Saturday, 9 June 2012


Family!! I love you all so much. Thanks for writing to me and fasting for me too! You're the best.

Dad! That's pretty funny about speeding to get to the temple. How fast were you going anyway? That's cool you got to go to the session in Spanish. That'll be a cool experience for me to do afterwards. That's so cool that Carlos and Lizet got sealed. I'm really happy for them. I hope I'll be able to see the sealing of a convert one day. That'll be such a cool experience. Hopefully JoJo's family will be able to come to Canada too so they can get sealed after the year passes too. How's the Calgary temple doing by the way? That's crazy that Ben's already finished his mission pretty much. The time goes by way too fast. Let me know how his mission was and how his talk goes! Are all the same workers still planning to leave, or are some backing down? Hopefully everything works out well. I think the government should just let them in if they've already shown that their capable of working and supporting themselves. By the way, have you read Jesus the Christ? I'm almost finished it. It's awesome. Love ya!

Mum! I don't think I've ever done that hike before. I love hiking. That would've been a blast. The kitchen looks incredible!! That's so awesome! I bet you're excited for it to get finished. It looks way different. What did they do in Izaac's field trip to the fire station? That's too bad he has pink eye, but that's really cute that he's such a mummy's boy hahaha. I like what you said. Prayer and fasting really does work!! It's so true. I've come to know that more and more each day in my mission. The Lord hears us and answers us. I love how you're always an "example of the believers" and I hope that soon you see the results of your missionary efforts. Love you so much Mum!

Michael! I hope you had a blast dude. It seems like my grad was just yesterday!! The time goes by so flipping fast. You and your date both looked great. Sounds like your aftergrad was awesome. A lot better than ours by the way! I can't believe you're graduating already... THE TIME GOES BY SO FAST! Did Mackenzie go to grad camping with you guys? She's a year younger than you right? Sounds like a bunch of people went grad camping! You lucked out having such a big group. The polar dip is super fun. Remember when we went hiking in Waterton (I don't remember what the hike was called) and we dunked ourselves in that ice water? There were actually ice chunks floating in it, and we came out with brain freezes hahaha. Crazy. I'm glad you had fun bro. I do have one question though, what the heck happened to Ben's face? Love ya!

Charly! That's so cool about getting a babysitting job! Are you still doing flyers too? How goes the babysitting? Are the girls well-behaved? I'm glad you had fun at the dance!! You should be feeling lucky I'm not there with you or I would tease you to death hahaha. That's good that Emma had fun too! Do you like any of the guys that danced with you? Love ya Char!

Jake! Nice work Jake! Sounds like you're getting awards all over the place. Let me know what happens with that. Good work. You always rock at sports. You're way better than me anyway. I think when I'll get back we'll have to play soccer or something and see who's better. Is Wrath of the Titans a new movie? How was it? Hey! You can't hack vending machines that's stealing!! Repent!! Haha love you dude.

This week was a pretty good week in church. We had a couple from Ranguelmo come out to church!! It was awesome. They want to get baptized too. There names are Miguel and Graciela. At first, I wasn't sure of how things would turn out with them, considering they're a little bit older, and lived so far away, but I love how the Lord works with people. Miguel was raised Evangelical, but hasn't gone to church for years. He used to be an alcoholic I think, but stopped drinking a few years ago, and is just such a nice, genuine, sincere guy who love his wife a lot. Graciela was born Catholic, but sometimes attends Evangelical meetings. She read a little of the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know if it was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and felt the Spirit. They're incredible. The challenge will be getting them to church every week, and Graciela might be travelling to Santiago this week for a few weeks. Hopefully not! Pray for them.

The Parra Rivas family is doing ok, but we have our concerns. David, the father, went to church, as did his member wife and the two youngest kids, but Nicolás, who was supposedly going to a soccer game, ended up staying home to do homework with a friend instead of going to church. David, the other son, also didn't come. We're praying and fasting for them. David, the dad, shows more potential, but Nicolás and David the son are showing more and more insecurity about their baptism. Please keep praying for them. They need miracles.

This week I've really felt the Lord's love as He's helped me to trust in Him more. By studying the Book of Mormon, as well as reading Jesus the Christ everytime I'm in the bathroom haha I've really come to appreciate, love, and trust more in the Saviour. I'm so grateful for His eternal sacrifice for me, and for His constant patience and forgiveness despite my many weaknesses and shortcomings. I really know He lives, and I just hope that I can be more effective in sharing this gospel message with the world.

