Sunday, 30 September 2012


Family!! So sorry for not writing last week!! It was impossible. All the internet places were closed cause it was a holiday, and we had to ask permission to go to a member last minute, and I had zero time when we finally found somewhere.

Dad! It really is great to see people change their lives. There have been so many blessings!! Nice work on handing out invites!! I hope you see some results. I think that would be a really spiritual experience for everyone who goes. That's interesting that you're sharing the gospel with someone who doesn't have a background of a belief in God. Here at least everyone is familiar with Christianity even if they don't believe in it. It would be a weird experience sharing with someone without that basic knowledge. If she reads the Book of Mormon with an open heart and prays, she's as good as converted. It's incredible. I love how the Lord answers prayers when people really want to know. Make sure she prays too!! Sounds like building the temple is turning into a Salt Lake City kind of thing with all the members participating! Have you seen the movie, Mountain of the Lord? It's really cool and talks about how people worked their tails off to get the temple built. That's so cool you got to do your family history for your biological dad! I'd like to learn to do genealogy too. Andy did a triathlon?? HAHAHA Triathlon Andy hahahaha. Love ya Dad.

Mum! That's funny about that hot air balloon!! How high up was it. So the cultural celebration is cow-boy style? Awesome haha send me tons of pictures. Put up the invite on my facebook! Have you been updating it? Tell me what people have requested to be my friends (their full names) and I'll tell you to accept them or not. It is pretty weird feeling that I'm entering summer again like when I got to my first sector in Talca. You know what salsa means in Spanish? It means sauce. Any kind of sauce is salsa. It's sad that people are getting so upset about that video. I hope things get figured out. There aren't many muslims here, mostly catholics and evangelicals. Love ya Mum!

Michael! That's awesome you're volunteering in the MTC. I bet it's a blast. I remember the good old MTC days haha. Seems like yesterday. Good job for putting the Lord first. That's the most important thing you can do. Never let anything else take the place of most importance in your life or in your time. YOU LEARNED TO DO A FRONT FLIP?!?! HOW?! Tell me your secret. I tried to do a backflip at BYU but almost killed myself. How goes the flag football? Go to the temple everyweek bro, that's what I wanna do after that I didn't do so well. It's a great opportunity. Careful with the tumbling gym!! It's so fun but don't dive in head first. Nice job in bio. What Bio is it? What do you do in weight training? How do they grade you? You're tearing it up!! To answer your question, I like being a zone leader cause it's a great opportunity to learn and we get direct training from President and the Assistants, but it's way more stressful haha. I'm learning a ton. How's your Spanish by the way? Love you Mike! Why the heck do they call you Big Cookie??

Charly! I'm glad you're having such a great time with everything in school and everything! What stuff do you have to do in the cultural celebration? Are you nervous? I know you'll do great. Love you Char, keep being so awesome!

Jake! Nice work on making all those teams!! You're gonna be so busy!!! I hope you have a lot of fun. Remember to never let your scripture study slip or anything though. Since when does Wilma Hansen have a soccer team though? That's awesome! Alex is moving to New Zealand? Alex Cahoon? That's crazy! Congrats on being the new Deacon's Quorum President!! I know you'll do a great job. You have to set a good example and do all you can to help each member of your quorum. It's a really big responsibility!! Love you Jake!

Kenna! Thanks for taking the time to write me, you're so nice! You're so old now I can't believe it!! How do you feel in grade 2? Are you sad that Michael is gone? I'm glad you can see the pictures. Do you have lots of friends in your class? What's your favourite thing to learn? Love you Kenna!

This week was pretty awesome. We had a rough start on Monday and Tuesday as they were Chilean holidays, and everyone that was home didn't want to open the door. On Tuesday, we went to the ward activity most of the day with some investigators. They raised the flag, sung the national anthem, and danced "La Cueca" which is the national Chilean dance. It was awesome! I have some pictures and videos to send. I loved it. We then played soccer for a bit, and later played some games like sack races and stuff. At this time of year there are tons of people flying kites. It reminds me of Talca last year. The Chilenos are so good at it! Dieciocho de Septiembre is way bigger than Christmas here. There were a good bunch of drunk people in the streets though too. Luckily, no one had any problems.

