated them out. It was great!! We're so happy to see how we're gaining more and more support from the members.

The two new counsellors of the Relief Society accompanied us to a lesson with Edith, who has a baptismal date for next week. We taught tithing, and had the plan to leave the sisters with Edith alone for maybe 15 minutes after the lesson. They ended up staying for almost 2 hours. It was great!! Edith is more excited than ever. Also, we went to one of those sister's house for lunch the other day and talked with her less active husband who was disfellowshipped almost 12 years ago. We had an intense and spiritual conversation and invited him to try and come back to church. He felt something really powerful, and his wife was really happy. We were so excited to see him show up at church on Sunday and stay for all the classes. I love being a missionary.

This week we have the possibility of Edith of a baptism. She sometimes forgets things so it can't be a little bit of a challenge to teach her, and her sister is staying with her right now too. Her sister is Evangelical and put some other ideas in Edith's head, however when her sister has been to church with Edith (3 times now), she's liked it. She doesn't like to admit it because she thinks she already "knows Christ" but we think she secretly likes our church more (who wouldn't, it's the Church of Jesus Christ!). We're gonna try and work with her too. Edith wants to get baptized but it's just a question of time now. She loves the church and having those 2 sisters stay with her after that lesson was vital. We hope to baptize Edith this week. Pray for her and her sister Mely!

We have some investigators that have been bailing repeatedly on commitments, so we're gonna see if we're gonna follow with them or not. It's been tough this week because despite of the huge time we've spent doing contacts, we haven't really found anyone. However, we know that we won't receive any witness until after the trial of our faith! This week we're gonna find lots of people to make sure the sector is busy and ready for the next Elder that comes next week.

Alright well that's about it for this week. Being a missionary is so rewarding. Going on a mission has definitely been the best choice I've ever made. I feel my testimony growing stronger and stronger each day. This the the Lord's church and His work. The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Jesus Christ is the son of God, and through His atonement we can be cleansed and purified from sin. 

Thank you so much everyone!!


Elder Blomfield