This week I've also come to trust more in the power of the Book of Mormon. As Graciela shared her experience, I've come to understand more the power and importance that the Book of Mormon has in conversion. It's a true book, and anyone who sincerely reads, ponders, and prays about it will receive an answer from God of it's truthfulness. I know it's true. I love this church so much!! We are so blessed to have what we do. There's something more that everyone just needs to know about. I hope and pray that people will open their hearts to this great message.

I love being a missionary. It's so hard sometimes, but I love it. It makes me sad knowing how the time I have left shrinks every day... It's really a terrible thought. I just want to give it everything I can. As I read my Patriarchal Blessing and blessing I receive as I was set apart as a missionary, I see how so many blessings have been fulfilled. I'm just praying and working to be able to reach my potential, despite my many weaknesses. I know I have so much more to learn, and so much more to improve, but I hope the Lord will mold me how He desires.

I know this it the truth. I love this work. The Saviour lives and loves us. He's there. This is His church.

I love you all! Keep praying for me!


Elder Blomfield

P.S. Did I ever tell you that my companion snores? It's like a freight train.

P.P.S. - I've attached some photos of me with some Elders from the zone last cambio. Also, me after chopping a bunch of wood haha.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Family! Thanks so much for writing me. You're the best!

Dad! That's nuts about your hand. I but that hurt a lot. Did you manage to get a picture with the nail in your knuckle? That's awesome about that stake conference. When are they going to finish with the Calgary temple? Keep me updated! Have you been to the temple grounds recently? That's cool that you sang in the choir, I'd like to see you in it when I get back! Who did you have to fire? That's brutal that it was her birthday!!! At least you said a prayer and tried to do the best you could, but that's still sad for her. Hopefully she's alright! That's so awesome that Carlos and Lizette are getting sealed!! Congratulate them for me. That's so exciting. Hopefully your hand starts to feel better, and thanks for your prayers! Love ya! Oh and by the way, I took out another $40ish bucks because I had no cash. I had used it all to buy our reimbursable stuff like to pay for electricity, water, and gas, and we didn't have enough to survive. Sorry!!

Mum! How was the hike by the way? Ya it's so awesome that we found this family! They're so awesome. We found some good investigators, but nobody went to church and has been progressing a lot, although a lot of them seem to have good desires. We don't do a lot of cooking cause we don't have a lot of time. We make breakfast in the morning and something small before going to bed, and make food on Mondays if we don't buy something. It's tough, cause we have so little time to cook. The most we cook is eggs hahaha. My companion has made some cool stuff though, like guacamole, and some cool rice thing. I liked that talk from Elder Holland. I'd never heard that before. It's true what he said - we can't stop teaching the ideal because if we do, people will begin to think it's acceptable to settle for anything less. Obviously we all have different situations, but the ideal should always be the goal, and we shouldn't water down the doctrine. That's cool about your activity. How's the food storage looking? That's cool about talking with that Kevin guy. I love how clearly the doctrine is in the church, thanks to the fact that we have an additional book of scripture, and living prophets. Thanks so much Mum! Love you!

Michael! The wife doesn't have to get rebaptized as far as I know, but thanks for the reminder. I'm gonna get the Branch President to check the records to see if she's there. A lot of people in Chile were baptized but the records were lost, so there's a small possibility that she could maybe get baptized again. That's a really good question! How to teach with the Spirit. I guess that's the battle of a mission! Learning how to study, plan, find, and teach with the Spirit. I'm no expert, cause I'm still learning how to recognize and follow the Spirit more effectively, but in my teaching, I've seen a big difference between a strong spiritual lesson, and a conversation with a bunch of fancy words. Chapter 4 teaches about the Spirit in PMG and Chapter 10 teaches how to teach more effectively. I think the best thing that I've seen, is just trying to teach the person, and not just cover all the points of a lesson. Spewing out doctrine doesn't convert anyone, and isn't effective. We have to present the message clearly, using the scriptures and explaining it simply while not overdoing it or complicating it, and apply it specifically to the needs or desires of each particular person. Also, bear a solid and sincere testimony while remembering in your heart your personal experiences and feelings about your testimony. I feel like that, combined with solid and effective prayer and study, with focused and spiritual thoughts allow us to teach with the Spìrit. You're gonna rock exams dude, don't even worry about it. What did you guys do in the mall that was so funny? Nice work on joining the choir dude! Grad is this week? It's gonna be so fun. I loved my grad it was soooo fun! I was dead tired afterwards though. You guys have a live band? What's the band? You rock Michael. Love you man.

