Sunday, 3 June 2012


Family! So great to hear from you all! Sounds like everyone's doing great. I loved those pictures and that video. The kitchen looks great, and nice work Kenna! Every week I'm convinced more and more that I have the best family ever.

Dad! I love red chicken. That's some pretty cool stuff you saw on BYUtv. We have been taught that the most important work we will do on this earth is within the walls of our own home. You've already made a bigger contribution than you can imagine Dad. You've been the best father I could ask for, and for that I will be grateful throughout the eternities. I've been thinking about how blessed our family has been thanks to yours and Mum's efforts, and the progress that we have all made together, and really we have the best family ever. As I watched that video of Kenna on the monkey bars, I was so proud to have you as my Dad, being so loving with the kids. I think it would be cool, though, after my mission, to do something together. Some kind of project or organization to help serve others and make a difference in the world. I think that would be awesome. That's awesome about Aries! I'm happy he's progressing so well, and I'm happy for Carlos too. Does he have the Melchizedek Priesthood yet? Love you tons Dad! You're the best!

Mum! That's awesome about Amanda's baptism and confirmation. Give her my congratulations! I know that's the best decision she's made in her life. That's pretty cool that you got to help that kid with learning disabilities. What did he struggle with? It's tough to see that sometimes, because typically kids like that have a really rough time throughout school, but a lot of time the kids grow out of it in high school and stuff, at least from what I saw. The kitchen looks great!! The oven looks pretty fancy. I bet it works great at cooking my specialty - eggs. Here we just have a tiny portable two-burner stove that connects to a propane tank in the kitchen. To heat up the water here, we also have to use propane. When the gas runs out, we normally have a few really terrible showers with freezing cold water, then call for another tank to get dropped off, and the mission returns us the money we use to buy it. I don't understand how, but a lot of Chileans shower in cold water every day. I've tried it, but almost have a heart-attack. I bought the mp3 player and it cost about $40. I still have to buy some portable speakers and some stuff to charge my mp3 player and hook it up to some speakers. Hmmm.... stuff for my birthday... I dunno!! Send me as much music/talks as possible. Church hymns, EFY music, any type of music that you consider spirit-inducing and not strictly entertaining would be great. If you're not sure, go ahead and send it and I'll erase it if I can't listen to it. Any kind of chocolate or candy would be great. Mars, dairy milk, aero, kitkat, crunchie, anything you want. I'm good with anything! Also, a journal. I'm also trying to get hold of some church-produced movies like the Joseph Smith movie, the testaments, and other stuff like the D&C disc set, New Testament disc set, all in spanish. Don't worry about that this week though, cause I think they do free shipping with that, and I'm gonna try getting it some other way first. Love you Mum, you're awesome!

Michael! That was pretty cool about that guy going to church, but we're not sure if we want to keep teaching him. It seems like he tries to avoid us a bit, and we're worried that he might have gone to church just cause he thinks there's money there. He keeps talking about how we have money, and has tried to sell us a ring a couple times hahaha. This week we'll see if we should keep teaching him, or if he really doesn't want anything. Sometimes it's tough to stop teaching someone, but if they aren't showing any desire to progress and don't take what we teach seriously, we have to use our time more wisely in finding the elect. D&C 29:7 "And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;" That's too bad about homework. Get used to staying up late though, you're headed to university soon! I'm sure you'll manage your time better than I did though. Who are Michelle and Victoria? That's fun you went to Cardston. I love random adventures. We did random stuff like that at BYU all the time, but didn't go 2 hours away hahaha. Are you rooming with Sam at BYU? Dude I'm so stoked for you, you're gonna have a blast. You're not staying in the new Heritage buildings though are you? Mum told me about how you impressed this contractor guy who came over to work on the kitchen. You are incredible. I look up to you a ton. Dude you rock! Love ya.

Charly! I didn't hear from you this week, so I'm hoping everything's good! Maybe I embarrassed you too much teasing you about the boys at the dance hahaha. Love ya!

Jake! I hope you have a blast in Banff! Sounds like a lot of fun. Hikes are always awesome. How did you do on your first part of the L.A. exam? Was it the written part? What did you have to do for it? Nice work with the lawnmower dude, it's just too bad you burned yourself hahaha. I've burned myself on a lawnmower before too it's brutal! Also, keep it up with your Duty to God.

Family! Thank you so much for praying for me to help find people. You're prayers along with mine, we answered. We had an awesome week!! We fasted from Monday to Tuesday, and  that night we had a miracle. We had some lessons, and were looking for a reference at one end of Coelemu that changed our plans a bit. We had planned at that time to be on the other side of Coelemu. We debated walking all the way over there, and decided to do it to follow our plans that we had made the night before after praying for guidance. We walked all the way over there, and found a family!! As we were teaching, we found out that the mother had been baptized like 12 years ago. They were all really receptive, humble, and sincere. They weren't religious fanatics or anything. The husband, David, is really awesome. The less active wife is named Norma. They have 5 kids, but one is studying in Concepción. The 4 at home are Nicolás, David, Bastian, and Marcia. David, the father, and his sons Nicolás and David are baptism eligible and accepted a baptismal date for the 17 of June. We taught them 2 lessons, and gave them Book of Mormons which they are reading and highlighting, and hopefully they are praying. They weren't going to be able to go to church, but we did a Family Home Evening on Saturday (we played Dutch Blitz and it was a hit) and the whole family went except David Jr cause he was with his Grandma for the long weekend. INCREDIBLE!! What a huge blessing. They are so awesome. Pray for them!!

We did a minicambio this week too, and Elder Daines, a zone leader, came here to Coelemu. We went out to work and had an awesome day. We showed up with zero lessons planned since we hadn't been in a while, and managed to teach 5 lessons in about 4 hours, with 3 of the people accepting a baptismal date. We had a great experience! We just started teaching without worrying about what to teach, had great unity, and just taught the people according to their needs. It was awesome! I learned a lot about justing trusting in the Spirit, exercising the power and authority we've been ordained and set apart with, and taking control of the situation. With Elder Silva, we worked on that too, and also saw miracles. We worked on just being confident and not worrying about what to say, and saw miracles! A whole bunch of people committed to go to church this week, but unfortunately a lot of them, mainly from Ranguelmo, didn't pick up their phones and we lost contact with them and they didn't come, but we did manage to have the 2 investigators from that family in church.

I know the Lord loves us. Look at the blessings He gives us!! I'm so grateful to Him for His kindness and mercy. I know He lives and that He blesses us when we are diligent in keeping His commandments and trusting in Him. I feel like I've progressed a lot as a person, and I'm happy that the Lord has been with my in the difficult times, and has helped my improve. I feel like I've had a certain lesson that I've learned in each companionship. With Elder Navarrete I learned about the importance of consecrating my life to the Lord. With Elder Nogales, the importance of dilligence. With Elder Arancibia, the importance of patience. Now with Elder Silva, the importance of trusting in the Lord and having confidence in Him.

I know this is the Lord's work!! He's here with us.

Love you all!


Elder Blomfield