Sunday, 18 March 2012


Family!! So great to hear from you all. I'm glad everyone's doing so great. I'm afraid my letter's gonna be a little one today seeing as I'm really short on time.

Dad! Sounds like you're having a blast in Manila. It's crazy to hear about how some people live and the poverty that's there. There are a few people here that live in pretty terrible conditions, but nothing like what you explained at least here in Talca. That's awesome you got to see JoJo's family. I'm really excited for their baptism too!! That's cool about the MTC. I wonder if it'll be to send foreigners to learn Tagalog in the Philippines or if it'll be mainly for Philipinos serving there. That's a pain about those stupid immigration rules. I think it should be that if the person has proven that he can work and support himself, they should let him in.

Mum! I hope your loving your trip. Sounds like a lot of fun. About my early converts, Camila hadn't gone to church because she was with her grandma for two weeks, but went this Sunday. Natalia has been going too.

Michael! NICE WORK GETTING INTO BYU BUD! Nice work with you're awesome marks too!! Wow you're a genius!! Do you have a scholarship?? Are you stoked or what?? What friends are going to BYU that you know? I knew almost no one my age that went the same year as me. Keep preparing yourself Mike, I know you're going to be a great missionary. A lot better than me anyway.

Charly! Nice work on winning that game!! Do you like basketball a lot? I hope you enjoy your time with Mary-Clare and Brad, sounds like their spoiling you like crazy!

Alrighty family! This week was pretty awesome. We had interviews with the President on Thursday and it was awesome. I learned about how to have the Spirit more, particularly in the first lesson with new investigators. There's a new program that the mission is doing to help us know the doctrine more. In Preach My Gospel there are sample lesson plans, and we have to try and do some memorizing. Preach My Gospel says to memorize the order of principles in the lessons, and to memorize scriptures, but to teach in your own words. If we memorize the headings and commitments for each lesson, we reach Bronze level in this new program. I passed Bronze already. If we memorize the principles on top of that with the scripture references and more or less what it says, we reach Silver. If we memorize the scriptures of 3 verses or less on top of that, we reach Gold. It's cool cause it helps us understand the doctrine more. The scriptures say if we treasure up the word, we'll be blessed to be able to teach it. I'm gonna try and get Silver before the cambio change.

The cambio is next week. It's weird cause I haven't thought about it much. There's a pretty good chance that I'm gonna go. It's sad!! Hopefully next week Carola gets baptized. I'm excited. This week we also found some awesome investigators. Today we're gonna see how it goes with them!!

Anyway I gotta run. I know God lives and loves us. This is His work. The Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and through the Restored Gospel we can be truly happy.

Sorry it was so short, love you all!!


Elder Blomfield