Charly! That's awesome you have another dance coming up. You gotta let me know how it goes!! And tell me the names of all the guys you danced with and what you think of em. Hahaha. Nice job with your Personal Progress!! Do your braces hurt your teeth or scratch the inside of your mouth up? That happened to me sometimes I remember. Have an awesome week Char! Love ya!

Jake! Hopefully you get good marks on that exam! I'm sure you did though so don't even worry about it. Hahaha that's so funny you did nikki nikki nine door. I remember doing fun stuff like that. We did a whole bunch of stupid pranks to friends at BYU too. So much fun.*

So anyway, this week was pretty awesome! Cambios today, and I'm staying in Coelemu, for which I'm super happy. There were a lot of crazy changes though! The zone leader, Elder Wixom, who has been here for only one cambio, is out of here! He's going to a branch to implement the new branch building program the mission is doing. They merged the Tomé zone with the Penco zone and now we're just Penco. They had only just divided the two zones about 3 cambios ago, and I don't know why they merged them again. Weird!

A funny and kind of terrible story this week, is that since we had been using electric heaters so much (we can see our breath in our house at night, and there's no other heating, and for 2 weeks straight my comp couldn't sleep without having them on all night), we got a huge power bill. We split the bill normally in half with the owner who lives in another house behind us on the same plot. It arrived as 105 thousand pesos, which is about $215. It was nuts, compared to last month which was 44 thousand pesos. The owner said the most he's ever paid alone is 30 thousand pesos, and agreed to pay that much, leaving us with 75 thousand pesos. I almost wet myself. I was worried to call the mission office, thinking they were going to eat me alive, but luckily, they were really nice to us and didn't even get mad!! Hahaha. We've decided to cut down extra on electricity next month, just bundling up instead of using heaters, as part of our repentence process.

The Parra Rivas family is doing good, but they're unsure about their baptisms. They understand that it's a really big commitment with the Lord, and aren't completely sure. It's a very normal thing to say though, so we aren't too worried. They went to church again except the 14-year-old didn't either this week. They each wrote down a commitment to read and pray everyday, and signed their commitment. We asked them all how they have felt while they've been sharing with us and going to church, and they have all felt great. The mother, Norma, who was inactive, is so happy as she's feeling the Spirit and undergoing a conversion that she didn't really experience too much before, and she's so happy that her family is more unified and goes to church together. That father, David, has his insecurities, but he likes going to church and has felt the Spirit. Nicolás, who's 16, and who's also a little insecure, has also felt the Spirit and says he believes the Book of Mormon to be true. The 14 year old David is good too, but goes to his grandma's on weekends and doesn't go to church. Last night we taught them the Word of Wisdom, and they accepted, and then we took their coffee away from them and flushed it down the toilet at home hahaha. Pray for them please!! 

On Tuesday night, the Branch President's father, who was really sick in the hospital, and was 97 years old, died. I was happy to hear that a bunch of people from the ward went to a ceremony they had the next night. On Thursday morning, they had a Mass at the Catholic church (since the Branch President's dad was Catholic), and the burial. The Branch President asked us to accompany him so we did, as did the Stake Presidency. It was really interesting to see a Catholic Mass. It was almost all memorized with the congregation reciting prayers and creeds and it was quite different. Up in front there was a crucifix hanging from the ceiling, with a statue of Jesus with some flaming heart on his chest that they seem to always put there, and a statue of the "virgin" Mary with a crown on her head and baby Jesus with a crown on his head. I understand now why a lot of people feel so great when they come to our church. It's more reverent, and in my opnion, a lot more sincere. Also, it's void of apostasy. Everyone was looking at us weird when we were there though haha. The priest even made some snarky comment to my companion cause he shook his hand with gloves on, and apparently in Chile, only women do that haha. Afterwards, we went to the burial. The Branch President conducted it, and bore a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and of the hope of eternal life that He gives. He also acknowledged the presence of the Stake Presidency and two young missionaries. It was really good and bold of him, considering there were over 100 people from other faiths around us. Then, the Stake President dedicated the grave.

