Saturday, 9 June 2012


Family!! I love you all so much. Thanks for writing to me and fasting for me too! You're the best.

Dad! That's pretty funny about speeding to get to the temple. How fast were you going anyway? That's cool you got to go to the session in Spanish. That'll be a cool experience for me to do afterwards. That's so cool that Carlos and Lizet got sealed. I'm really happy for them. I hope I'll be able to see the sealing of a convert one day. That'll be such a cool experience. Hopefully JoJo's family will be able to come to Canada too so they can get sealed after the year passes too. How's the Calgary temple doing by the way? That's crazy that Ben's already finished his mission pretty much. The time goes by way too fast. Let me know how his mission was and how his talk goes! Are all the same workers still planning to leave, or are some backing down? Hopefully everything works out well. I think the government should just let them in if they've already shown that their capable of working and supporting themselves. By the way, have you read Jesus the Christ? I'm almost finished it. It's awesome. Love ya!

Mum! I don't think I've ever done that hike before. I love hiking. That would've been a blast. The kitchen looks incredible!! That's so awesome! I bet you're excited for it to get finished. It looks way different. What did they do in Izaac's field trip to the fire station? That's too bad he has pink eye, but that's really cute that he's such a mummy's boy hahaha. I like what you said. Prayer and fasting really does work!! It's so true. I've come to know that more and more each day in my mission. The Lord hears us and answers us. I love how you're always an "example of the believers" and I hope that soon you see the results of your missionary efforts. Love you so much Mum!

Michael! I hope you had a blast dude. It seems like my grad was just yesterday!! The time goes by so flipping fast. You and your date both looked great. Sounds like your aftergrad was awesome. A lot better than ours by the way! I can't believe you're graduating already... THE TIME GOES BY SO FAST! Did Mackenzie go to grad camping with you guys? She's a year younger than you right? Sounds like a bunch of people went grad camping! You lucked out having such a big group. The polar dip is super fun. Remember when we went hiking in Waterton (I don't remember what the hike was called) and we dunked ourselves in that ice water? There were actually ice chunks floating in it, and we came out with brain freezes hahaha. Crazy. I'm glad you had fun bro. I do have one question though, what the heck happened to Ben's face? Love ya!

Charly! That's so cool about getting a babysitting job! Are you still doing flyers too? How goes the babysitting? Are the girls well-behaved? I'm glad you had fun at the dance!! You should be feeling lucky I'm not there with you or I would tease you to death hahaha. That's good that Emma had fun too! Do you like any of the guys that danced with you? Love ya Char!

Jake! Nice work Jake! Sounds like you're getting awards all over the place. Let me know what happens with that. Good work. You always rock at sports. You're way better than me anyway. I think when I'll get back we'll have to play soccer or something and see who's better. Is Wrath of the Titans a new movie? How was it? Hey! You can't hack vending machines that's stealing!! Repent!! Haha love you dude.

This week was a pretty good week in church. We had a couple from Ranguelmo come out to church!! It was awesome. They want to get baptized too. There names are Miguel and Graciela. At first, I wasn't sure of how things would turn out with them, considering they're a little bit older, and lived so far away, but I love how the Lord works with people. Miguel was raised Evangelical, but hasn't gone to church for years. He used to be an alcoholic I think, but stopped drinking a few years ago, and is just such a nice, genuine, sincere guy who love his wife a lot. Graciela was born Catholic, but sometimes attends Evangelical meetings. She read a little of the Book of Mormon, and prayed to know if it was true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and felt the Spirit. They're incredible. The challenge will be getting them to church every week, and Graciela might be travelling to Santiago this week for a few weeks. Hopefully not! Pray for them.

The Parra Rivas family is doing ok, but we have our concerns. David, the father, went to church, as did his member wife and the two youngest kids, but Nicolás, who was supposedly going to a soccer game, ended up staying home to do homework with a friend instead of going to church. David, the other son, also didn't come. We're praying and fasting for them. David, the dad, shows more potential, but Nicolás and David the son are showing more and more insecurity about their baptism. Please keep praying for them. They need miracles.

This week I've really felt the Lord's love as He's helped me to trust in Him more. By studying the Book of Mormon, as well as reading Jesus the Christ everytime I'm in the bathroom haha I've really come to appreciate, love, and trust more in the Saviour. I'm so grateful for His eternal sacrifice for me, and for His constant patience and forgiveness despite my many weaknesses and shortcomings. I really know He lives, and I just hope that I can be more effective in sharing this gospel message with the world.

This week I've also come to trust more in the power of the Book of Mormon. As Graciela shared her experience, I've come to understand more the power and importance that the Book of Mormon has in conversion. It's a true book, and anyone who sincerely reads, ponders, and prays about it will receive an answer from God of it's truthfulness. I know it's true. I love this church so much!! We are so blessed to have what we do. There's something more that everyone just needs to know about. I hope and pray that people will open their hearts to this great message.

I love being a missionary. It's so hard sometimes, but I love it. It makes me sad knowing how the time I have left shrinks every day... It's really a terrible thought. I just want to give it everything I can. As I read my Patriarchal Blessing and blessing I receive as I was set apart as a missionary, I see how so many blessings have been fulfilled. I'm just praying and working to be able to reach my potential, despite my many weaknesses. I know I have so much more to learn, and so much more to improve, but I hope the Lord will mold me how He desires.

I know this it the truth. I love this work. The Saviour lives and loves us. He's there. This is His church.

I love you all! Keep praying for me!


Elder Blomfield

P.S. Did I ever tell you that my companion snores? It's like a freight train.

P.P.S. - I've attached some photos of me with some Elders from the zone last cambio. Also, me after chopping a bunch of wood haha.