Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family!! Thank you so much for your letters and all your support. Sounds like it's been a crazy week for you all, and it has for me too!

Dad! That's cool about the stuff in Texas. Hopefully you see some good results there. Can you send me a picture of the jetskis?? I wanna see what the look like. I bet you're having a blast out on the water with those. That's cool that the Simpson family came down. That jet pack thing sounds pretty cool! I bet it's nice to have internet access in the cabin. What's "the ultimate gift" about? Do you still keep in contact with any of your mission companions or any of your converts? How are all your converts doing? Thanks for everything Dad, you're the best. Love you tons.

Mum! I spoke to Elder Wood mostly in English but we exchanged words in Spanish too which was really weird. It was cool to speak to him in another language haha. How did you feel when you saw Michael bang his head up? I bet that was pretty scary! Nice job figuring out how to do 360s! I really like that idea about the Sabbath Day with the ice cream sundae. I've used that example a few times and I love it. Sounds like it's really hot over there! Here it's starting to warm up a little bit today. It rained like crazy a few days though.

Michael! Nice work splitting your head open! I am teaching a few teenagers right now, but primarily it's Yarelee who will hopefully get baptized on the 1st. I've made a lot of life-long friends in the mission. As you teach someone and see their conversion, you develop a special relationship with that person, and their happiness becomes so important to you. When I hear about success with my converts, I'm ecstatic, but when I hear about problems they're having it breaks my heart. I haven't have anything too crazy that's happened. Some people say some pretty funny things. This lady we taught said she was catholic and would never change, but said she would like to know what church is true. She said once she prayed and had a dream in the which she found out that the Jehovah's Witnesses are the true church, but didn't join it. Weird. You were doing some jumps? What kind of stuff were you doing when you busted your head up? Who are your roommates? What every happened to being Sam's roommate? How you feeling about BYU?? You'll tear it up bro.  Dude you're gonna have a blast at BYU. Make sure you keep me updated with everything. Work hard and play hard! Love you bro.

Charly! That's awesome you went on all those roller coasters at Silverwood. I used to love that kind of stuff but my stomach is really weak now. What you wrote didn't make sense. Did you like the Aftershock or not? I loved it but almost puked my guts out afterwards. Love ya Char!

Jake! That's too bad that green slide is so lame. What a shame! (That totally rhymed). NIce job fishing! What kind of fish do you catch? Are they mostly sun fish? Are you sad about going to school again? I'm glad you're havin a blast. Love you!

Family! I have a bunch of stuff to tell you about this week. I'll start with the cambios. So Elder Chilcote has officially died. I said goodbye to him about an hour ago which was pretty hard. We were only companions for about 3 weeks but we grew really close and became great friends. We learned a lot together and it was sad to see him go. He was doing good during the week, but yesterday everything started kind of hitting him. He's happy to see his family and girlfriend, but leaving the mission hit him pretty hard. Today he was tearing up a bunch. I am completely dreading that day with all my soul. I honestly think I will be a complete mess. I've just got to give it my all while I still can. I had a terrible "click" moment the other day and realized that my time to invite people to baptism is so short. Kind of a sad thought. Anyway, we knew he was gonna leave. Last night we found out the cambios, and found out that Elder Morales, the other zone leader that's training Elder Hague in the other half of the sector is also leaving. We were with some of his and Elder Chilcote's converts and they were bawling their eyes out. It's so sad to say bye. Elder Hague only has like 3 weeks in his sector and he's got to show his new comp around!

My new companion is named Elder Chagoyan and he's going into his 4th cambio I think. I'm gonna be one of the zone leaders and someone named Elder Gomez is coming to be the other one. It's my first time as zone leader so I'll need Elder Gomez to show me the ropes a little. I'm excited to serve but a little overwhelmed to be honest. I know the Lord will magnify me if I lean on Him, but I know this is a great responsibility.

This week we had an activity with one of the wards in the zone. It was a mini MTC that the young mens program had put on. The zone leaders, the other district leader, and I all taught classes. I taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon and we practiced how to effectively present it. After, we went out with our temporary companions and taught some people. We found one lady that was kind of weird, but another man said he wanted to get baptized. That was pretty cool. I'll have to make sure the Sisters in that sector visit him.

This week Catherine, Yarelee, and Yarelee's brother Hector all came to a talent show activity and to a baptism. They all loved the baptism, and are all looking good for the 1st of September. Catherine has officially quit smoking!! She was gonna get baptized this upcoming weekend but because of her family, has asked to change the date so they can all be there. Yarélee felt that all we had taught was true, and my companion invited her to specifically pray about the Book of Mormon and to stay on her knees til she received the answer. She said she did it, and got her answer. INCREDIBLE! The Lord also helped her to forgive some of her family members for some problems they had had. Hector says he wants to get baptized. Even though he's only 9, he's praying and reading and feels like the message is true. He says every night when he prays he feels like God speaks to him through his feelings. What a spiritually sensitive kid!!! If everything keeps going well, Catherine, her husband Francisco, Yarélee, and Hector will all get baptized on the first. All of them went to church this weekend. Pray for them!

I just spoke to my son (Elder Silva) who's now coming to my zone from Coelemu. He said David and his family are doing great. Norma is participating actively in her calling as Young Women's second counselor, and David was recently called as Sunday School President!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just fills me with joy. It was kind of counteracted though however when I found out that Ana from Coelemu hasn't gone to church since I left and doesn't have desires to go... That completely broke my heart. Please pray for her a lot - I'm really concerned. They also have 3 baptisms set up for really soon. Last week they got 45 people in church too. They're tearing it up!!!!

So this has been a crazy week. I'm overwhelmed, but excited to serve. I will look for the Lord's guidance and confidence as I serve. I need to strengthen my faith to the point where I can more effectively strengthen my missionaries. I feel like I really don't know what I'm doing as a zone leader, but I'll just trust in the Lord and do my best.

I love this work! It makes me so happy even though there are really sad moments. I know the Lord is with us. I hope I can prepare and serve as He would have me serve. I know this is the truth!!! I love being a missionary. I love you so much!!


Elder Blomfield

P.S. Our zone got some awesome personalized hoodies. I'll try and send a a picture.