On Saturday, we had a big rainstorm with a ton of wind. The lights cut out in the morning, and we had no power the whole day. We went to Ranguelmo, and at night, couldn't see a thing, and almost got lost trying to find our way out hahaha. We entered a house of a really Evangelical guy, who was shouting as we prayed which is typical, and who claimed to have the Priesthood and that the God baptized him with the Spirit when he was 8 years old. It was basically just a bunch of apostasy. We taught a bold lesson about the Restoration, trying to maintain control cause he would go on crazy tangents, standing up and shouting. It was quite sad though, because he was someone who claimed so much faith and to have worked miracles through the Spirit, but was prideful in his so-called faith and we saw that with his lips he honored God, but his heart was far from Him. He seemed to silently mock us a little as we didn't know the answer to a very specific question of one of thousands of Bible stories, and as I made the comment, "We don't convince anyone", trying to emphasize the importance of the Holy Ghost that does the convincing. In the end, however, we blew him a little out of his shoes by saying that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the only church upon the face of the earth with the power and authority to baptize with validity, and left him with a Book of Mormon. Hopefully he repents.

Last Sunday, we gave a blessing to Anthuan, the son of Ana Muñoz my convert. Her husband is a member that's been less active for years, as are all the members of his family. Anthuan was sick, and we gave him a blessing. Yesterday as we went to visit and ended up helping the cut wood to heat the house, we found out that Anthuan had recovered in one day from a sickness that apparently can take out an adult for an entire week. Ana Muñoz's husband, Miguel, was shocked because he didn't really believe in any of that stuff. Ana had had some problems the night before as her family was drinking, and couldn't sleep all night. It seems like every since she's been meeting with the missionaries, the topic of conversation of her husband and his family and friends while they are drinking is us. I don't know why. It started off that everyone was against her joining the church, except her husband who was neutral. Then, as we've been over there so much and tried to gain confidence of the family (all of them live right there), Miguel's parents and brother now support her. It appears that on Saturday night, as they were drinking, we somehow entered into the conversation, and Miguel brought up the fact that we had given a blessing and healed Anthuan. His parents told him that no matter what anyone tells him, that he never stops believing in the church. I had no idea he felt that way! Beforehand, he always avoided sharing lessons with us, and constantly rejected the invitation to go to church. Yesterday when we invited him, he said that he wants to go soon, which was a huge step for him. Ana, who's been struggling with being steady in some things, has had me quite worried. She did a huge turn around in her life and is trying to change. I was worried as she discussed some challenges she had, but then she told us how she basically said, "Maybe I'll keep falling as I keep trying to continue in the church, but I'm never going to take a step back. One day, maybe even in as much 10 years, I'll be able to read and pray everyday and go to church every week without problems, and that's what I'm headed for, constantly repenting." She didn't say those words, but said something like that. It made me so happy, that in spite of all her difficulties in being a model mormon, she has that goal in mind.

It was a pretty awesome week this week! The Lord is blessing us. We're working harder, and my testimony is growing. I know He's there. I love learning more about Him, and I know this is His work. He's here with us, and is working miracles.

I love you all! Keep praying for me! I'll keep praying for you!


Elder Blomfield


Family! So great to hear from you all! Sounds like everyone's doing great. I loved those pictures and that video. The kitchen looks great, and nice work Kenna! Every week I'm convinced more and more that I have the best family ever.

Dad! I love red chicken. That's some pretty cool stuff you saw on BYUtv. We have been taught that the most important work we will do on this earth is within the walls of our own home. You've already made a bigger contribution than you can imagine Dad. You've been the best father I could ask for, and for that I will be grateful throughout the eternities. I've been thinking about how blessed our family has been thanks to yours and Mum's efforts, and the progress that we have all made together, and really we have the best family ever. As I watched that video of Kenna on the monkey bars, I was so proud to have you as my Dad, being so loving with the kids. I think it would be cool, though, after my mission, to do something together. Some kind of project or organization to help serve others and make a difference in the world. I think that would be awesome. That's awesome about Aries! I'm happy he's progressing so well, and I'm happy for Carlos too. Does he have the Melchizedek Priesthood yet? Love you tons Dad! You're the best!