The week before on the eleventh, there was a protest thing as there is every year in Chile. It's the anniversary of when the military took over the government years ago, and Pinochev took over as the dictator and killed so many innocents. Teenagers go out at night and burn tires in the streets and cause a ruckuss even though they weren't even alive when the take-over actually took place. Luckily, nothing happened to us cause they didn't start doing anything til night.

On Saturday night we got robbed. I think Elder Hague and Elder Chagoyán left the front gate unlocked (I was on a minicambio with Elder Gómez), and someone got into our backyard and robbed our tank of gas (propane). We've had to have cold showers. It costs a ton to replace it, but luckily it's reimbursable with the mission. At least no one broke into the house or anything! A few weeks ago in the middle of sacrament meeting someone walked into the church and stole one in broad daylight too so people have had to stand as guards by the sacrament room doors to keep an eye on things through the windows.

By the way, FRANCISCO AND MONSERRAT GOT BAPTIZED!! It almost didn't go through as unfortunately the ward mission leader didn't pull through and the Bishop got a little annoyed, but we talked it over and everything's good. It was awesome. I'm so happy for them!!! They got confirmed on Sunday too. Francisco bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon which was cool too. He's not one for much words and expressing his feelings. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met though.

We have other great people who are progressing towards baptism too, but some of them are having challenges. Hector and Carolina are set to get married on the 5th of October and baptized the following week after conference. Carolina had a dream about the Book of Mormon and knows it's true. They've held strong with the Word of Wisdom in spite of all the opposition from family and friends too. They used to have so many family problems but everything is so much better now. The gospel changes lives! Franco is having problems. We set appointments everyday and they have fallen every single day. I'm afraid he's losing interest. I think he's had some problems with his girlfriend and is distancing himself a bit. Pray for him! If he doesn't accept the gospel now, I'm pretty sure his life will go down the tubes and he'll have to wait a long time after a lot of hard times before he'll have another chance like this. Kassandra, Monserrat's sister, is also having some problems as she's being a little lazy and didn't come to church this Sunday.

This week we need to find more people. We're struggling to see real progress in the new people we find. Elder Chagoyán and I are getting a long better and better every day, but we need to get better at grabbing people's attention and creating a spiritual environment. Also, the zone needs help. Some sectors have progressed tons, but some not so much. Elder Gómez is incredible and works really well, but has had some difficulties in his sector in seeing progress in his investigators. He is so dilligent and obedient, but is getting a little stressed cause he wants to set the example for the zone but is struggling to bring people to church even though he works so hard to do so. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the things I have to do, but I just need to trust more in the Lord and be a little more organized. Cambios are coming up next week so things'll get changed up a bit too.

I think something I learned this week was the importance of celestial studies. I think my studies have been alright, but I want to make more of an effort to seek specific revelation for my investigators and my missionaires, and follow the promptings I receive, which sometimes I struggle to do quickly. Elder Gómez and I had a study with one of the assistants on Friday, and learned a lot too. We both need to get better at teaching in our sectors.

I love being a missionary so much! It's very challenging at times and stressful, but when I think of the lives that have been changed, it makes me so happy. I hope it never ends ever. I love it!! I know the Savior lives and that this is His church and HIs work. I'm trying to hand my will over to Him so He can change me and develop me. I need to improve as a leader, and only He can help me.

I hope you're all sharing the gospel! Love you all!!



Hey sorry I have absolutely no time to write. I'm gonna try and do something later but nothing sure. It's Chile's big celebration of independence so everythings closed. SORRY!! EVERYTHINGS GOOD I LOVE YOU ALL!


Family! Thanks for writing!! Thanks Sally for sending me a package too!! The chocolate was delicious. Thank you very much Grandma and Grandad and Malcolm and Sue for your letters too!!! I really appreciate it. I don't have very much time right now to write a ton, so it might be really short, but I got everyone's letters except for Kenna's. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me Kenna! I'm sorry that maybe it didn't get through! Send it to me for next week.

