Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hey Family!!

I'm sorry, this letter's gonna have to be really short. Today we have cambios so Elder Navarrete has a ton of stuff to do!

So first off, the baptism didn't go through this week. In the interview that she had we found out that Edith had been drinking tea everyday after expressly telling us that she doesn't drink tea. We were a little confused and frustrated, but sometimes she forgets things so I guess that's what happened! She has a baptismal date for this Saturday. Hopefully everything turns out well and we can reach our baptismal goal for the month!

So we have cambios! Elder Navarrete is going to Penco which is near ConcepciĆ³n, and he's gonna be a zone leader. An Elder named Elder Nogales (not sure on the spelling) is coming to be the new district leader and he's gonna me my companion. I imagine that this might be my last cambio here in La Florida. It's gonna be really sad to see Elder Navarrete go. We get along super well and both of us have progressed a lot. I learned a ton about being solid and unwavering. He was a great example of being direct, firm, obedient, and diligent, and we also had a lot of fun goofing around between us too. Couldn't have asked for a better trainer and start to my mission. I'm gonna mission and he's really given me a different outlook on life, and I now have a greater desire and commitment to consegrate all that I have to the Lord.

This week was really good! We found some people that really seem interested. A family that we were thinking of dropping because they bailed on going to church after committing twice already, went to church! The Mum and her 2 kids that is. They're really interested. We also still have Susana and Cony from before, but they've been on holidays and stuff so we haven't taught them officially for a while. They're really good though. We also found someone else who was actually looking to try and talk to us because she says that she doesn't feel right with any other church. She told us that our religion thus far after only two lessons seems like the most sincere. She was super excited about the prospect of baptism too. Elder Navarrete is super jealous because the sector is booming and he has to leave! It'll be good for my new companion to come to a sector with a lot of investigators and potencial baptisms. 

This week at church we had 4 people. The Cerda family, and Edith. The Cerda family unfortunately had 2 dogs die the other day. They were both healthy but the next day one was dead and the other was dizzy and couldn't walk properly. We saw it and it could hardly breathe. It tried to walk but almost fell down because it was sick. They think maybe the dogs were poisoned because both died suddenly in one day. It was sad.

So life's gonna be pretty different in La Florida for the next 6 weeks! I'm looking at some personal goals and some things I wanna implement in the sector with my new companion.

Anyway sorry for the shortness of the letter! I love you all and I know this is the truth. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!

P.S. Michael, my advice would be to participate more. Ask questions, and really study the scriptures. Seriously. Before I just read them, but now I study them, and I look forward to that every day because it's just so awesome! You will never find a book better than the Book of Mormon. Study it, mark it up, ponder it, and you will learn to absolutely love it. I think that'll help.