Sunday, 3 June 2012

7TH MAY 2012

Family!! Thanks so much for all your letters. I'm excited to talk to you all next week!!! I still haven't figured out how we're going to do it though because there are so little members, and fewer that have computers and internet, but yes I will be calling. I'm also not sure of what time I'll be calling because my companion and I might have to share a computer and itl depends on how we split the time up and everything. I don't know if you have anything planned, but I might just ask you to leave Skype on Sunday afternoon, and  be ready when I call. I can't really plan it any better than that. I imagine though that I'll be calling between about 3:00 and 6:00 Calgary time.

Dad! I liked those articles you sent me. That's cool that the church has bought Haun's mill. I love early church history. I'd like to study it more. I also really like that article about Mormons and business.  I liked that little comment about the Marriott school since that's where I'll be headed! I've heard that it's been quite a battle over there  in the media as people have been attacking the church and  coming up with a whole bunch of garbage about Joseph Smith in the hopes of bringing down Mitt Romney.To be honest, we had another rough week, but I know this next week's going to be great. Elder Silva and I have learned a lot and we're excited to have an awesome week. I like that you do PPIs. I always liked em. I feel blessed to have such an incredible family. What's Downtown Abbey about? And Safe House, what's that about? Love you!

Mum! I liked that you fasted about missionarywork. I tend to do that when I fast too haha. I'm sure the Lord will bless you as you continue praying and sharing the gospel. That's so awesome about Amanda!! How's she doing? Has Aaron been going to church? That's so awesome she's getting baptized! That's so cool about the kitchen!! The house is going to completely different when I get home. You'll have to show me on Skype on Sunday. How  do you plan on raising the ceiling? Will it work? I bet it's all costing a fortune haha. I'm glad you had a good week, and I'm  excited to talk to you on Sunday. Love you so much!!

Michael! Thanks for the letter dude. I understand where you're coming from! Sometimes we can be pretty hard on ourselves. I've been praying a lot about that, as I was feeling kinda down this week, but I felt like the Lord was happy with my efforts. I know that we can always do better, and we have to recognize that we have room for improvement, but we can't run faster than we have strength. If we're honestly trying to do our best, the Lord's happy. In Preach My Gospel it talks about how we shouldn't feel discouraged, cause that will weaken our faith. Another part also talks about patience, and how we need  to be patient with ourselves. I really liked that part. I'd read those parts a lot before, but it hit me this week. When we're discouraged, it's difficult to function, but luckily the Lord is loving and will help us overcome that. His atonement is real and has power in our lives everyday, not just with big sins and huge turn-arounds, but also with just not feeling very well. Was Avengers any good? What's it about? Dude. You rock. Keep on trucking, and the Lord will bless you. Love you.

Charly! What the heck were you doing sitting in the drivers seat of the car. That's NOT ok. I'm so excited for you!! How goes the studying for your learners license? I remember when Dad took me out to drive for the first time in the church parking lot. It was the best thing ever. Ya right you didn't like any of the boys you like with. You can tell me, I promise I won't reply to it on the blog. Send me something from your own email address about who it is. Nice work on your marks!! You're a genius. That's too bad about your braces hahaha. Love you Char! Talk to you soon!

Jake! Hope everything's going well dude cause I didn't hear from ya! How was the Avengers? How goes badminton??

Alrighty! I'm excited to talk to everyone next Sunday! It's gonna be awesome. Hopefully everything turns out well. I don't have much time to write this week, but something cool that happened is that a couple of recent convert less active members, a married couple, who have been trying to come back to church for a while but have been travelling and going to church outside of Coelemu,  have returned! They were looking for work in Tomé, but decided to stay in Coelemu. We're super excited, because they are incredible. They're really strong and the husband is Melchizedek Priesthood holder. They are going to help a ton in the branch, because they offer great leadership that we're lacking.  I'm so happy about that. Also, we're seeing some progress with our Branch President. We've had a fair share of difficulties with him as he's quite strict and has been very harsh with a lot of members and with us, but we saw him soften up a bit on Sunday. He's been discouraged I think as the already small branch of 50 a year ago has lost almost half of it's active membership as they have inactivated, with a lot of the people blaming him for their inactivity. He mentioned that the Elders are always talking about how one day we will see a stake in Coelemu, and showed a different, more positive side. We're starting to work with Family Home Evenings with members so that they can invite their friends, and we're thinking about inviting each member to think, pray, and fast about one friend or family member with whom to share the gospel with the goal of bringing them to church and getting them baptized. I read a talk in a Liahona by David B. Haight about how about 1 out ouf 1000 doors knocked gets baptized, but that about 600 of every 1000 people that the members invite and support get baptized. It's a huge difference!!! We need that in Coelemu.

We had a minicambio on Saturday that lasted til Sunday. It was a pretty different idea of doing a minicambio on a Saturday, seeing as Elder Wixom, a zone leader, came to our church meetings while Elder Silva went to Tomé, but it was really good. I learned a lot about being bold and confident. The idea to do a minicambio like that came from the Seventy from last week, Elder Duncan. Today we are in Tomé as we came to hang out with the zone and eat at a restaurant. It was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, it doesn't leave us with much time as we have to travel back to Coelemu still before 6.

Anyway, I need to get going. I know this is the God's church. Jesus Christ is my Savior, and His atonement takes a real part in my life, and helps me feel forgiveness of my sins, and helps me feel comfort in times of need. I know God loves me, and I've felt that love a lot recently. I know that He hears my prayers and I know I'm going to have success here. I just need to trust in the Lord, have more confidence in the message, and not be so worried and stressed. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon is scripture. There is no other explanation, and I feel and  know in my heart that it's true. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet in our day.

I love you all so much!! I hope everything's going great back home!! Can't wait to talk to you next week.

¡Nos vemos!

Elder Blomfield