Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Thanks so much for your letters!! I love hearing the news from home every week.

Dad! That's really cool that Jason Sellars could go to church. I'm glad that all the young men were really welcoming and kind with him. That's so important! This week with an investigator who went to church we saw that. The members jumped were really welcoming and made her feel really comfortable. A lot of times that is what gives people an initial desire to go to church. It also helps the person to stay faithful after baptism. I do agree with what you said though, driving a Camaro as a 16-year-old is a crime. That's awesome it went well in your trip!! Are you planning on making more investments in that company? What kind of stuff are you learning about? Those pictures are pretty sweet. My friend PJ would always tell me about Texas and how awesome it was. I wanna visit. After all, I almost served a mission there! Love ya! Could you give me David's email?

Mum! Ya I've got on well with all my companions. Sometimes there have been some small difficulties, but overall, we've gotten on great. I've been really blessed with such awesome companions! Now I'm gonna have a new one! The weather has been pretty interesting. The people say it's been pretty weird. During the day it's been pretty hot, but at night and in the mornings it's pretty cold. There's been talk of earthquakes and stuff by a lot of people. There's lots of superstition and weird tv people making predictions apparently, and that on top of 2012 being the end of the world and the majority of people being Christians waiting the Second Coming can create some weird ideas. I'm glad you liked Texas!! I think it's funny I almost served there. I'm glad too that we have a great relationship too. I always loved staying up late and chatting. Love you!

Michael! Dude nice work with that scholarship!! I knew you were gonna get it. You're a genius. You're gonna have such a blast! Were your EFY friends from this year or before? Dude that Facebook quote was basically the funniest thing I've ever read. I burst out laughing here in the ciber. You're such a lady-killer Mike. It's so soon and you're gonna be in BYU! It's gonna be a blast. Soon enough, you're gonna receive your mission call too! When I got my mission call, I might say that was the greatest moment of my life up until that point, and it just keeps getting better.

Charly! I hope everything's going well at home! How's it been going for you in badminton? How's it going in school? In young womens? Are you excited for the Coldplay concert on Wednesday?

Jake! When are you going to Drum Heller? What are you gonna do there? I'm so excited for you! You get to go to the concert! That's sweet. I loved it when I went. I hope you kick trash in your tournament. I'm sure you will.

Alrighty! This week was a pretty good week. We had a couple days that weren't so hot as our appointments fell through, but it's been pretty good overall. We're still working in Ranguelmo, and we've already had some problems because of the Evangelical Pastors over there. We're teaching a fair amount of people in Ranguelmo, one of which named Eva. She was really receptive. Her husband is Evangelical. We taught her only twice in her home, and on the third visit she dropped us. Basically, in those 2 visits we made to her house, someone saw that they let us in, and told their Pastor. The Pastor then told her husband off for letting us in, and the husband got upset with her and we can't pass by anymore. Looks like we've got a fight ahaid of us over there. I thought we were gonna encounter some opposition, but I was thinking in make a few weeks more! No on our third time going there! It's ridiculous. The thing I do like about that, is that in Ranguelmo, I think it will be more easy to focus on the Restoration and on the Book of Mormon, because the people there already have a strong religious interest, and can come to know of the truthfulness of the restoration through the Book of Mormon. A problem we have sometimes is that we have to help construct that religious interest, and it's a little more difficult to base all of our teaching on the Book of Mormon, because people might first of all need to believe in God or take interest in learning about Him.

We had 5 people in Ranguelmo committed to go, but unfortunately, we ran out of money on our phone on Saturday, and the mission office was closed so we couldn't get more. Finally we figured out a way to call everyone, but nobody answered. It's going to be a struggle in Ranguelmo to get people to church because they have to get up earlier and travel to come to Coelemu. Also, it's hard to visit them a lot in the week because we can't just head over to visit one family and then come back to Coelemu - we have to dedicate a big chunk of time over there. Someone, by a miracle, did end up going from Coelemu, and the members were great in fellowshipping and helping her feel comfortable. My focus this week is going to be how to bring people to church.