This week, Catherine, Yarelee, and Hector all got baptized and confirmed! It was great! They all felt great! Hector was a little nervous but he's awesome. Catherine's husband, Francisco, is getting ready for the 22nd, and Yarelee and Hector's parents, Hector and Carolina are getting ready to get married and baptized on the 29th. It's going to be so awesome!! I'm so excited! Franco is getting ready for the 22nd as is Monserrat, and Cassandra is getting ready for the 29th. All of them are doing great, and all of them went to church. We're seeing so many miracles!! This week it was a lot harder to find new investigators though. We struggled a lot with that. We need to get better at talking with everyone and improving our contacts.

We almost lost Franco, because he has some problems with the word of wisdom and law of chastity, and felt really unworthy. Also, some friends had been showing him some anti-mormon stuff. We told him we would support him and help him, and that as long as he repents, God forgets his sins, and also that he should just trust in how he feels and what the Spirit tells him. He's great. Francisco is also taking his baptismal preparation a lot more seriously, as he never had made a really firm decision before. It's so exciting. The Lord is blessing us so much.

The zone is slowly improving in many aspects. There are some sectors that are still struggling, and we're looking for the revelation to know how to help each missionary. Last week in the zone meeting, we kind of "dropped the cane" (I don't know how to say that in English) by kind of coming down a little harder in the class, because some missionaries were taking things way too lightly. It was done with love though, and seems to have worked because many have improved. We need to help the weakest sectors to flourish, cause that will help the entire zone to explode.

We had a zone activity today too which was fun. We played soccer at the church. Most churches have a mini cement multi-field for soccer or basketball. We played soccer and it was great. We also had a barbecue and ate some hot dogs and some choripanes (it's a chileno thing). It was a ton of fun. A few missionaries had to do some stuff in Conce with visas and everything though, so couldn't come unfortunately.

There's still so much I need to improve, and I pray the Lord will help us help the zone. Sorry the letter is so short! I love you all so much!!


Elder Blomfield

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family! Thanks so much for writing!

Dad! Sounds like you have a ton of work to do. That's too bad you're sick. That's the worst. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like the temple cultural celebration is gonna be a blast! I can't believe President Monson is going too, that'll be so awesome. What kind of stuff will you have to do and say as ushers/hosts? How's Mitt Romney looking? Is he looking like the next President? What kind of garbage are people saying to attack the church? I bet the house feels weird with so few people in it. I think it's funny how a six person family can seem small haha. I definitely do feel the responsibility as a zone leader now... A lot of the sectors are struggling to have success and I'm trying to figure out how best to help them. It seem like some don't really take a ton of responsibility, while others are really hard on themselves. We teach in zone meeting tomorrow and we wanna come down hard a bit to help wake everyone up a little, but we have to figure out the way to do it without discouraging those who are hard on themselves. We're in that process. Every missionary in the zone has so much potential and I just want them all to see that. The members in the ward are good and supportive. The bishop is good and so is the ward mission leader. The ward mission leader was a hooligan his whole life and is now getting ready to go on a mission. Sometimes he's really crazy but he's making big changes. We did have a little difficulty this week which I'll talk about in the letter. I've only done 3 baptismal interviews. They're really cool. It's cool to get a personal re-cap of someone's conversion. Hope you feel better soon Dad, love ya!

Mum! JUST got your letter haha. I do like to play soccer, but compared to these south americans I'm terrible. It would be fun to join a team though! I'd love that. What are some of those projects you've got planned in the house? Hopefully they work out better than the kitchen with all those problems you had. That would be a blast to go down to conference as a family. Conference is the coolest thing ever. It would be cool to visit all the historical sites too. Are they still playing the Joseph Smith movie in the theater or is there a new one? Would Kenna and Izaac come to conference too, or would they stay behind with someone? That'll be a really cool opportunity for Charly and Jake. I hope you manage to get tickets! Love ya Mum!

