Monday, 20 February 2012


Family!! So great to hear from all of you this week. I love getting all your letters.

Dad! That's so awesome about Aries. Tell him congrats for me. I know he's gonna be really blessed for his decision. I hope he's doing well! I really like that story you told me. We've been studying hard and praying a lot to know how to improve, and Preach My Gospel explains that a successful missionary is someone who is committed to work hard to help people receive the Restored Gospel through baptism and confirmation, and how if we feel the Spirit work through us, then the Lord is happy with our efforts. That's pretty cool about Lily. I love being a missionary because the people are so kind and loving and are willing to help out in any way possible.
 Mum! That's pretty awesome that you're playing volleyball! I love volleyball. I'm no good, but it's a lot of fun. That sounds like a fun Relief Society activity! It made me laugh inside because like you said, it's so relief society-ish. hahaha. 
 Michael!  That sounds like fun with Tie Qwando, and nice work for beating Ben. How the heck did you see the northern lights? That's good the Flames are picking up again. That's awesome about Camallari! He was incredible! Was Bourque good? I don't remember. Still no letter from BYU? Hopefully it arrives soon! I know you'll get in. You're gonna love it. That's cool about Jeremy too. Tell him congratulations! How goes your studying of Preach My Gospel? It's the best. Mark it up and do the activities. It'll help you prepare really well for your mission! I love chapter 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10. It's awesome.

Charly! It seems like you were half asleep when you wrote your email hahaha. That's crazy that you don't have adult teeth!! Hahahah!!! What are you gonna do?? Hahaha it seems like I stole them when years ago I had two extra teeth! YOU CAN'T STUDY FOR YOUR LEARNERS TEST YET!! There's no way you're old enough for that yet!! That's insane!!! You're so old! Haha you're gonna love driving.

Jake! Sounds like that was an awesome Deacon's camp!! I always loved going on camps. Sleeping in a quincee is way better than a tent any day. It's way warmer. That activity sounds like a blast too. Nice work on getting back so fast. I remember playing capture the flag in the snow one year at night. It was a blast. I'm happy to hear that piano is a little better now. It's really fun to play songs that you already know and like. It makes it way more interesting. You need to keep practicing for your mission! I play all the time!

This week we went to ConstituciĆ³n with the Zone Leaders to help the sisters with an activity they had. A group of  young single adults from Santiago had a conference in Conty and wanting to do contacts. Almost forty of them with mormon helping hand vests flooded the plaza and the market, and we went and taught a couple people too. It was a lot of fun!

This week was tough, but Elder Nogales and I feel great. We feel like we've been applying the principles from Preach My Gospel more every day, we're striving more to have the Spirit, we're being more obedient, and we're always maintaining a good attitude. We've been praying to know if there is something that we've been doing wrong, or if the Lord is testing our diligence right now, and we both feel like the Lord has been testing us. I know I'm a terribly imperfect teacher, but we're really trying hard to improve. I was thinking that it's easy to remain content and not progress when the success comes easily, and I think the Lord's been helping us to progress more rapidly as missionaries. We're learning a lot and improving a lot. I think the Lord also wants to test our diligence. I think He wants to see if we are going to work hard and do our best even when we aren't seeing a ton of results. A couple of the things that we're improving on this week are teaching with the purpose of a commitment, and being more sincere with our testimony and with our teaching. We're trying to use less words when we teach, so as to not impede the Spirit.

I have been praying and fighting to have a stronger witness of the truthfulness of the work and the reality that Jesus Christ is my Saviour, and finally I felt it. Yesterday in church, we gave talks. We were assigned to talk about anything from Preach My Gospel. During Elder Nogales's talk and the talk of another member, I felt the Spirit testify to me that Jesus Christ is my Saviour. I was really greatful for that witness the Lord blessed me with, and for that spiritual renewal. I felt the Spirit as I spoke about our purpose as missionaries with the point of view of how every member is a missionary. I talked about the importance of the Restoration and of Jesus Christ, and the importance of sharing this message with the world.

I know that God lives. This is His work, and He will bless us if we are faithful and diligent. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I love you all so much!


Elder Blomfield