So today we have cambios. We had tons of cambios in the zone. Every companionship is changing except for one. Elder Arancibia is headed to Concepción. He's pretty sad, and I'm gonna miss him. He's really cool and pretty dang funny. It's tough for him cause he's leaving his first sector. I feel like we learned a lot together, especifically about the importance of loving the investigators and everyone in general. I'm going to be training!!! I'm super excited about that!! Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Concepción to pick up my new companion, and I'll find out tomorrow who that is too. I'm stoked!! I'm excited to learn a ton myself, and to help another missionary learn too. We're gonna have more time to study and practice teaching, so it's gonna be pretty awesome. It's going to be an awesome cambio. I don't feel completely ready to train, cause I'm still pretty young, but I know the Lord will bless me if I try my best and trust in him.

I know this work is true. God is directing it, and I'm blessed enough to serve in it. I love being a missionary so much! Sometimes it's rough, but in the rough moments we progress. I know the Saviour lives, this is His church, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and so is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I love you all!! Thanks so much for your letters and your prayers.

P.S. I've attached some photos with the Elders from my zone, and with my mini-mission companion.


Family!! I love getting your letters!! I'm glad to hear you had a good Easter.

Dad! Your eye got that swollen?? That's nuts!! I think I inherited your allergies a little bit cause my eyes get red and super itchy after touching a dog or a cat and then my eye. That gun show sounds cool. Where did you go? I dunno why you bothered going when you could have just asked me for a picture of my biceps. Do you like singing in the choir? That's sweet about Andy!! Make sure you pressure him a ton. They've gotta get their butts over here to Canada, and it's gotta be in Calgary. Preferrably in our ward. What kind of stuff will you be talking about and looking at during your trip to Texas? Whereabouts in Texas are you going? How's that well they found doing? That's nuts about the floods near the cabin. A hole 150 feet deep?!?! That's huge!! The cabin's fine now, but is it in danger? That's insane! That's funny about David Archuleta. Maybe he'll come here!! Haha that would be awesome. Thanks for the pictures of Jojo's family! I'm so happy for them, and I'm sure those missionaries are stoked out of their minds! Thanks for sharing your testimony Dad, I really liked it. I'm grateful too for the choice you made to follow the Spirit. I love you.

Mum! I have attached the tax documents and everything's good. I'm glad you like receiving my letters so much!! Hahaha my hair is really blonde. I stand out like a sore thumb all the time. People always yell hello at us and other stuff too. It's pretty ridiculous. A couple weeks ago, some annoying little girls kept giggling while I was writing home, and kept trying to sneak a picture of me. In the end, they just asked and took a picture saying it was for a school project. The next day we were talking to some other kids, and turns out my photo is now on Facebook with me being labeled as a gringo. It was funny but pretty ridiculous. All the other Elders in the zone laughed at me hahaha. People call me a gringo, but gringo refers to people from the US and comes from when the US was at war with Mexico. The Mexicans tried to say "green go", referring to the green uniforms the US army had, and now the word gringo has stuck. I tell people all the time I'm not a gringo and they are shocked as I tell them I'm from Canada and born in England. When people yell gringo at me, my comp taught me to yell Peruvian at them so I can get back at them for assuming I'm from the States. Later, I found out that's pretty offensive to Chilenos cause they typically hate Peru, and my companion was messing around with me. Luckily I only said it a couple times at people I already knew. You had a lot of people over for Easter! Sounds like it was a lot of fun though. That's too bad about the burn in the counter! That's really great about Laura! Send her my congrats. That book sounds cool!! I'm gonna try and implement those things to help me gain the confidence of the people here more. Do what you said, invite that guy to read the Book of Mormon!

Michael! That was weird they didn't announce any temples. I noticed that too. They have an announced temple in Concepción, but there hasn't been any progress on that as far as I know unfortunately. When I said work, I meant missionary work. Like teach, do contacts... work! The members are incredible here, but as in all Chile, there are tons of less actives.  Dude good job on making the soccer team!! I knew you would. That's sweet about giving out that Book of Mormon. Nice work. I know Maeser Hall!! You're gonna have such a blast at BYU Mike. Good job narrating the Easter program! Did you have to memorize stuff or did you just read it? We as missionaries didn't do anything different for Easter, but the customs here are pretty different. To answer your question, Read Alma 32. It's awesome and talks about how to develop more faith. I love verse 16 too, it's good for investigators. So soon til you go to BYU!!! Make sure you enjoy home before you go, because once you leave to university, life will never be the same again. Love you dude.