Michael! About my investigators, I'd say there's always a special bond between the missionary and the convert, but it's always important to maintain the relationship appropriate. I'd consider all of them great friends, but we try to never cross the line. Sometimes when the missionaries get too friendly with the investigators, they lose focus and don't progress, and we can lose a lot of time too. So basically it sounds like you're taking all my advice to go to bed on time and to stay really organized and throwing it in the garbage hahaha kidding. I'm glad you're having such a blast! You've already got tons of homework? It'll probably take a little bit to get into university mode and everything. Did you manage to get all your books and stuff? Do you have a bunch of friends with cars? Tell me about your friends and where they're from. We also had BYU girls soccer posters in our dorm. I had one taped to the wall above my pillow haha. That's awesome your an FHE dad. It'l lbe a blast. Make those FHEs awesome! A lot of time people don't give importance to the FHE activities, but just make them awesome and you'll have a great time. Include everyone, prepare good lessons (with commitments so everyone in the FHE family can progress spiritually), and have tons of fun. Do you get a long with your roommates? Tell me about em and send some pictures. That's hilarious you met Felicia. Say hi! I always told her he had a black girl name. Tell me if you meet any other friends. Keep it up and have a blast! Love you bro!

Charly! Being a dental hygienest would be cool. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a dentist. Are you excited for seminary? What's the teacher's name? Who else of your friends will be going with you? What time will it start at? What classes do you have this semester? Hopefully you make the narration part in the cultural celebration, I prayed for you! What's Arlo's like? What's the basement room gonna be for? Love you Char!

Jake! Let me know about your classes and everything! That sound like fin doing the grade 7 tour. Are you nervous about this year at school? What are some of your friends' names from school? How are you doing with your Chief Scout? Your Duty to God? Scripture reading? I hope everything's going great! When is the cultural activity? Let me know how all that goes! Love you Jake!

So this week was pretty crazy. On Tuesday we had interviews with Catherine, Yarélee, and Hector. Elder Lulla, the district leader that did the interviews, said they are amazing and were really prepared. The all have a testimony and understand clearly the restoration. They all have desires to endure to the end and stay in the church. I was so happy!! We got the baptismal service planned up and the clothes ready and everything. Everything was going great! Saturday morning we had our correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader, and everything was set for the baptism at 7:00. At 6:00 I got a phone call from the ward mission leader but was in a lesson and didn't answer. After, we got to the chapel at 6:30 and the baptismal candidates just arrived to take pictures beforehand. Then we found out that nobody had a key to open the baptismal font, and that it was empty. All the family members arrived and stuff, and it was a disaster. The Bishop told us we couldn't jump into the font over the class and fill it up like that, and everything kind of went down the drain. We had to tell everyone that the baptism couldn't happen. The four of us missionaries were about to explode because it was very frustrating and in my opinion we still could have filled the font quickly with cold water if necessary by jumping the safety railing, but we decided not to go against the ward. The first counsellor took Yarélee and Catherine into the Bishop's office and explained everything. Yarélee was crying, but at the end understood and decided to get baptized next Saturday. The whole experience was really stressful and a big test of patience. We almost wanted to lose it with the ward for their seeming indifference, but decided not to criticize, and to restrain ourselves. We definitely felt that our patience grew a ton there. It was really frustrating. Catherine had prepared a little party thing in her house afterwards with us and her family. We went to that and supported them.

On Sunday, we had 7 investigators in church. Catherine (her husband Francisco had to work and didn't come), Yarélee, Hector, and their parents, a recent convert's grandson who was gonna get baptized before named Richard, and the daughter of a less active named Monserrat that we're teaching. Franco, another person that we're teaching and should get baptized this month, had to work. We have a baptismal goal of 4 this month, but hopefully we will see more. Catherine, Yarélee, and Hector will get baptized next Saturday, Francisco the 22nd, Franco the 15th, Monserrat the 22th, and hopefully Yarélee's parents, Hector and Carolina, will get married and baptized too. I'm so excited!! We've been blessed with great people. Pray for Francisco so he can make the decision, and for Franco so he can quit smoking. We're also trying to work more with the members. President Hinckley I think it was said our baptisms would double if we worked with the members. I've always struggled with that, so I want to do better.