Mum! That's awesome about Amanda's baptism and confirmation. Give her my congratulations! I know that's the best decision she's made in her life. That's pretty cool that you got to help that kid with learning disabilities. What did he struggle with? It's tough to see that sometimes, because typically kids like that have a really rough time throughout school, but a lot of time the kids grow out of it in high school and stuff, at least from what I saw. The kitchen looks great!! The oven looks pretty fancy. I bet it works great at cooking my specialty - eggs. Here we just have a tiny portable two-burner stove that connects to a propane tank in the kitchen. To heat up the water here, we also have to use propane. When the gas runs out, we normally have a few really terrible showers with freezing cold water, then call for another tank to get dropped off, and the mission returns us the money we use to buy it. I don't understand how, but a lot of Chileans shower in cold water every day. I've tried it, but almost have a heart-attack. I bought the mp3 player and it cost about $40. I still have to buy some portable speakers and some stuff to charge my mp3 player and hook it up to some speakers. Hmmm.... stuff for my birthday... I dunno!! Send me as much music/talks as possible. Church hymns, EFY music, any type of music that you consider spirit-inducing and not strictly entertaining would be great. If you're not sure, go ahead and send it and I'll erase it if I can't listen to it. Any kind of chocolate or candy would be great. Mars, dairy milk, aero, kitkat, crunchie, anything you want. I'm good with anything! Also, a journal. I'm also trying to get hold of some church-produced movies like the Joseph Smith movie, the testaments, and other stuff like the D&C disc set, New Testament disc set, all in spanish. Don't worry about that this week though, cause I think they do free shipping with that, and I'm gonna try getting it some other way first. Love you Mum, you're awesome!

Michael! That was pretty cool about that guy going to church, but we're not sure if we want to keep teaching him. It seems like he tries to avoid us a bit, and we're worried that he might have gone to church just cause he thinks there's money there. He keeps talking about how we have money, and has tried to sell us a ring a couple times hahaha. This week we'll see if we should keep teaching him, or if he really doesn't want anything. Sometimes it's tough to stop teaching someone, but if they aren't showing any desire to progress and don't take what we teach seriously, we have to use our time more wisely in finding the elect. D&C 29:7 "And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;" That's too bad about homework. Get used to staying up late though, you're headed to university soon! I'm sure you'll manage your time better than I did though. Who are Michelle and Victoria? That's fun you went to Cardston. I love random adventures. We did random stuff like that at BYU all the time, but didn't go 2 hours away hahaha. Are you rooming with Sam at BYU? Dude I'm so stoked for you, you're gonna have a blast. You're not staying in the new Heritage buildings though are you? Mum told me about how you impressed this contractor guy who came over to work on the kitchen. You are incredible. I look up to you a ton. Dude you rock! Love ya.

Charly! I didn't hear from you this week, so I'm hoping everything's good! Maybe I embarrassed you too much teasing you about the boys at the dance hahaha. Love ya!

Jake! I hope you have a blast in Banff! Sounds like a lot of fun. Hikes are always awesome. How did you do on your first part of the L.A. exam? Was it the written part? What did you have to do for it? Nice work with the lawnmower dude, it's just too bad you burned yourself hahaha. I've burned myself on a lawnmower before too it's brutal! Also, keep it up with your Duty to God.

Family! Thank you so much for praying for me to help find people. You're prayers along with mine, we answered. We had an awesome week!! We fasted from Monday to Tuesday, and  that night we had a miracle. We had some lessons, and were looking for a reference at one end of Coelemu that changed our plans a bit. We had planned at that time to be on the other side of Coelemu. We debated walking all the way over there, and decided to do it to follow our plans that we had made the night before after praying for guidance. We walked all the way over there, and found a family!! As we were teaching, we found out that the mother had been baptized like 12 years ago. They were all really receptive, humble, and sincere. They weren't religious fanatics or anything. The husband, David, is really awesome. The less active wife is named Norma. They have 5 kids, but one is studying in Concepción. The 4 at home are Nicolás, David, Bastian, and Marcia. David, the father, and his sons Nicolás and David are baptism eligible and accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of June. We taught them 2 lessons, and gave them Book of Mormons which they are reading and highlighting, and hopefully they are praying. They weren't going to be able to go to church, but we did a Family Home Evening on Saturday (we played Dutch Blitz and it was a hit) and the whole family went except David Jr cause he was with his Grandma for the long weekend. INCREDIBLE!! What a huge blessing. They are so awesome. Pray for them!!