Charly! What are you doing for the school play? I loved being in the school plays. It was a lot of fun. So you didn't end up doing anything for the talent show? That's a shame. I'm jealous that you had root beer floats. We don't have root beer over here in Chile! It's a shame. I hope everything keeps going well in school and in church and everything! How's it going with your Personal Progress?? Love ya!

Jake! That's good you're improving! Soon you'll beat Dad. Sounds like you're kicking trash in school practices! Have you played against other schools yet? That's good you recognize that eggs aren't the meaning of Easter. The true meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ. I'm so happy for what He did for us. Without Him we wouldn't be able to do anything! Love you!!

So this week was pretty awesome. Here, they call it Holy Week. Last Sunday, there were TONS of people outside buying these branches that are supposed to be used to bless your house or something. It's in memory of the branches that all the people waved and layed on the ground when Jesus entered Jerusalem. It's also not called Good Friday, it's called Holy Friday. Another tradition is not to eat meat during the week, and to only eat fish. I think that's something to do with that back in the day, only rich people could eat meat. I'm not sure if that's a national tradition or a religious tradition though. Also, some people basically don't have parties, don't work, and dedicate more time to the Lord. For some it's like a week, or a few days at least, of the Sabbath Day. Unfortunately, those are the only days that people keep holy!

On Wednesday at about 11 at night, we found out that the next day we were going to have a mini mission. Two Priest-aged youth were going to accompany all the missionaries in a few stakes around here. We found out the night before (because they forgot to tell us beforehand) that the next day we had to be in Penco at 1 in the afternoon. We had to change all our plans, and the Branch President (who also recently found out) had to keep them in his house and fed them breakfast and once, but it was pretty cool. They were our companions for a few days. My companion was called Matías Figueroa, called Hermano Figueroa during the mini mission. Elder Arancibia's companion was called Hermano Martínez. Hermano Figueroa is 16 years old from Chillan. We had to do a bunch of travelling so lost a bunch of time on Thursday. We studied together and practiced teaching during our study time in the mornings. It was like training a new missionary. I realized how much progress I've made as a missionary! Hermano Figueroa was awesome. A really senstive and spiritual guy. I learned a lot from him about loving everyone and following the Spirit. We practiced inviting people to baptism a bunch which was really cool.

On Friday, we went to a little town called Ranguelmo about 20 minutes from Coelemu, while Elder Arancibia stayed in Coelemu with his comp. It was pretty good, but we were only there for about 2 hours. On Saturday, we went after lunch at about 4 o'clock, and were there for the whole day. It was incredible! I think it's been years since missionaries have gone to Ranguelmo. Between the two companionships, we taught 7 lessons in about 4 hours, all of which came from doing contacts. We found 9 new investigators (those are the ones that we are going to keep working with because some didn't show sufficient interest to want to progress), 8 of which accepted a baptismal date. The mission standards are 10 new investigators every week, and 8 have people with a baptismal date at the end of every week. We did the work of one week in one day in that sense. It was incredible!! Ranguelmo is an incredibly Evangelical little town. Even more than Coelemu. At the end of the day, Elder Arancibia heard people talking as they came out of their church meetings about a russian (what they use to describe blondes) with some other guy who had come into Ranguelmo. After one day, it seems like the people are already taking notice of us. It felt so cool walking into the town. It was like opening a new sector in a place that hadn't seen missionaries for a long time. We went in there thinking, "it's time to put an end to the apostasy here." We have the vision of one day opening a branch there. I'm so excited. With Hermano Figeuroa we felt the Spirit so strong, and I'm so pumped to work more over there. Unfortunately, no one went to church again this week... I don't blame the people that we found on Saturday for not going because it's really short notice, but this week we are going to focus completely on getting people to church. We're going to talk about it in every lesson, study the doctrine, and follow the Spirit.

I felt the Spirit really strongly this week, and felt the Lord's love. I trust more in His Spirit. Pray for us this week. It's been a huge learning experience, especially as I've thought about the Easter season and the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I know the Lord will bless us, but I need to do my part.

