Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Family!! Thank you so much for all your letters. I love hearing from you all every week.

Dad! That's awesome about the temple trip. I remember when I first started going when I turned 12, and how there were a bunch of older youth, but now all of us have moved on. I can't believe that I'm already on a mission. It's so weird. It's always been my dream, yet it was always something that was in the distant future. Now I'm here, and I'm never gonna have this opportunity again so I've gotta make it count! Every day I think about if how I feel with my personal efforts. I just need to do my very best and the Lord will be pleased. That's cool that Kamy and Susanna had a baby! People are always having babies in our family. I'm really excited for JoJo!! That's gonna be so awesome for him to go to the temple. Happy birthday this week! Although the years may add up along with the wrinkles and fallen hairs, you'll always be the best Dad I could ask for. Thanks for the example you've always been and for your prayers. I love you!

Mum! The package arrived!!! Thank you so much for the chocolates and the book marks. They were tasty and the book marks are really cool. I got the card too and everything's good. I really like playing the piano. Here we have a little keyboard which is more difficult cause if you hardly touch a key it plays just as loud as any other note you play. I really like that service stuff that you all did!! That made me really happy. I think service is so important. A lot of the time we have the desires to do service, but it's when we actually do the service that it counts. That's funny that you recognized that guy as a member! It's interesting how sometimes you can just tell. That's hilarious about Grandad and the dentist. Hahaha that's really bold missionarywork I love it!! Hopefully now he reads the Book of Mormon! You've gotta send me pictures of the house with all the painting and stuff you've been doing. I'm trying to get some pictures to you but my flash drive and my camera SD card have viruses from these public internet places. Just a little bit ago this computer erased almost all of my stuff from my pen drive and I'm trying to figure it out. I love you Mum! You're the best mother in the world. Thanks for always being such a good example at obeying the Lord.

Michael! That's a cool story about that missing tire!! I love stories like that. I think they're proof of the Lord's love for us. Sometimes we might not understand why something works out so perfectly, after something going wrong, but it's how the Lord lets us know that He's watching over us and helping us. In those moments I think we have a couple options. We could get angry because of the opposition we faced with the missing tire, or we can see the blessing we received by finding the extra in stock. So many things have to do with our attitude. I've seen so many things in my life as the Lord has blessed me with small but amazing tender mercies. That would be cool to go to the temple. I think it would be fun to go with a bunch of friends and do baptisms. I hope you make the soccer team! I'm sure you will. You'll be in my prayers, and I love you!

Charly! How was your birthday?!?! You're so old! What's the deal with your Learner's license? What presents did you get? Did you enjoy the Flames game? I remember that one time when we went together. Was it a Flames game or a Hitmen game that we went to? I don't remember. Also, that's awesome you get to Coldplay! I had such a blast when I went, you're gonna love it! Do they have a new CD now? I thought I heard something about that awhile ago. I hope you enjoyed yourself Char! I love you so much!

Jake! You got glasses! That's awesome!!! I remember when I first got mine. It was cool cause I didn't even realize it was possible to see that well! That's awesome you enjoyed the temple. How did you feel? That's good you're working on your Chief Scout. Sounds like you're making some pretty good progress! Keep it up! Nice work with all your school work too. I'm impressed. What kind of activities have you been doing in Scouts??

Family!! Unfortunately, our baptism didn't go through. It was all planned and ready to go yesterday after stake conference yesterday, but just 3 hours beforehand, she called us and told us that her 2 year old son had fallen and cut his head open and that they were in the hospital. We passed by later and the son had stitches and luckily he was ok. She had prayed in the morning and said, "if this is what I need to do, let everything work out fine, but if it isn't, please let something happen." She's a little worried. She felt scared and unhappy in the morning and we explained that Satan doesn't want her to get baptized and will cause opposition. We analyzed the feelings she's had, and explained that the good feelings she's felt from sharing with us come from God, but the fear and doubt and unsurety come from the devil. Please pray for her as we've set a baptismal goal for this week!

This week we had stake conference in Penco, which is more or less an hour away from Coelemu. We went with the Branch in a little bus. We were about 15 that went from Coelemu. Unfortunately, no investigator wanted to take about 6 hours out of their day to go to the conference, but I'm confident that next Sunday is going to be great!

Something funny that happened this week was that I ate a hot chili pepper in a member's house and almost died. I thought it was just a tiny bit spicy like they normally are here, so ate pretty much the whole thing. I regretted it after. I felt like smoke was coming out of my ears and my eyes started watering like crazy. Everyone was dying laughing while I was dying in pain! It was like a habanero that I'd eaten before.

I'm trying to improve my teaching ability so the Spirit can testify more clearly of what we share. I know there are prepared people here that are ready to hear the message of the Restored Gospel, and I just need to be ready myself to deliver it. I have a lot of things to improve, but I know if I trust in God and if I'm dilligent in doing my part, He will bless me.

I know this is God's work, and that this is His truth. The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in our days by a prophet of God, and a prophet guides us today. In a few short weeks we'll be able to hear His counsels! I know the Saviour lives and loves us. I get so antsy thinking about all the things I still have to learn and improve on!! I just hope that I can fill my role being a missionary of Jesus Christ. I love doing this work. (right now there are a couple kids reading over my shoulder but don't understand a word I'm writing, it's really funny). I know the Lord will bless me as I do my part.

I love you all!! Thanks for all your support. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!


Elder Blomfield