We did a minicambio this week too, and Elder Daines, a zone leader, came here to Coelemu. We went out to work and had an awesome day. We showed up with zero lessons planned since we hadn't been in a while, and managed to teach 5 lessons in about 4 hours, with 3 of the people accepting a baptismal date. We had a great experience! We just started teaching without worrying about what to teach, had great unity, and just taught the people according to their needs. It was awesome! I learned a lot about justing trusting in the Spirit, exercising the power and authority we've been ordained and set apart with, and taking control of the situation. With Elder Silva, we worked on that too, and also saw miracles. We worked on just being confident and not worrying about what to say, and saw miracles! A whole bunch of people committed to go to church this week, but unfortunately a lot of them, mainly from Ranguelmo, didn't pick up their phones and we lost contact with them and they didn't come, but we did manage to have the 2 investigators from that family in church.

I know the Lord loves us. Look at the blessings He gives us!! I'm so grateful to Him for His kindness and mercy. I know He lives and that He blesses us when we are diligent in keeping His commandments and trusting in Him. I feel like I've progressed a lot as a person, and I'm happy that the Lord has been with my in the difficult times, and has helped my improve. I feel like I've had a certain lesson that I've learned in each companionship. With Elder Navarrete I learned about the importance of consecrating my life to the Lord. With Elder Nogales, the importance of dilligence. With Elder Arancibia, the importance of patience. Now with Elder Silva, the importance of trusting in the Lord and having confidence in Him.

I know this is the Lord's work!! He's here with us.

Love you all!


Elder Blomfield


Family!! It was so awesome talking to you all yesterday. It's pretty crazy how out of no where the time just arrives to call the family without much forethought, and then it's over in the blink of an eye. It's crazy how fast the time goes. I love you all so much! It's interesting though cause now it just seems like another normal day!

Dad! It is pretty crazy to think about how fast life goes by. I remember a lot of important moments in life like moving to Canada, starting school, getting baptized, getting the Priesthood, going to university, and now I'm on a mission!! I feel like an old geiser hahaha. I guess that's all part of life though. Michael's up next to leave home, but all of us kids will always be a part of yours and Mum's life. Although we might not be in the same house, you'll always be our parents! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome meal. Made me a little jealous. Haha I like speaking Spanish too. It's pretty crazy now that I think about it than I can speak another language! What a cool blessing. Everyone in that family's house last night was listening intently trying to understand what I was saying to you, but it's funny cause they had no idea hahaha. That's too bad about some workers possibly planning to leave... It's a shame that they want to after all they've been given, but I understand where they're coming from too after having left their country to come and live like kings in comparison, it must be kind of a sad thought having to return back to their old country. Thanks for your encouragement Dad, it's time to go make some miracles! Love you.

Mum! I hope your mother's day was awesome. I enjoyed it! hahaha. I liked that talk too. So much really does depend on the agency of others. That's the basis of the Plan of Salvation, that we choose the path to follow to be able to progress. We have to choose to accept divine help and guidance or not. I as a missionary just need to work as hard as I can to help others feel what I feel, and make that decision for themselves. What do you have to do as a reader/scribe for exams at Wilma? What do you have to read/write and to whom? You should video Izaac playing soccer and send it to me! Is he good? What gifts did you get for Mother's day? We're so blessed to have the gospel, and I'm so blessed to have the best Mum ever! Love ya!

Michael! Going home is the most terrible thought ever. It's nothing against the family, it's just I think that plane ride home will be the worst few hours of my life. I think I will cry a ton. Some people say that we're supposed to be happy with whatever moment we're in, and I guess they're right, but I just can't imagine leaving the mission being happy whatsoever. I'm glad to hear that you don't always wear that tank top. I would have been quite disappointed and felt that I had failed as an older brother. Just don't start thinking it's ok to start wearing it in public hahaha. How goes soccer by the way?  Dude that's awesome about Duty to God. Is the new program a lot better? How did you transfer over your old stuff? There's a new For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet too now isn't there? I haven't said anything to the Branch President - we're just being patient and loving with him, trying our best to gain his confidence, support him, and help the members overcome their problems with him. You rock bro. Love ya!