I know this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His true church. It's nothing less!! I love sharing this message. I'm developing a passion for talking about the restoration and the first vision. I just love it so much!! I love the Book of Mormon, and I love the Lord. I can't wait to work more in Ranguelmo and see more miracles.

Thank you so much for all your support and love. I love you all!! I hope everything is going well.


Elder Blomfield


Family! I figured out how to get pictures off my SD card, so I've attached a few. Some with my old companion, Elder Nogales, and Carola's baptism with our Ward Mission Leader going to baptize her, and some with Elder Arancibia and Ana's baptism. I also sent one with me and the Bishop's family from La Florida.

Dad! I loved conference. Like you, I loved Elder Holland's talk. BOOM! It made me think a lot abot how I need to be more humble and overcome my pride. That's a shame about those guys back in England. Something really interesting about people who go against the church, is that nobody leaves the church or goes apostate if they are keeping the commandments. If we read the Book of Mormon and pray daily, and participate actively in our callings and church programs, we won't just get up and leave. Some recent convert here had some questions about some stuff, and turns out it was anti-mormon. It was really complete garbage as every one of the arguments the guy posed against the church was terrible, but something interesting, is that someone can always try to attack us and prove that our church is false or whatever, but nobody can show where the truth is if we don't have it! It's like, "Congratulations on putting together a half-wit anti-mormon argument and criticizing the church and it's leaders, but would you be so kind as to show me which church is true then?" If people only base their faith on the "invalidity" of other churches, they will find that their own religion will be torn apart as well. Sunday afternoon, Russell M. Nelson basically destroyed anyone that says God doesn't exist. Basically everything points to the fact that God exists, and it is impossible that all was a fluke, using our bodies as an example of God's love. Something I've thought of a lot recently, is that without faith in God, we base our lives in the knowledge and discoveries of man. The scriptures are replete of stories of people who did that and were destroyed. Our scientific knowledge is so limited that one small change or new discovery could change the whole way we view reality and figuratively pull the carpet out from underneath us. For example, the discovery that the earth was round and not flat basically changed reality for people who based their existence in man's ideas. We can be so ignorant in thinking that the little knowledge we have disproves the existence of God, but one day we will all know, everything will make sense, and we will have to confess that Jesus is the Christ. Also, good luck explaining the physical evidences that do point towards the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Although people can attack the church all day, like you said, spiritual knowledge, even if it appears to go against the physical or scientific knowledge that we have, is more powerful, as said Elder Paul B. Pieper Sunday afternoon. I love this scripture. It's really powerful and I love to refer to it when Satan tries to attack my testimony.

D&C 6:22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.
 23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?
24 And now, behold, you have received a witness; for if I have told you things which no man knoweth have you not received a witness?

I also loved David A. Bednar's talk in Priesthood (I just watched it now cause we couldnt on Saturday). It's awesome. I love how he drops the cane on us as priesthood holders. We really should magnify it more. I'm happy you all enjoyed the hotel and everything, sounds like a blast! What are you going to go in Texas with the oil company? You're travelling all over the place!! I'm glad you've been using my being on a mission to share the gospel. Any luck with that guy from St. Neot's? I love you Dad! You're the best father I could ever have.

Mum! I'm glad you liked conference, I LOVED it!! Sounds like you had a blast this week though with spring break!! Man! Was Hunger Games good? I heard good things about the book. Thanks for the pictures by the way, I remember sitting there when I was younger and I didn't used to like conference because it was just a bunch of old men speaking about boring stuff, but now I love it!!! I wish we had conference more often!! It's weird that Michael's gonna be signing up for housing now and everything. Has it hit you yet that he's leaving soon? It'll be weird for you I bet, having only 4 kids in the house. I really loved what M. Russell Ballard said about the family and how important it is. He said that if we focus on family life, we are blessed in every part of life. It was awesome! A lot of people, and I see it everyday, forget the importance of the traditional family unit, and don't have the faith to form a legitimate family because of fear of commitment or economic problems. What they don't seem to understand is that there are sometimes children involved, and a commitment that is bigger than marriage has already been done by having those children, and those children deserve stably married parents. It made me happy to read about all the time the family has been spending together, because as President Monson said, that is what really matters. You've always been such a great mother and I'll always remember the time spent with you, especially just staying up late talking.

