Sunday, 18 March 2012


Family!! As usual, so great to hear from you all. Sounds like everyone's enjoying themselves, especially Mum and Dad.

Dad! Thailand sounds so cool!! Such an awesome experience!! That's pretty crazy about all those tigers. Did you get your picture taken with them? That would be the coolest thing ever. That reincarnation stuff is pretty weird. Sometimes we find people who believe in that weird alternative stuff here. One "Christian" who was "baptized" with water from the Jordan River that her aunt brought from Israel (I don't know but apparently it must be a better baptism with Jordan River water, maybe you get a 10 year "get-out-of-jail-free" card for your sins or something) told us once that she was reincarnated and that she had what's called a "third eye", and so does her aunt. When she opens it, weird things happen apparently like seeing spirits. It was pretty messed up, and didn't make sense seeing as she was Catholic. There are tons of people that are Catholic by tradition, but it seems like a lot of people are losing confidence in the Catholic church for what they keep seing and hearing on the news. Some people are turning to alternative ideas like aliens and reincarnation and weird stuff like that, but others are turning to the truth.

Mum! Still no package. Who knows though, it could be in the mission office now. It sounds like you're having a blast in Thailand!! Tell me more about the hotel, what's it like? Sounds pretty awesome. I bet the culture is completely different in Thailand,  without a predominant Christian population and with a completely different way of life. I want to visit a big city like Bangkok one day. That would be so fun to ride an elephant!! How big was it?? That's so cool!! That's crazy how small the church is there. How long has it been in Thailand do you know?

Michael! . Sounds like you had fun with Brad and Mary-Clare! Son buena onda ellos. How the heck do you just fall asleep on a bed in Ikea without anyone yelling at you?? Sounds like something fun to do. Didn't you and Josh do that once or something and some woman got super mad?? That sounds like a pretty sweet book too that you're reading. I wanna read it too. By the way, you are my idol.

Charly! How the heck can you almost be 14?? That's a lie!! You're not allowed to drive yet!! Hahaha don't worry about braces. I had (have) some crazy teeth problems. I had two extra teeth in between my baby and adult teeth. One tooth (the tooth that is now dead) came it 90 degrees off, and I had a retainer with elastics. Terrible. After, they gave me braces for my upper teeth, and after, for only my front 2 teeth. That was ridiculous. Look at my Grade 3 picture upstairs and you'll see, if I'm smiling with my teeth showing that is. Then they gave me some thing for behind my bottom teeth for like 3 years that did absolutely nothing because they're crowded now, and now I have a dead tooth. Basically, it seems like us Blomfields are destined to have naturally terrible teeth. Maybe it's cause we're from England.

Jake! I loved woodworking. It was called I.A. (Industrial Arts) when I was there and I loved it. I loved working with the scroll saw and drill press and stuff. It was a blast. Then we got to use the wood lathe and carving tools another year. Also we got to do welding. It was flipping awesome. I loved it. It was my favourite class. In grade 9 I had it everyday one semester. It was so much fun. You'll have to send me a picture of your hiking stick when you finish with it!

This week was great! First off, we had an awesome baptism with a perfectly planned baptismal service thanks to our awesome new ward mission leader. He baptized Carola and it was awesome. He was really happy and really nervous because it had been years since he'd baptized anyone, and he starting coming back to church only about 6 months ago just after I arrived. Carola was really happy and we're really happy for her. She was a really prepared person the the Lord put in our path, who has progressed so well and has a strong testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her formerly less active boy friend is doing well too, and they were asking questions about temple marriage. It's awesome! Basically, it was an awesome way to finish a cambio. We had 3 people at church yesterday. We had hoped for more, but one person got sick and didn't come with her son, and another family had been out of town for a few days because the daughter had an allergic reaction in her eye and had to go to Santiago. Luckily, the Lord blessed us and one person who we hadn't seen for like two weeks because she was too busy, but ended up going to church anyway which was a miracle. 

So it's confirmed, I'm out of here. i'm going to a place called Coelemu closer to Concepción. It's a little town supposedly smaller than my sector La Florida, with a little branch of about 30 members. It's gonna be nuts! I don't remember my companion's name, only that he is Chileno. But I'm going to be senior companion. I feel really unprepared but I know the Lord will bless me. I'm sad to leave La Florida but I'm really excited for a new experience and to be able to serve the Lord in another place. It's going to be completely different. I'm gonna be in Elder Nogales's old zone, Tomé, which is neighbours with Elder Navarrete's zone, Penco. Elder Nogales, along with Elder Abrego (a fellow Canadian from my MTC zone who's in my zone in Talca Centro) are going to train! They're really excited.

It's really sad that I have to go, but I feel like I've worked hard here and learned a lot. I've improved a ton I think, and I'm excited to improve more. I have so many more things to learn. This cambio has been really tough, but something key that I've learned is the importance of diligence, and of bearing testimony. I read a talk from years ago by one of David O. McKay's counselors I think it was. He talks about the importance of bearing testmony and challenging the people to make commitments. Teaching ability is important, but the salvation of God's children isn't going to depend on how logically we can present an idea, or on how fluently we teach the lesson, it's going to depend on how the people react to the Spirit that they feel. I need to be able to teach well so the Spirit can testify more easily, but more importantly, I have to always bear my testimony so that the people feel the Spirit and can choose to reject or accept it. This next cambio is going to be really different, but I'm just gonna go and work hard and strive to have the Spirit in every moment.

I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with His church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He was called of God to be the prophet of this last dispensation. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and nothing less. There is no other book like it, and I know it's true. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God in our day, along with the apostles. God answers our prayers and blesses us so much. Although life can be difficult at times, we are really so blessed. Behind every trial are blessings greater than we can imagine if we are faithful. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. He suffered and died for us to save us from our fallen state. Thanks to Him, we can progress eternally with the blessing of a mortal experience and a physical body.

I love you all so much!! You're always in my prayers. Keep on being awesome, and share the gospel with everyone you meet!! This message is too incredible to not share it. If we open our mouths, the Lord will fill them and we will be instruments in His hands.


Elder Blomfield