Monday, 23 July 2012

2 JULY 2012

Family! Thanks so much for all your letters, and thanks for the video!! It's crazy to see how much everyone has grown!! Happy Canada Day to everyone!!
Dad! Nice work with your soccer game getting a hat trick!! Are there tournaments and stuff in your league? What position are you guys in? Who's on the team? How did they trick you with Charly's license? No one told me what happened! Is the YM camp for all the young men or something? Have you ever gone to a winter camp? That's cool that Susana and Kami are coming. They need to just get on the band wagon and move over here already. Thanks for fasting for me, I really appreciate it!! I liked what you said about the importance of loving the people. There are times when we have to be really direct and bold when we teach, and unless we do it out of sincere love for the person, they will just get bothered and won't respond. I saw that this week with a less-active family that we've been working with for quite a while. They don't go because of problems with leaders and members. We've visited them a lot, but last night we were really intense and direct. We basically told them how sad we were that they were choosing not to follow Christ because a few people did them wrong. It was a really tense moment, but we did it out of love and it looks like we're really close with them. I hope everything goes well in Glenwood! What exactly are you gonna do for the camp? Love ya!
Mum! Norma's doing a bit better now. She seems a lot more happy. The couple had an interview with the Branch President this week (unfortunately the Branch President spilled the beans that we told him that she wasn't doing so well), and everything's good for David to get the Priesthood next week. We're so excited!! Then we'll get to bless the sacrament with him which will be the coolest thing ever. Sounds like the kitchen's close to being done now! That's crazy that so many people show up!! Here it's tough to get people to come. Any sign of rain and everyone stays in their house. Not very many people have cars, and everyone is scared to death of getting a little cold. It's kinda funny, but people here go to great lengths to avoid getting sick and sometimes don't let us in because their stove is lit and the change of temperature could make them sick supposedly haha. I suppose it's a little different here though because of the humidity. I'm excited to get that USB stick! Love you Mum!
Michael! That's so awesome that you're getting the Melchizedek Priesthood! It's incredible. Think about it, it's the same Priesthood that all the prophets have had. It's so awesome. If you read the beginning of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price and in Alma 13 you learn about the importance of the Priesthood and the great responsibility it comes with. I recommend you to read it! That's a shame that a bunch of the Priests aren't going to the camp, but it'll still be fun. What are Trent and Keaton doing now that they aren't in school and aren't in Priests? Hope you have an awesome camp bro! How are you feeling now that BYU is so close? Love you.
Charly! Nice job in your awards ceremony!!  You're a genius!! Also, good job with your learners!! What did you do to surprise Dad, you never told me. What questions did you get wrong, do you remember? I'm so happy for you though! Driving's a blast. I miss driving haha. Driving's so much fun, but I'm a little scared that you'll be on the streets now. Even though I'm here in Chile, I'll watch my step when I walk in the street haha. What are you doing for girls camp? I hope you have fun! Love ya Char!
Jake! That's fun you get to go tubing, that's so much fun. Are you excited to be a teenager soon? Not long and you'll be on a mission! That's too bad about falling on your ripstick and stuff. I hope your leg heals. What other stuff are you gonna do on this camp? How did you do in your awards ceremony? Love you Jake!
This week we went on the radio!! We're basically famous. On Tuesday and on Thursday we had interviews with the two radio stations here in Coelemu, and it was the coolest thing ever. I feel famous. Not many listen to the station we visited on Tuesday, but a few people heard us. A lot listen to the other station, and it sounds like a lot of people heard it! Basically, we just gave them some question to ask us, about our basic beliefs and stuff like that, to try and get rid of some of the false ideas people have about us, like that we worship Joseph Smith and all that garbage. It'll hopefully be effective at helping people open their doors more easily if they heard us and it caught their attention. We still haven't heard anything about the TV station though. I'll try and send you the recording of the first interview that we had. You won't understand a thing, but it's still really cool. Tomorrow we should be on the radio again.
This week we had some really high hopes with the sacrament meeting attendance, but unfortunately, a bunch of the members and less-actives we were counting on fell through. Also, we didn't have any investigators in church this week. I think what happened is we weren't very dilligent with finding new investigators this week, and like it says in Preach My Gospel, nothing happens in missionarywork until we find people to teach. We did most of our finding at the end of the week, which makes it a lot more difficult for them to go to church. We've repented of our lack of dilligence, and this week have set goals to improve and give it everything we can. We want to finish up the cambio strong.
Cambios are next week, but I just received a reassuring email from President Humphrey that he's gonna try and let me stay here. I really hope so, cause I love Coelemu. It's a tough sector cause there are a lot religious fanatics, and cause it's really tough to motivate the members and leaders, but I love it anyway. Basically, if we hope to see any growth here in Coelemu, it comes only from our efforts, and obviously from the Lord's help. We have high hopes for this upcoming week.
Something interesting about here, is how humid it is!! In the mornings sometimes it's below zero, and even though it's nothing compared to Canadian temperatures, the cold is a different kind of cold. It penetrates more because it's so humid. Topping that off with the fact that we don't use heating in our house, it can be pretty chilly sometimes! We're doing good though, we always just bundle up tons. It's so humid that we can't even shut the door completely cause it's swelled so much. Also, mold grows on absolutely everything. The shower gets mold easily, and so does the kitchen. Even blinds get mold. It's gross. Some of our food like our flour is a little moist, and our clothes feel a little bit moist sometimes too. People are always crazy about avoiding getting colds, I think because it can lead to worse things if it isn't cared for, like a pneumonia.
Anyway, I hope that next week when I write you I'll be able to tell you I'm staying in Coelemu, and hopefully we can succeed in making the church more well known here. Our Ward Mission Leader had a great idea of doing some big show thing here in Coelemu, by bringing in the stake choir and doing a big public performance to try and catch people's attention. I love the idea, and now we're looking into the possibilities of doing it.
I had a cool experience with the Book of Mormon this week too that I wanna share. I was praying a lot, putting to test the promise of the Book of Mormon as it says to do in Preach My Gospel. I know it's true, but I was looking for another spiritual confirmation to strengthen my testimony and help me teach about it more powerfully and with more conviction. I was reading and praying a lot, but didn't feel anything!! I was like what's going on! I knew I had to be patient so I kept reading and praying. In my personal reading I arrived at 3 Nephi 11, and as I read it I got my answer. Previously, there was a lot of destruction and the people heard the voice of Jesus Christ. Then, as they were gathered together, they heard a voice from heaven three times before understanding it. God the Father presented His Son, Jesus Christ. Then, a Man descends from heaven and pronounces that He is Jesus Christ. I know you're all familiar with the story, but as I read it, I felt a powerful witness of the truthfulness of what I was reading. I know it's true. I know it.
I love being a missionary, and hope it never ends. Thanks for all your letters and support. I love you all so much! I know this is the truth. My Saviour lives and loves me and everyone. He will always help us and be there to guide us. I love Him.
Keep sharing the gospel. I expect to hear a missionary experience from each one of you next week!
Elder Blomfield