Michael! . I don't know what was my favourite talk, because I still havent seen all of priesthood session. I did love Richard G. Scott's talk about receiving revelation. I also loved Elder D. Todd Christofferson's. Dude, I know what you're saying about bowling. I'm hit and miss at bowling. Sometimes I can kick trash, but more often that not I'm terrible. I still love bowling though! That would be sweet to go the the temple. I wanna go so bad!! Are you getting excited for BYU? Dude you're gonna have a blast! I'm excited for you. Love you!

Charly! You guys had such an awesome Spring Break!! Hunger Games is rated best movie in the world? Like best movie of the year or best movie ever?? What happens in it? How did your brackets fall off? I'm glad you had so much fun. I loved Russell M. Nelson's talk too!! It was so awesome. I talked a little bit about it in my answer to Dad's email. I loved how he just boom roasted anyone who believes in man more than in God. Love you Charly!

Jake! That's cool you went to the science center. It's new? What's different? It's so cool there. Are you getting better at badminton? One day you'll beat Dad. That dinner sounds good. I love shrimp! Did you like going to Priesthood Session? I'm listening to it right now, and it is incredible. I like how they talked so much about the importance of doing stuff as priesthood holders. Was it fun in the hotel? Sounds like it. We're lucky to have such great parents that would do that for us. I love that we have such an awesome family. It's basically the best one in the world. Love you bud!

So this week was a crazy week!! We hardly had any time for proselyting. We found out on Tuesday morning in district meeting that there was a new missionary training meeting for all the missionaries with less than 6 months the next day. I felt so old as I was one of the 5 missionaries of the 14 in my zone that didn't go. Our zone is really young. Wednesday morning we went to Concepción to drop off my companion, and to meet up with the zone leader, Elder Bracken, who was also dropping of his comp (the zone leaders are split up in this zone). We had to go get stuff figured out for his visa, then returned to Coelemu to work. We had a short day, but it was awesome! We worked awesome together and had a blast.  The next morning we went to Tomé, and worked a little bit over there, then got back to Coelemu with my companion at like 8:30 at night. The next day we worked, but Saturday and Sunday we had conference and little time to work, seeing as the conferences were from 1 to 3, and 5 to 7. We had some people committed to come on Sunday, but they ran into problems. Claudia had to wait for Gregory to come back from visiting some place out of town, and I don't think he got back in time. No one that committed ended up showing up. It was sad... We watched the conferences on the Branch President's plasma screen through the internet, but unfortunately we couldn't watch Priesthood session. We showed up to watch it at 9 on Saturday night, but then found out they weren't broadcasting it through internet.

I passed to Silver level with this program the mission started a little over a month ago with memorizing the concepts, committments, and scriptures in the missionary lessons. I passed bronze a few weeks ago. Silver means I memorized all the main headings from the sample lesson plans in Preach My Gospel from lessons 1-3, along with the commandments from lesson 4 and the commitments with each lesson. I also had to memorize word for word every sub-concept and scripture reference, being able to describe the content of every scripture reference that went along with it. Gold means we have to memorize word for word every scripture of 3 verses or less on top of that. The program is to help us understand the doctrine, and follow Preach My Gospel when it says that we should memorize scriptures and the order of concepts in the lessons, but we aren't supposed to just recite things we memorize. I feel like it's helped give me a greater understanding of the doctrine we teach and where to find the supporting scriptures in the standard works. I've also gained a greater comprehension of the importance of the lessons in helping people progress towards baptism.

General Conference was AWESOME!! I learned the importance of following the Spirit, and felt a greater need to love my investigators. I believe that if I love them more, they will be more receptive, and I will be more willing to help them in their eternal progress. I have to help my investigators understand the importance of our message in their eternal well being. I shouldn't be discouraged with rejection, but I should be sad, as it is people rejecting an opportunity for happiness and ultimately their salvation. I'm trying to exercise more patience, and I'm trying to put myself in others' shoes without judging or jumping to conclusions. I know I will have more success if I change the class of person I am and if I change to become more like Jesus Christ.

