Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Family! So great to hear from you. Sorry about the pictures... Still no luck. My SD card in my camera has a virus and I can't get to the pictures. It's a royal pain. That's the problem with these public internet cafes that we use here. I'm still working on it.

Dad! That's so awesome that JoJo went through the temple!! I love the temple, and I miss going through. That's the first thing I wanna do after I finish my mission, sit in the Celestial Room and ponder my service as a missionary. I want to make sure I do everything I can as I serve now, so that my offering of 2 years of missionary service will be acceptable to the Lord. That's good you had a good birthday!! What does a range finder do? That's crazy about that guy from St. Neots!! I love how small the world is. I think I forgot to tell you before, but a couple months ago a little after Christmas with Elder Navarrete in Talca, there was a guy in Priesthood meeting who talked Spanish with a terrible accent, and he sounded English. I talked to him afterwards, and his name was Ben Ingram. He knows Andy and Stephen. He married the daughter of someone in our ward and now lives in Chile and used to be in the ward La Florida! The world is SO small! To answer your question, we don't have other callings but we do have to do a lot, like blessing the sacrament, playing piano, organizing activities, and teaching a class in church. It's pretty awesome. We also have to work a lot with the Branch President. My companion's great too. We're working on using our time more wisely and being more dilligent. Thanks for sending me that video of Kenna and Izaac by the way, it was really cute!

Mum! Hahaha surprisingly that pepper didn't burn twice. It was quite a blessing. That sounds like fun going to a hotel! Is it a nice one? I always loved staying in hotels, just doing whatever I want was pretty cool. About the sweetened condensed milk, I have found some here and I've bought it a couple times. It is close to the most delicious thing on the planet. The only thing that tastes better is the chocolate sauce you would do to put on brownies and ice cream. Something they have here is manjar. It's basically cooked sweetened condensed milk, and they put it on everything. There are pastries in a bunch of little shops that have manjar on them. It's delicious. We'll have to try and make it one day. That's cool about the photo albums. I'm worried about my flash drive and SD card... I'm gonna try and fix it and I'll be praying a bunch. It'll be a tragedy if that gets lost. About the earthquake, I felt it. It was pretty long! A good 15 seconds. We were outside so it wasn't as intense as being inside, but all the houses, power poles and cars were moving quite a bit. It was the strongest one I've felt here. People had predicted it between March 20 and 24, but it came on the 25th. Some people are getting really superstitious with earthquakes and natural disasters with 2012 and all that. Also, according to some members we visited yesterday, throughout the world (yesterday I think) people heard what sounded like trumpets from the sky. Who knows, maybe something's gonna happen soon, but it's interesting to see the scriptures being fulfilled as people are freaking out about a lof of stuff and predicting when Jesus will come and stuff. We just have to faithfully wait for the day, and we'll know it when he comes.

Michael! The baptism went through! She understood that she had been having some opposition, and decided that she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. It was such a miracle! When did you eat a Habanero??? You puked and everything? It's so fun, but it's terrible. Someone here told me it kills brain cells. I think I'm on my last few. Hopefully all goes well with soccer! I bet you'll make it. Some people here are so good at soccer it's nuts. I still have to choose my favourite Chilean soccer team. There are three main ones. Colo Colo, University of Chile, and the Catholic University. I'm still undecided between Colo Colo and University of Chile. Hahaha you hit some golf balls off the ridge in Fish Creek? Sounds like fun. Did you kill anyone??

Charly! What's the new Coldplay CD called? I think I saw it in a store one day but I didn't get a good look at it. Is it better than Viva la Vida? Hurry up and get your learners girl! Driving is so much fun, but you're gonna have to fight with Michael to use the car haha. That's awesome you have spring break. How's it been?? You made the badminton team? How's that going? Do you like it? I love badminton. I can't believe you're old enough to go to the dances now. That's awesome. You're gonna have a blast. I loved going to the dances when i was 14. Next year you have Seminary! That's even better.

Jake! Buddy nice job with badminton! That's cool that you'll probably get to play singles. Do you like badminton? That's good you liked the temple too. It's the best thing ever. Going to Dairy Queen afterwards was always awesome too.

Ana Muñoz got baptized! We were worried because of what happened last week, but she said she understood that Satan didn't want her to get baptized, and she got baptized anyway. She got interviewed on Wednesday and I went to Tomé for the minicambio. It was pretty cool. She passed and everything was good.  She got baptized on Saturday by Elder Arancibia, and I confirmed her this Sunday. It was my first time doing a confirmation, because the Bishop always did it in Talca. What a miracle! Thanks for all your prayers.

This week we had a couple people with a baptismal date for April 15 in church too. Claudia, the cousin of a member here, and Claudia's daughter Gregory. We're really excited for them!! I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed us with them. I hope they will be able to get baptized this month! Claudia lives with someone and isn't married, and she also smokes, so we might have some challenges there, but I think she's willing to leave this guy seeing as she's tried to do it before. I think the biggest challenge will be getting him to leave her alone. Please pray for them!

I really feel like we're going to be able to do great things here in Coelemu. I know the Lord will bless us, and I know there are prepared people here that we can share the gospel with. I'm really excited for next week with General Conference!! It's gonna be a spiritual feast, and we have high hopes to bring people to some sessions. Luckily, we don't have to travel to Penco to see the conference, as the Branch President is going to bring his tv so we can watch it through the internet here in Coelemu. We've been giving out a lot of invitations, and we're going to give out a lot more. What a great opportunity! We get to listen to real life prophets and apostles!! I'm so excited. I used to find it boring when I was a little kid, and I just liked it because I would stay in my pijamas to watch it, but now I love it!! It's like Christmas!! Haha.

This week I have felt my testimony grow a ton. The message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has become even more a part of who I am. The fact that Jesus Christ is our Saviour, and that Joseph Smith was a chosen vessel to restore the Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth. I love sharing this message!! Being a missionary is the best!!! I wouldn't change it for the world. I love helping others change their lives, and I feel that I'm becoming a more effective teacher, or in better words, I'm getting better at letting the Spirit teach. I still have a ton of progress to make though. I know the Lord will bless me if I work hard and do my part. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you all are doing great! I love you all so much!! You're always in my prayers. Thanks for writing me every week and helping me be a better missionary. Once again, sorry about not sending photos, I'm working on it!!


Elder Blomfield