Are you working with anyone that the missionaries can teach now? If not, get on it!! Pray to know how to do it and what plan of action to take, and set a date to do it. It can be a Family Home Evening, the temple open house, some activity, anything!! There are always people being prepared, and when the members prepare and invite those people to learn more, the chance of success goes way up. I have a talk from an apostle (don't remember who) who has since passed away, saying that 60% of people who the members have invited to share with the missionaries and do it, get baptized. That means more or less that for every 2 people that the missionaries share with that you invite, 1 will get baptized. That will be a great experience!

This Friday we also had a leadership council. Every month, all the zone leaders meet up in Chillán, but this month President did two councils because he invited the district leaders too. We only have a zone goal of 7 baptisms based on the possibilities of each sector, which is a really low goal. The President came down hard on a few zones for having such low goals. We need to really help the other sectors. A lot of the other missionaries are struggling to see success, even though they're all great missionaries, and the sectors are great too. I'm trying to figure out how to best help them. If you have any suggestions, it would be great. Also, pray for the zone!!! We learned TONS in the council though. We got tons of great ideas of how to effectively contact and find investigators, and how to up our obedience. We want to help the zone become super obedient, and last week made a list to help measure their obedience. I know every missionary can do great, but I just wanna know how to help them reach their potential.

Thanks always for all your support! I love you all so much!! I know this is the truth, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! ITS THE BEST!!!!


Elder Blomfield


Family! Thanks for all your letters. I can't believe Michael's already at BYU... I feel old.

Dad! That's cool that you can still keep in contact with some of your converts. Elder Chilcote is in contact with some of our investigators right now which is pretty funny. That movie seems pretty cool. I like hearing about other Christian churches teaching values like that. How do you feel about Michael being gone? Was it a sad crying moment? That's cool you got to hang out with the Wallace family. It is kind of a bummer when you hear of converts that aren't doing so hot. It's heart breaking, but at the same time I know I did what I could for them. I keep praying for them and know the Lord will never stop working with them. I need to work better with the members to help with retention purposes. The mission, and the area in general, is really trying to up the retention. In Chile it's really bad, and that needs to change. I wanna take better care of the converts here because I know I'd want missionaries to do the same for my converts. Love you dad, hopefully everything goes well at work!

Mum! I bet it's weird being back at home. Such a difference haha. I bet it feels really weird with so few of us, the kids, in the house. Not that 4 is few, but I bet there's a difference. Also, none of them can drive alone! I feel OLD. It's cool having Elder Silva in my zone today. They really got things going in Coelemu. A convert over there recently returned from his mission and is getting things going with the young men in the branch. It's great. I can't believe Izaac's going to kindergarten! He's so old. It was probably a good call not buying the bike. It's a nice luxury, but it wasn't worth the pain, and also in the winter you can't use it much. Jessamy said in a letter forever ago when I was in the MTC that she was gonna go to China. What ever happened with that? That's cool that the Watts' have gone on missions. Being a missionary is the best. What are they gonna do for the cultural celebration? You'll have to fill me in on all the details. I'm sure Dad will do a great job. David and Norma were baptized before my year mark. With some miracles they could get to the temple before I leave. Maybe I could go with them (if you and Dad come pick me up hahaha). Love ya Mum!