We're planning on travelling to some small little communities outside of Coelemu where people probably haven't heard the missionaries for a long time. It's going to be a big investment of time, but I'm confident that there are people there who will receive us, especially because they haven't seen the missionaries for so long.

I hope you all loved General Conference as much as I did! It was so great. It's better than Christmas. We had the opportunity to listen to real live prophets and apostles, and we received divine instruction from the Lord through his authorized servants. I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that He guides it. The Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet. Sharing the gospel brings the greatest joy ever. I know the Lord loves us and is always thoughtful of us. He gives us so many blessings, and we can see them if we just open our eyes and soften our hearts.

Thanks everyone for your support! I love you all so much!! Keep praying for me!

Elder Blomfield


Family! So great to hear from you. Sorry about the pictures... Still no luck. My SD card in my camera has a virus and I can't get to the pictures. It's a royal pain. That's the problem with these public internet cafes that we use here. I'm still working on it.

Dad! That's so awesome that JoJo went through the temple!! I love the temple, and I miss going through. That's the first thing I wanna do after I finish my mission, sit in the Celestial Room and ponder my service as a missionary. I want to make sure I do everything I can as I serve now, so that my offering of 2 years of missionary service will be acceptable to the Lord. That's good you had a good birthday!! What does a range finder do? That's crazy about that guy from St. Neots!! I love how small the world is. I think I forgot to tell you before, but a couple months ago a little after Christmas with Elder Navarrete in Talca, there was a guy in Priesthood meeting who talked Spanish with a terrible accent, and he sounded English. I talked to him afterwards, and his name was Ben Ingram. He knows Andy and Stephen. He married the daughter of someone in our ward and now lives in Chile and used to be in the ward La Florida! The world is SO small! To answer your question, we don't have other callings but we do have to do a lot, like blessing the sacrament, playing piano, organizing activities, and teaching a class in church. It's pretty awesome. We also have to work a lot with the Branch President. My companion's great too. We're working on using our time more wisely and being more dilligent. Thanks for sending me that video of Kenna and Izaac by the way, it was really cute!

Mum! Hahaha surprisingly that pepper didn't burn twice. It was quite a blessing. That sounds like fun going to a hotel! Is it a nice one? I always loved staying in hotels, just doing whatever I want was pretty cool. About the sweetened condensed milk, I have found some here and I've bought it a couple times. It is close to the most delicious thing on the planet. The only thing that tastes better is the chocolate sauce you would do to put on brownies and ice cream. Something they have here is manjar. It's basically cooked sweetened condensed milk, and they put it on everything. There are pastries in a bunch of little shops that have manjar on them. It's delicious. We'll have to try and make it one day. That's cool about the photo albums. I'm worried about my flash drive and SD card... I'm gonna try and fix it and I'll be praying a bunch. It'll be a tragedy if that gets lost. About the earthquake, I felt it. It was pretty long! A good 15 seconds. We were outside so it wasn't as intense as being inside, but all the houses, power poles and cars were moving quite a bit. It was the strongest one I've felt here. People had predicted it between March 20 and 24, but it came on the 25th. Some people are getting really superstitious with earthquakes and natural disasters with 2012 and all that. Also, according to some members we visited yesterday, throughout the world (yesterday I think) people heard what sounded like trumpets from the sky. Who knows, maybe something's gonna happen soon, but it's interesting to see the scriptures being fulfilled as people are freaking out about a lof of stuff and predicting when Jesus will come and stuff. We just have to faithfully wait for the day, and we'll know it when he comes.

Michael! The baptism went through! She understood that she had been having some opposition, and decided that she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. It was such a miracle! When did you eat a Habanero??? You puked and everything? It's so fun, but it's terrible. Someone here told me it kills brain cells. I think I'm on my last few. Hopefully all goes well with soccer! I bet you'll make it. Some people here are so good at soccer it's nuts. I still have to choose my favourite Chilean soccer team. There are three main ones. Colo Colo, University of Chile, and the Catholic University. I'm still undecided between Colo Colo and University of Chile. Hahaha you hit some golf balls off the ridge in Fish Creek? Sounds like fun. Did you kill anyone??

