Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family! Thanks for all your letters. I can't believe Michael's already at BYU... I feel old.

Dad! That's cool that you can still keep in contact with some of your converts. Elder Chilcote is in contact with some of our investigators right now which is pretty funny. That movie seems pretty cool. I like hearing about other Christian churches teaching values like that. How do you feel about Michael being gone? Was it a sad crying moment? That's cool you got to hang out with the Wallace family. It is kind of a bummer when you hear of converts that aren't doing so hot. It's heart breaking, but at the same time I know I did what I could for them. I keep praying for them and know the Lord will never stop working with them. I need to work better with the members to help with retention purposes. The mission, and the area in general, is really trying to up the retention. In Chile it's really bad, and that needs to change. I wanna take better care of the converts here because I know I'd want missionaries to do the same for my converts. Love you dad, hopefully everything goes well at work!

Mum! I bet it's weird being back at home. Such a difference haha. I bet it feels really weird with so few of us, the kids, in the house. Not that 4 is few, but I bet there's a difference. Also, none of them can drive alone! I feel OLD. It's cool having Elder Silva in my zone today. They really got things going in Coelemu. A convert over there recently returned from his mission and is getting things going with the young men in the branch. It's great. I can't believe Izaac's going to kindergarten! He's so old. It was probably a good call not buying the bike. It's a nice luxury, but it wasn't worth the pain, and also in the winter you can't use it much. Jessamy said in a letter forever ago when I was in the MTC that she was gonna go to China. What ever happened with that? That's cool that the Watts' have gone on missions. Being a missionary is the best. What are they gonna do for the cultural celebration? You'll have to fill me in on all the details. I'm sure Dad will do a great job. David and Norma were baptized before my year mark. With some miracles they could get to the temple before I leave. Maybe I could go with them (if you and Dad come pick me up hahaha). Love ya Mum!

Michael! As a zone leader we have to supervise the zone and help the other missionaries in their sectors. We have to verify their progress and take their key indicators. Also we have to help them overcome any problems they have and help them reach their potential. That's awesome you're having so much fun already. I'm glad you were able to make friends so fast. You're gonna have such a blast. Keep me filled in every week with all your crazy adventures and all your experiences. I want details! That's cool Sam's rooming with you. I'm so excited for you. How many credits did you take? 17 is a lot. You'll tear it up man. BYU was harder than high school cause the quality of work expected is a lot higher, but it also depends a lot on the professors. Just always put the Lord first, then studies, then friends, and it'll go great. Buddy, get used to those gringos going on about gringolandia. I had to deal with that a lot hahaha. Just give your Yankee friends a couple digs now and them and things'll be good haha. That's awesome you got a blessing. I recommend you always set a time apart everyday to study the scriptures that you won't interrupt for anything. Sit down with markers and go to town. That's what I would do better if I could. Have good solid prayers, and do everything you can to magnify your calling. Read the homework readings, and spread out your homework time instead of cramming it in last minute. Get involved with as many friends as possible and you'll have a blast. You're gonna have a blast. Love you bro. You're my best friend.

Charly! You gotta go to BYU when you're older. Do you know what you wanna study? Have you thought about it? Sounds like you had a blast in Utah. I love going to temple square. I love church history stuff. Especially learning about Joseph Smith. He's awesome. Char you're so old!! You're gonna be going to seminary!! Love ya Char.

Jake! Didn't hear from you bro but I hope everything's doing great! How do you feel about starting school up again? Did you have fun in the cabin? Is it nice being home? Love you Jake.

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! (in our sector at least) So my new companion Elder Chagoyán is awesome. He's really good at administrating his time and working with the members and being really punctual. He's also really dedicated and smart. We've had a couple differences but we got things all worked out and we're ready to tear it up. We've been blessed with so many miracles.

Yarélee and Hector and looking great for their baptisms. They have their interviews tomorrow and are awesome. Yarélee has a solid testimony and Hector's awesome too. A miracle with them, is that on Friday when we went to teach them, we taught the parents and another sister. We've taught them before, but we saw miracles on Friday. A lot of time, the parents, especially the dads aren't so excited about their kdis getting baptized, but the parents are really happy for and supportive of them. They on Friday expressed their desire to be more united as a family and to get nearer to God. They want the same blessings and changes they're seeing in their kids. They accepted a baptismal date and went to church (the parents) and loved it. The dad, Hector, knew a member that gave a talk, and the member accompanied us to a lesson later on in which the dad cried and it was super spiritual. We found out they aren't married, but I think they want to get married. It work out perfectly, because just that day we had to teach Yarélee and Hector the law of chastity for their baptism, and were a little concerned about how to integrate that with the whole family that we're just recently getting to know. The Lord prepared the situation. MIRACLES!

Catherine still hasn't smoked!! WOOT! Unfortunatly Francisco hasn't quite quit yet. Catherine should be getting baptized this weekend. Unfortunately, something happened yesterday though. We called them at 9am and were just about to come to church, but never showed up. They didn't answer their phone later and we called their house and the uncle who lives with them said he hadn't seen or heard from them the whole day. Later we found out they left urgently to Trehuaco (close to Coelemu) because a family member of Francisco was in really bad medical shape. We still haven't managed to talk to them. I'm a little concerned. I hope Satan isn't gonna get them with some kind of problem like this...

A while ago, a young guy named Franco came up to Elder Chilcote and I and told us he had been sharing with the sisters in another sector but lives in ours and that he wanted to get baptized. He gave us his mum's phone number and kind of avoided us for some reason which was weird, so we kind of left him. Yesterday, he showed up to church. We went by in the afternoon and he accepted a baptismal date. We left him with some reading homework from the Book of Mormon, and he really wants to change his life. He played soccer with us today and had read and marked more than what we left him, had prayed several times, and had even watched most of the Joseph Smith movie. While we waited for the other missionaries to show up to play with us, he asked us to teach him. INCREDIBLE! He hopefully will get baptized this month. MIRACLES!

I love being a missionary. The Lord is blessing us so much! I love it. The zone is having a lot of difficulties however. I need to know how to help each sector reach its potential. We need blessings!

Thanks for all your support. I know this is the Lord's work and that He lives. This is His church. He has called prophets in our days and revealed new scripture. I love it! Jesus Christ is my Savior and He loves us so much.

Thanks for always being so strong. Keep hold on to the rod, and keep helping others get to it!


Elder Blomfield