Charly! So what was the name of the cute guy you danced with? Tell me. How often do they have the dances? Once a month? When I started, they were every week! That was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of people. What did you volunteer as at the track meet? How goes school? How goes your Personal Progress in Young Womens? It was nice talking to you yesterday Char, and you look good in braces! Love you!

Jake! Now I wanna see the Avengers! We'll have to watch it when I get back. What do they teach you in humanities? Is that like social studies?? You're right dude, the mission goes by soo fast. It's terrible. I've still got a lot of time left though, and I've gotta make it count! How goes your Duty to God? You rock dude. Love ya!

This week was another difficult week, as we worked hard, and all of our plans fell through, and we entered into very few houses. We taught with the Spirit, were bold with our invitations, and did our best, for that we felt calm. It wasn't a very fruitful week with respect to outward results, but I was happy that the Lord blessed us with peace and with an increased confidence. It's been a difficult sector here in Coelemu, but I never want to leave until I figure out how to help it explode, and until I see the miracles, even if that means staying here my whole mission. I have felt my testimony grow immensely in these last through weeks, which has been strengthened even more with my personal study of the Book of Mormon. I read Mosiah 3  and 4 this morning, and they are incredible in explaining the atonement of Jesus Christ as King Benjamin speaks to his people. It's AWESOME! I've also been reading Jesus the Christ, which has strengthened my testimony a lot of the reality of Jesus Christ and the power of His atonement. I know He lives. I feel it so strongly.

This week we had interviews with President Humphrey, which was awesome. He mentioned that the mission is going to be starting a new program to help out the small branches, and they're going to bring us in for training next cambio to teach us how to put it into action. I'm excited, and I know the Lord will work miracles here. One day we will have a stake here in Coelemu. We were really blessed this week to have someone in church. Jorge Ojeda, an older guy who has a problem with his leg and has had some head injuries, walked for like 45 minutes to get there since he walks so slowly. He doesn't understand much when we teach him, and is pretty distracted, but we were blessed to have him go to church. I'm excited to see some more miracles this week. I know the Lord is here with us in this work. On the title page there's a little video called Mountains to Climb, and it's Elder Eyring talking about how we can feel the love of God in the Lord's service, and how He has promised us angels to bear us up, and how the Lord always keeps His word. It's awesome. I invite you to look it up.

I know this is the work of the Lord. He is our Saviour. I know it. I know He died for us, and He can help us. This is His church, and the message we share is the truth. I wish everyone could feel what I do about the restored gospel! It's so incredible!!! Unfortunately, however, we can't just open up others' brains or hearts and just stick everything in there that we think or feel. I wish it was that easy, but the Lord has given everyone the opportunity to accept or reject this message. I'm just going to do my best to put my whole heart and soul into this work.

I love you all! I hope everything's great. It was awesome talking to you all yesterday. Hope everything continues well!


Elder Blomfield

7TH MAY 2012

Family!! Thanks so much for all your letters. I'm excited to talk to you all next week!!! I still haven't figured out how we're going to do it though because there are so little members, and fewer that have computers and internet, but yes I will be calling. I'm also not sure of what time I'll be calling because my companion and I might have to share a computer and itl depends on how we split the time up and everything. I don't know if you have anything planned, but I might just ask you to leave Skype on Sunday afternoon, and  be ready when I call. I can't really plan it any better than that. I imagine though that I'll be calling between about 3:00 and 6:00 Calgary time.

Dad! I liked those articles you sent me. That's cool that the church has bought Haun's mill. I love early church history. I'd like to study it more. I also really like that article about Mormons and business.  I liked that little comment about the Marriott school since that's where I'll be headed! I've heard that it's been quite a battle over there  in the media as people have been attacking the church and  coming up with a whole bunch of garbage about Joseph Smith in the hopes of bringing down Mitt Romney.To be honest, we had another rough week, but I know this next week's going to be great. Elder Silva and I have learned a lot and we're excited to have an awesome week. I like that you do PPIs. I always liked em. I feel blessed to have such an incredible family. What's Downtown Abbey about? And Safe House, what's that about? Love you!