Charly! What's the new Coldplay CD called? I think I saw it in a store one day but I didn't get a good look at it. Is it better than Viva la Vida? Hurry up and get your learners girl! Driving is so much fun, but you're gonna have to fight with Michael to use the car haha. That's awesome you have spring break. How's it been?? You made the badminton team? How's that going? Do you like it? I love badminton. I can't believe you're old enough to go to the dances now. That's awesome. You're gonna have a blast. I loved going to the dances when i was 14. Next year you have Seminary! That's even better.

Jake! Buddy nice job with badminton! That's cool that you'll probably get to play singles. Do you like badminton? That's good you liked the temple too. It's the best thing ever. Going to Dairy Queen afterwards was always awesome too.

Ana Muñoz got baptized! We were worried because of what happened last week, but she said she understood that Satan didn't want her to get baptized, and she got baptized anyway. She got interviewed on Wednesday and I went to Tomé for the minicambio. It was pretty cool. She passed and everything was good.  She got baptized on Saturday by Elder Arancibia, and I confirmed her this Sunday. It was my first time doing a confirmation, because the Bishop always did it in Talca. What a miracle! Thanks for all your prayers.

This week we had a couple people with a baptismal date for April 15 in church too. Claudia, the cousin of a member here, and Claudia's daughter Gregory. We're really excited for them!! I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed us with them. I hope they will be able to get baptized this month! Claudia lives with someone and isn't married, and she also smokes, so we might have some challenges there, but I think she's willing to leave this guy seeing as she's tried to do it before. I think the biggest challenge will be getting him to leave her alone. Please pray for them!

I really feel like we're going to be able to do great things here in Coelemu. I know the Lord will bless us, and I know there are prepared people here that we can share the gospel with. I'm really excited for next week with General Conference!! It's gonna be a spiritual feast, and we have high hopes to bring people to some sessions. Luckily, we don't have to travel to Penco to see the conference, as the Branch President is going to bring his tv so we can watch it through the internet here in Coelemu. We've been giving out a lot of invitations, and we're going to give out a lot more. What a great opportunity! We get to listen to real life prophets and apostles!! I'm so excited. I used to find it boring when I was a little kid, and I just liked it because I would stay in my pijamas to watch it, but now I love it!! It's like Christmas!! Haha.

This week I have felt my testimony grow a ton. The message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has become even more a part of who I am. The fact that Jesus Christ is our Saviour, and that Joseph Smith was a chosen vessel to restore the Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth. I love sharing this message!! Being a missionary is the best!!! I wouldn't change it for the world. I love helping others change their lives, and I feel that I'm becoming a more effective teacher, or in better words, I'm getting better at letting the Spirit teach. I still have a ton of progress to make though. I know the Lord will bless me if I work hard and do my part. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you all are doing great! I love you all so much!! You're always in my prayers. Thanks for writing me every week and helping me be a better missionary. Once again, sorry about not sending photos, I'm working on it!!


Elder Blomfield


Family!! Thank you so much for all your letters. I love hearing from you all every week.

Dad! That's awesome about the temple trip. I remember when I first started going when I turned 12, and how there were a bunch of older youth, but now all of us have moved on. I can't believe that I'm already on a mission. It's so weird. It's always been my dream, yet it was always something that was in the distant future. Now I'm here, and I'm never gonna have this opportunity again so I've gotta make it count! Every day I think about if how I feel with my personal efforts. I just need to do my very best and the Lord will be pleased. That's cool that Kamy and Susanna had a baby! People are always having babies in our family. I'm really excited for JoJo!! That's gonna be so awesome for him to go to the temple. Happy birthday this week! Although the years may add up along with the wrinkles and fallen hairs, you'll always be the best Dad I could ask for. Thanks for the example you've always been and for your prayers. I love you!

