Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family! Thanks for the letter!! That's crazy that you got a jetski. That's gotta be so fun. Glad to hear everyone's had a good time at the cabin, and glad to hear that Mum had a good birthday!! Can't believe Michael's almost done with his time in Calgary. I totally remember that feeling.

Dad! Thanks for getting the letters out to me! I was a little worried when I saw only emails from you haha but then I realized it had stuff from everyone. WHEN THE HECK DID YOU BUY A JETSKI?!?! You gotta fill me in on the details!! What kind of jetski is it? What year? How fast can you get it going? And what's this about maybe having another one down there??? That's pretty much the best news ever. What are you doing in Texas? Are you excited to go? How are things going with everything down there. Ya I'm companions with one of the zone leaders. I'm pretty sure you've asked me a thousand times if we have cars in this mission hahaha. Only the assistants have cars. Elder Chilcote switched over to my sector, so he had to do all the adjusting, although I didn't know the sector that well. Love ya!

Mum! Elder Hague actually speaks really good Spanish. While he was at home he went to a Spanish ward and learned a ton. He understands almost everything already which is awesome. He's a great missionary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How was it??? If you were Dad I would say you're getting old but I figure that's a lack of respect to say to you hahaha. Sounds like you got some awesome gifts and stuff too!! That's a pretty weird dream you had about me being a few inches shorter. What else happened in it? Maybe it has some prophetic significance. I remember when I tried to back the trailer and totally messed up. I didn't think it through very much and damaged the bumper of the new Sequoia. I think you and Dad were really putting in practice patience there cause it was my last week with you before BYU hahaha. Love you Mum!

Michael! Did you have a lot of fun at Idaho? Did you swim across the lake? Tell me about the jetski? Did you have a lot of fun with Mackenzie? You did wake surfing?? What was that like? I really wanna try that. Being a District Leader is more work, and I feel a bigger responsibility. I love being able to get to know and help the other missionaries though. I try to treat them like investigators haha. Living with more missionaries is a blast. Things are always a lot more dynamic in the house, and it's fun to hang out with them all. The people here are WAY more receptive than in Coelemu. Coelemu was a lot different. How you feeling about your last week in Calgary? Has it started to hit you yet? I bet by the time you respond at least it'll have hit you. I remember being in your shoes. I was not a happy camper haha. I was a mess when I left home. I bet it'll be tough, cause it's not an easy step leaving everything behind like that, but you'll have such a blast at BYU and you'll grow so much more as a person. What are you planning on doing with Mackenzie on your last day? If you struggle when you leave, just apply the gospel in your life more! It works in all situations. Pray and study the scriptures and the Lord will bless you as you trust in Him. Be strong my brother! Love you man.

Charly! I'm glad you had so much fun at the cabin. How was it with Rachel?? I remember post-EFY sadness. It's brutal. I just wanted to go back so bad!! EFY is awesome but the important thing is how we apply what we learn. Have you not tried skiing this year?? What are you doing??? You need to try it!! Skiing is the best!! How have you been with your scripture reading? Love ya!

Jake! Sounds like you got the jetski going pretty fast. Was 81 the max you can get it to? What was the max on the Bullock's jetski that we hit? I don't really remember. I remember I almost caught a big bass once too, but the tiny rod couldn't handle it!! What happened to your leg in the tube ride? Is it better now? Have you had any air soft wars recently? You need to get out and ski!!

So things with my new companion are going pretty well. I'm going to kill him (as in he's gonna finish his mission with me). He's done at the end of this cambio. He's not trunky though so things are going well. He's a really great missionary and I've learned a lot from him. It's his birthday today so we went to a nice restaurant here in ConcepciĆ³n and ate some delicious burgers. This morning we also played soccer with some missionaries from some other zones as well as ours, and with the assistants. It was a blast. I get along really well with him and I've learned a lot from him so far. He's really good at following the Spirit, and I feel like the mark he's gonna leave on me will be that - how to trust in and recognize the Spirit. We wanna just work our butts off these next couple weeks. I think we'll be able to do great things if we're obedient and trust in the Lord. I know the Lord will bless us.

Just so you know, next week I'll be writing home a lot later than usual, cause I have P-Day all day. There's a conference with all the zone leaders from our mission and ConcepciĆ³n South with a seventy that's coming named Elder Arnold I think. A few District Leaders are going as well. It's gonna be awesome.

Our star investigators are still doing well. They both loved church and are working towards their baptism on the 25th. Unfortunately, only Catherine came to church though. They were out late at a family member's house and she got to bed at 4:30am and still came but her husband Francisco literally couldn't drag himself out of bed as he got to bed at like 7:30am. We found out this week that they smoked. We knew Francisco did a little, but we had no idea that Catherine did. She smokes about 20 a day, or at least she did, but we taught her the word of wisdom on Friday, and on Saturday she dropped to only 3 cigarrettes, and she was even out late at a get-together which is normally a prime smoking place. On Sunday at about 2:30 she still hadn't smoked one that day. She is amazing. They are reading the Book of Mormon daily and even watching Book of Mormon cartoons on their spare time in the house. They are amazing. We're praying for them so they can possibly get baptized on the 19th the day before Elder Chilcote leaves. We're gonna have to be really clear about the Sabbath Day this week, and depending on their smoking habits we might change their baptismal date to then. They are so awesome. Pray for them!

We found a bunch of other investigators this week too, but unfortunately none that were really excellent. One was incredible and accepted a baptismal date and was gonna go to church, and even had friends that are members, but then her mother frustrated it all. We're going to try and see what we can do cause she (Catalina) is about 25 and can make her own decisions. She felt really good but I think her mother kind of ruined things. Satan was working hard.

This week we want to practice teaching together more in our studies so we can get better at directing our teaching towards baptism while following the Spirit. I'm so excited for this next week. It's gonna be incredible!! I love being a missionary so much I wish I never had to leave. I know the Lord is going to bless us this week. I've learned the importance of following the Spirit, and I'm going to do all I can to deserve it, recognize it, and follow it. Complete obedience and dilligence is required to deserve the Spirit, and sometimes to recognize it I just need to slow down and pay attention. The Spirit speaks if we listen with faith. The only thing after that is to just follow what it says. Sometimes those ideas them come to mind seem trivial or perhaps a nuisance, but I'm striving to follow them anyway. I know the Lord wants us to have success, and he knows how to have it. I love Him so much. I want to strengthen my relationship with him.

I love the Lord, and I love being a missionary. I know this is all true. I want to be able to help as many people as possible. I want to strengthen my faith and be able to trust more than even though I have so many weaknesses, through me the Lord can work miracles. My companion is helping me with that too. Sometimes I doubt my own abilities, but I have to trust more that through the Lord I can do great things.

1 Nephi 17:50-51 "And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done. And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me (Elder Blomfield), that I should build a ship (baptize converts and serve my district)?"

I know the Lord can do great things. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. I love you so much!


Elder Blomfield