Mum! I liked that you fasted about missionarywork. I tend to do that when I fast too haha. I'm sure the Lord will bless you as you continue praying and sharing the gospel. That's so awesome about Amanda!! How's she doing? Has Aaron been going to church? That's so awesome she's getting baptized! That's so cool about the kitchen!! The house is going to completely different when I get home. You'll have to show me on Skype on Sunday. How  do you plan on raising the ceiling? Will it work? I bet it's all costing a fortune haha. I'm glad you had a good week, and I'm  excited to talk to you on Sunday. Love you so much!!

Michael! Thanks for the letter dude. I understand where you're coming from! Sometimes we can be pretty hard on ourselves. I've been praying a lot about that, as I was feeling kinda down this week, but I felt like the Lord was happy with my efforts. I know that we can always do better, and we have to recognize that we have room for improvement, but we can't run faster than we have strength. If we're honestly trying to do our best, the Lord's happy. In Preach My Gospel it talks about how we shouldn't feel discouraged, cause that will weaken our faith. Another part also talks about patience, and how we need  to be patient with ourselves. I really liked that part. I'd read those parts a lot before, but it hit me this week. When we're discouraged, it's difficult to function, but luckily the Lord is loving and will help us overcome that. His atonement is real and has power in our lives everyday, not just with big sins and huge turn-arounds, but also with just not feeling very well. Was Avengers any good? What's it about? Dude. You rock. Keep on trucking, and the Lord will bless you. Love you.

Charly! What the heck were you doing sitting in the drivers seat of the car. That's NOT ok. I'm so excited for you!! How goes the studying for your learners license? I remember when Dad took me out to drive for the first time in the church parking lot. It was the best thing ever. Ya right you didn't like any of the boys you like with. You can tell me, I promise I won't reply to it on the blog. Send me something from your own email address about who it is. Nice work on your marks!! You're a genius. That's too bad about your braces hahaha. Love you Char! Talk to you soon!

Jake! Hope everything's going well dude cause I didn't hear from ya! How was the Avengers? How goes badminton??

Alrighty! I'm excited to talk to everyone next Sunday! It's gonna be awesome. Hopefully everything turns out well. I don't have much time to write this week, but something cool that happened is that a couple of recent convert less active members, a married couple, who have been trying to come back to church for a while but have been travelling and going to church outside of Coelemu,  have returned! They were looking for work in Tomé, but decided to stay in Coelemu. We're super excited, because they are incredible. They're really strong and the husband is Melchizedek Priesthood holder. They are going to help a ton in the branch, because they offer great leadership that we're lacking.  I'm so happy about that. Also, we're seeing some progress with our Branch President. We've had a fair share of difficulties with him as he's quite strict and has been very harsh with a lot of members and with us, but we saw him soften up a bit on Sunday. He's been discouraged I think as the already small branch of 50 a year ago has lost almost half of it's active membership as they have inactivated, with a lot of the people blaming him for their inactivity. He mentioned that the Elders are always talking about how one day we will see a stake in Coelemu, and showed a different, more positive side. We're starting to work with Family Home Evenings with members so that they can invite their friends, and we're thinking about inviting each member to think, pray, and fast about one friend or family member with whom to share the gospel with the goal of bringing them to church and getting them baptized. I read a talk in a Liahona by David B. Haight about how about 1 out ouf 1000 doors knocked gets baptized, but that about 600 of every 1000 people that the members invite and support get baptized. It's a huge difference!!! We need that in Coelemu.

We had a minicambio on Saturday that lasted til Sunday. It was a pretty different idea of doing a minicambio on a Saturday, seeing as Elder Wixom, a zone leader, came to our church meetings while Elder Silva went to Tomé, but it was really good. I learned a lot about being bold and confident. The idea to do a minicambio like that came from the Seventy from last week, Elder Duncan. Today we are in Tomé as we came to hang out with the zone and eat at a restaurant. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, it doesn't leave us with much time as we have to travel back to Coelemu still before 6.

Anyway, I need to get going. I know this is the God's church. Jesus Christ is my Savior, and His atonement takes a real part in my life, and helps me feel forgiveness of my sins, and helps me feel comfort in times of need. I know God loves me, and I've felt that love a lot recently. I know that He hears my prayers and I know I'm going to have success here. I just need to trust in the Lord, have more confidence in the message, and not be so worried and stressed. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon is scripture. There is no other explanation, and I feel and  know in my heart that it's true. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet in our day.

I love you all so much!! I hope everything's going great back home!! Can't wait to talk to you next week.

¡Nos vemos!

Elder Blomfield