Sunday, 3 June 2012


Family!! It was so awesome talking to you all yesterday. It's pretty crazy how out of no where the time just arrives to call the family without much forethought, and then it's over in the blink of an eye. It's crazy how fast the time goes. I love you all so much! It's interesting though cause now it just seems like another normal day!

Dad! It is pretty crazy to think about how fast life goes by. I remember a lot of important moments in life like moving to Canada, starting school, getting baptized, getting the Priesthood, going to university, and now I'm on a mission!! I feel like an old geiser hahaha. I guess that's all part of life though. Michael's up next to leave home, but all of us kids will always be a part of yours and Mum's life. Although we might not be in the same house, you'll always be our parents! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome meal. Made me a little jealous. Haha I like speaking Spanish too. It's pretty crazy now that I think about it than I can speak another language! What a cool blessing. Everyone in that family's house last night was listening intently trying to understand what I was saying to you, but it's funny cause they had no idea hahaha. That's too bad about some workers possibly planning to leave... It's a shame that they want to after all they've been given, but I understand where they're coming from too after having left their country to come and live like kings in comparison, it must be kind of a sad thought having to return back to their old country. Thanks for your encouragement Dad, it's time to go make some miracles! Love you.

Mum! I hope your mother's day was awesome. I enjoyed it! hahaha. I liked that talk too. So much really does depend on the agency of others. That's the basis of the Plan of Salvation, that we choose the path to follow to be able to progress. We have to choose to accept divine help and guidance or not. I as a missionary just need to work as hard as I can to help others feel what I feel, and make that decision for themselves. What do you have to do as a reader/scribe for exams at Wilma? What do you have to read/write and to whom? You should video Izaac playing soccer and send it to me! Is he good? What gifts did you get for Mother's day? We're so blessed to have the gospel, and I'm so blessed to have the best Mum ever! Love ya!

Michael! Going home is the most terrible thought ever. It's nothing against the family, it's just I think that plane ride home will be the worst few hours of my life. I think I will cry a ton. Some people say that we're supposed to be happy with whatever moment we're in, and I guess they're right, but I just can't imagine leaving the mission being happy whatsoever. I'm glad to hear that you don't always wear that tank top. I would have been quite disappointed and felt that I had failed as an older brother. Just don't start thinking it's ok to start wearing it in public hahaha. How goes soccer by the way?  Dude that's awesome about Duty to God. Is the new program a lot better? How did you transfer over your old stuff? There's a new For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet too now isn't there? I haven't said anything to the Branch President - we're just being patient and loving with him, trying our best to gain his confidence, support him, and help the members overcome their problems with him. You rock bro. Love ya!

Charly! So what was the name of the cute guy you danced with? Tell me. How often do they have the dances? Once a month? When I started, they were every week! That was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of people. What did you volunteer as at the track meet? How goes school? How goes your Personal Progress in Young Womens? It was nice talking to you yesterday Char, and you look good in braces! Love you!

Jake! Now I wanna see the Avengers! We'll have to watch it when I get back. What do they teach you in humanities? Is that like social studies?? You're right dude, the mission goes by soo fast. It's terrible. I've still got a lot of time left though, and I've gotta make it count! How goes your Duty to God? You rock dude. Love ya!

This week was another difficult week, as we worked hard, and all of our plans fell through, and we entered into very few houses. We taught with the Spirit, were bold with our invitations, and did our best, for that we felt calm. It wasn't a very fruitful week with respect to outward results, but I was happy that the Lord blessed us with peace and with an increased confidence. It's been a difficult sector here in Coelemu, but I never want to leave until I figure out how to help it explode, and until I see the miracles, even if that means staying here my whole mission. I have felt my testimony grow immensely in these last through weeks, which has been strengthened even more with my personal study of the Book of Mormon. I read Mosiah 3  and 4 this morning, and they are incredible in explaining the atonement of Jesus Christ as King Benjamin speaks to his people. It's AWESOME! I've also been reading Jesus the Christ, which has strengthened my testimony a lot of the reality of Jesus Christ and the power of His atonement. I know He lives. I feel it so strongly.

This week we had interviews with President Humphrey, which was awesome. He mentioned that the mission is going to be starting a new program to help out the small branches, and they're going to bring us in for training next cambio to teach us how to put it into action. I'm excited, and I know the Lord will work miracles here. One day we will have a stake here in Coelemu. We were really blessed this week to have someone in church. Jorge Ojeda, an older guy who has a problem with his leg and has had some head injuries, walked for like 45 minutes to get there since he walks so slowly. He doesn't understand much when we teach him, and is pretty distracted, but we were blessed to have him go to church. I'm excited to see some more miracles this week. I know the Lord is here with us in this work. On the title page there's a little video called Mountains to Climb, and it's Elder Eyring talking about how we can feel the love of God in the Lord's service, and how He has promised us angels to bear us up, and how the Lord always keeps His word. It's awesome. I invite you to look it up.

I know this is the work of the Lord. He is our Saviour. I know it. I know He died for us, and He can help us. This is His church, and the message we share is the truth. I wish everyone could feel what I do about the restored gospel! It's so incredible!!! Unfortunately, however, we can't just open up others' brains or hearts and just stick everything in there that we think or feel. I wish it was that easy, but the Lord has given everyone the opportunity to accept or reject this message. I'm just going to do my best to put my whole heart and soul into this work.

I love you all! I hope everything's great. It was awesome talking to you all yesterday. Hope everything continues well!


Elder Blomfield