Sunday, 3 June 2012


Family! Thanks for all the letters!

Dad! That's awesome that the Coldplay concert was so good! I loved it when we went. It was a blast. Nice job going on the run hahaha. When does soccer start? How long do you play for? Have you had any more robberies recently at work? Remember that guy who broke in and stole a trailer last summer? I don't remember, but did they ever end up finding him? Anything else interesting happening at work? I'm really happy that Gary's Mcleod's doing so well. He's such a nice guy! Has his wife gone to church at all since he's come back? Send him my love!

Mum! I hope everything's going well! Did you enjoy the concert? How was running with dad? Did you have to slow down so he could keep up?
Mum! I just got your email.That's funny about running with dad hahaha. It's hot in Calgary! A lot hotter than here. It's starting to get cold, especially in the mornings. That would be sweet if you made manjar. I'm not sure how you do it, but I think there's some special way to make cook the sweetened condensed milk. You should look it up or something, and let me know how it turns out! Sometimes I get the Ensign, but more often the Liahona which is really similar. I even get it in English! I really like that output on the Atonement. I want to apply it more in my life to be a more effective missionary - more effective than what I can personally reach. I hope everything goes well with your visiting teaching, and I hope that sister can effectively apply the atonement in her life. You're right, WE ARE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!

I attached a photo of my son by the way.

Michael! The language is coming pretty good. I can pretty much understand everything and express myself with everything. It's way easier training a native speaker that an English speaker cause he doesn't have to learn the language. It's only difficult sometimes when the Chilenos use all their weird sayings. Even native Spanish speakers from other countries can't understand half the stuff they say when they get talking in Chilean. That's sweet about the suits dude. When's grad anyway? Is it coming up soon? Who are you hometeaching now? Who's your companion? What are you gonna do in that barn? I remember trying to plan grad was super frustrating for us, cause nobody liked the ideas we had, but nobody had any other ideas anyway. It was pretty annoying but it turned out pretty fun. Ya dude, I can skype for Mother's day. I'm just not sure if it's the same day here as it is there. Short shorts are gross.

Charly! That's so awesome you got to see Coldplay. I bet it was so fun. You're not old enough to go to dances!! What the heck!! Are you excited? I remember I was so pumped. Careful though Charly, if you start going after some boys already I'll make sure Michael kills him. Tell about how it went next week!

Jake! There's going to be another concert next year?? That's awesome! That's pretty good with your badminton tournament. Did you have a lot of fun? That'll be fun going to Drum Heller with your class. I'd like to visit some time cause it's really cool. Nice job with your mission money!! You still keeping up with flyers? What percent of money do you save up for your mission? I've heard about Hunger Games but I never read it. How is it? What's the second one called? You should read Lord of the Flies. I'm not sure, but from what I heard, Hunger Games seems kinda similar to that book.

Alright! So my first week of training was pretty awesome. My son's name is Elder Silva. He's from Nicaragua, and is the first missionary from that country serving in this mission. He's a son of a stake president and he's awesome. It's pretty sweet that I get another native Spanish speaker. I'm happy cause he participates a ton in the lessons, unlike an English speaker who can hardly say anything. I think about 14 new missionaries arrived. Only 2 were English speakers coming from the Provo MTC, and they got stuck with the two latino trainers. All of the rest of us native English speakers are with the Latinos. In my zone, the zone leaders aren't companions, and one of them is also training. My district consists of us, and the two zone leader companionships. The zone leaders double as district leaders. Training is basically the coolest thing ever. I've learned so much!! My companion has so many fresh ideas and it's awesome! It seems like he's already got a lot of time in the mission cause he's incredible at teaching and knows the doctrine really well. I'm proud of my son haha. 

It's cool cause I get to go through the new missionary program, the First 12 Weeks again with him, the same program I did. We do a lot of practicing teaching, and I'm learning a ton with Elder Silva. We're improving lots in our teaching abilities. Something important I learned from him, is the importance of having patience with investigators and understanding the conversion process. I think maybe I was focused a lot of missionarywork and looking only for gold investigators, instead of helping each investigator gradually progress through conversion.

We have some activities planned now. We're going to start doing a big FHE with the whole branch and anyone else who wants to come. The first is going to be on Friday, and hopefully we can do it every week. The branch doesn't really do activities, and we think it will be great to help unify all the members, help bring back some discouraged or bored less actives, and to help people invite their friends to church. We thought about doing something like that last cambio, and Elder Silva said he always did it in his home ward and that it was really successful. I'm happy that he's got such great ideas. We're going to have a lot of success with that.

As far as proselyting, this week was quite difficult. We found a lot of really hard people, a lot of appointments fell through, and nobody came to church, but I know this next week is going to be great!! Coelemu's a hard sector, but we will have success. My companion is really dedicated and I'm excited to have him to work with. I have a big responsibility in setting an example for him, because who he ends up being as a missionary will be a great reflection of the example I set for him. I need to always be dilligent in helping him grow and be obedient.

Thanks so much for all your love and support!! I love hearing from you all! I know the church is true, and that this is the Lord's work. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. God hears our prayers and answers us, and always is merciful with us if we just try our best.


Elder Blomfield