Mum! The package arrived!!! Thank you so much for the chocolates and the book marks. They were tasty and the book marks are really cool. I got the card too and everything's good. I really like playing the piano. Here we have a little keyboard which is more difficult cause if you hardly touch a key it plays just as loud as any other note you play. I really like that service stuff that you all did!! That made me really happy. I think service is so important. A lot of the time we have the desires to do service, but it's when we actually do the service that it counts. That's funny that you recognized that guy as a member! It's interesting how sometimes you can just tell. That's hilarious about Grandad and the dentist. Hahaha that's really bold missionarywork I love it!! Hopefully now he reads the Book of Mormon! You've gotta send me pictures of the house with all the painting and stuff you've been doing. I'm trying to get some pictures to you but my flash drive and my camera SD card have viruses from these public internet places. Just a little bit ago this computer erased almost all of my stuff from my pen drive and I'm trying to figure it out. I love you Mum! You're the best mother in the world. Thanks for always being such a good example at obeying the Lord.

Michael! That's a cool story about that missing tire!! I love stories like that. I think they're proof of the Lord's love for us. Sometimes we might not understand why something works out so perfectly, after something going wrong, but it's how the Lord lets us know that He's watching over us and helping us. In those moments I think we have a couple options. We could get angry because of the opposition we faced with the missing tire, or we can see the blessing we received by finding the extra in stock. So many things have to do with our attitude. I've seen so many things in my life as the Lord has blessed me with small but amazing tender mercies. That would be cool to go to the temple. I think it would be fun to go with a bunch of friends and do baptisms. I hope you make the soccer team! I'm sure you will. You'll be in my prayers, and I love you!

Charly! How was your birthday?!?! You're so old! What's the deal with your Learner's license? What presents did you get? Did you enjoy the Flames game? I remember that one time when we went together. Was it a Flames game or a Hitmen game that we went to? I don't remember. Also, that's awesome you get to Coldplay! I had such a blast when I went, you're gonna love it! Do they have a new CD now? I thought I heard something about that awhile ago. I hope you enjoyed yourself Char! I love you so much!

Jake! You got glasses! That's awesome!!! I remember when I first got mine. It was cool cause I didn't even realize it was possible to see that well! That's awesome you enjoyed the temple. How did you feel? That's good you're working on your Chief Scout. Sounds like you're making some pretty good progress! Keep it up! Nice work with all your school work too. I'm impressed. What kind of activities have you been doing in Scouts??

Family!! Unfortunately, our baptism didn't go through. It was all planned and ready to go yesterday after stake conference yesterday, but just 3 hours beforehand, she called us and told us that her 2 year old son had fallen and cut his head open and that they were in the hospital. We passed by later and the son had stitches and luckily he was ok. She had prayed in the morning and said, "if this is what I need to do, let everything work out fine, but if it isn't, please let something happen." She's a little worried. She felt scared and unhappy in the morning and we explained that Satan doesn't want her to get baptized and will cause opposition. We analyzed the feelings she's had, and explained that the good feelings she's felt from sharing with us come from God, but the fear and doubt and unsurety come from the devil. Please pray for her as we've set a baptismal goal for this week!

This week we had stake conference in Penco, which is more or less an hour away from Coelemu. We went with the Branch in a little bus. We were about 15 that went from Coelemu. Unfortunately, no investigator wanted to take about 6 hours out of their day to go to the conference, but I'm confident that next Sunday is going to be great!

Something funny that happened this week was that I ate a hot chili pepper in a member's house and almost died. I thought it was just a tiny bit spicy like they normally are here, so ate pretty much the whole thing. I regretted it after. I felt like smoke was coming out of my ears and my eyes started watering like crazy. Everyone was dying laughing while I was dying in pain! It was like a habanero that I'd eaten before.

I'm trying to improve my teaching ability so the Spirit can testify more clearly of what we share. I know there are prepared people here that are ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel, and I just need to be ready myself to deliver it. I have a lot of things to improve, but I know if I trust in God and if I'm dilligent in doing my part, He will bless me.

I know this is God's work, and that this is His truth. The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in our days by a prophet of God, and a prophet guides us today. In a few short weeks we'll be able to hear His counsels! I know the Saviour lives and loves us. I get so antsy thinking about all the things I still have to learn and improve on!! I just hope that I can fill my role being a missionary of Jesus Christ. I love doing this work. (right now there are a couple kids reading over my shoulder but don't understand a word I'm writing, it's really funny). I know the Lord will bless me as I do my part.

I love you all!! Thanks for all your support. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!


Elder Blomfield