Michael! As a zone leader we have to supervise the zone and help the other missionaries in their sectors. We have to verify their progress and take their key indicators. Also we have to help them overcome any problems they have and help them reach their potential. That's awesome you're having so much fun already. I'm glad you were able to make friends so fast. You're gonna have such a blast. Keep me filled in every week with all your crazy adventures and all your experiences. I want details! That's cool Sam's rooming with you. I'm so excited for you. How many credits did you take? 17 is a lot. You'll tear it up man. BYU was harder than high school cause the quality of work expected is a lot higher, but it also depends a lot on the professors. Just always put the Lord first, then studies, then friends, and it'll go great. Buddy, get used to those gringos going on about gringolandia. I had to deal with that a lot hahaha. Just give your Yankee friends a couple digs now and them and things'll be good haha. That's awesome you got a blessing. I recommend you always set a time apart everyday to study the scriptures that you won't interrupt for anything. Sit down with markers and go to town. That's what I would do better if I could. Have good solid prayers, and do everything you can to magnify your calling. Read the homework readings, and spread out your homework time instead of cramming it in last minute. Get involved with as many friends as possible and you'll have a blast. You're gonna have a blast. Love you bro. You're my best friend.

Charly! You gotta go to BYU when you're older. Do you know what you wanna study? Have you thought about it? Sounds like you had a blast in Utah. I love going to temple square. I love church history stuff. Especially learning about Joseph Smith. He's awesome. Char you're so old!! You're gonna be going to seminary!! Love ya Char.

Jake! Didn't hear from you bro but I hope everything's doing great! How do you feel about starting school up again? Did you have fun in the cabin? Is it nice being home? Love you Jake.

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! (in our sector at least) So my new companion Elder Chagoyán is awesome. He's really good at administrating his time and working with the members and being really punctual. He's also really dedicated and smart. We've had a couple differences but we got things all worked out and we're ready to tear it up. We've been blessed with so many miracles.

Yarélee and Hector and looking great for their baptisms. They have their interviews tomorrow and are awesome. Yarélee has a solid testimony and Hector's awesome too. A miracle with them, is that on Friday when we went to teach them, we taught the parents and another sister. We've taught them before, but we saw miracles on Friday. A lot of time, the parents, especially the dads aren't so excited about their kdis getting baptized, but the parents are really happy for and supportive of them. They on Friday expressed their desire to be more united as a family and to get nearer to God. They want the same blessings and changes they're seeing in their kids. They accepted a baptismal date and went to church (the parents) and loved it. The dad, Hector, knew a member that gave a talk, and the member accompanied us to a lesson later on in which the dad cried and it was super spiritual. We found out they aren't married, but I think they want to get married. It work out perfectly, because just that day we had to teach Yarélee and Hector the law of chastity for their baptism, and were a little concerned about how to integrate that with the whole family that we're just recently getting to know. The Lord prepared the situation. MIRACLES!

Catherine still hasn't smoked!! WOOT! Unfortunatly Francisco hasn't quite quit yet. Catherine should be getting baptized this weekend. Unfortunately, something happened yesterday though. We called them at 9am and were just about to come to church, but never showed up. They didn't answer their phone later and we called their house and the uncle who lives with them said he hadn't seen or heard from them the whole day. Later we found out they left urgently to Trehuaco (close to Coelemu) because a family member of Francisco was in really bad medical shape. We still haven't managed to talk to them. I'm a little concerned. I hope Satan isn't gonna get them with some kind of problem like this...

A while ago, a young guy named Franco came up to Elder Chilcote and I and told us he had been sharing with the sisters in another sector but lives in ours and that he wanted to get baptized. He gave us his mum's phone number and kind of avoided us for some reason which was weird, so we kind of left him. Yesterday, he showed up to church. We went by in the afternoon and he accepted a baptismal date. We left him with some reading homework from the Book of Mormon, and he really wants to change his life. He played soccer with us today and had read and marked more than what we left him, had prayed several times, and had even watched most of the Joseph Smith movie. While we waited for the other missionaries to show up to play with us, he asked us to teach him. INCREDIBLE! He hopefully will get baptized this month. MIRACLES!

I love being a missionary. The Lord is blessing us so much! I love it. The zone is having a lot of difficulties however. I need to know how to help each sector reach its potential. We need blessings!

Thanks for all your support. I know this is the Lord's work and that He lives. This is His church. He has called prophets in our days and revealed new scripture. I love it! Jesus Christ is my Savior and He loves us so much.

Thanks for always being so strong. Keep hold on to the rod, and keep helping others get to it!


Elder Blomfield