Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family! Thanks so much for writing!

Dad! Sounds like you have a ton of work to do. That's too bad you're sick. That's the worst. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like the temple cultural celebration is gonna be a blast! I can't believe President Monson is going too, that'll be so awesome. What kind of stuff will you have to do and say as ushers/hosts? How's Mitt Romney looking? Is he looking like the next President? What kind of garbage are people saying to attack the church? I bet the house feels weird with so few people in it. I think it's funny how a six person family can seem small haha. I definitely do feel the responsibility as a zone leader now... A lot of the sectors are struggling to have success and I'm trying to figure out how best to help them. It seem like some don't really take a ton of responsibility, while others are really hard on themselves. We teach in zone meeting tomorrow and we wanna come down hard a bit to help wake everyone up a little, but we have to figure out the way to do it without discouraging those who are hard on themselves. We're in that process. Every missionary in the zone has so much potential and I just want them all to see that. The members in the ward are good and supportive. The bishop is good and so is the ward mission leader. The ward mission leader was a hooligan his whole life and is now getting ready to go on a mission. Sometimes he's really crazy but he's making big changes. We did have a little difficulty this week which I'll talk about in the letter. I've only done 3 baptismal interviews. They're really cool. It's cool to get a personal re-cap of someone's conversion. Hope you feel better soon Dad, love ya!

Mum! JUST got your letter haha. I do like to play soccer, but compared to these south americans I'm terrible. It would be fun to join a team though! I'd love that. What are some of those projects you've got planned in the house? Hopefully they work out better than the kitchen with all those problems you had. That would be a blast to go down to conference as a family. Conference is the coolest thing ever. It would be cool to visit all the historical sites too. Are they still playing the Joseph Smith movie in the theater or is there a new one? Would Kenna and Izaac come to conference too, or would they stay behind with someone? That'll be a really cool opportunity for Charly and Jake. I hope you manage to get tickets! Love ya Mum!

Michael! About my investigators, I'd say there's always a special bond between the missionary and the convert, but it's always important to maintain the relationship appropriate. I'd consider all of them great friends, but we try to never cross the line. Sometimes when the missionaries get too friendly with the investigators, they lose focus and don't progress, and we can lose a lot of time too. So basically it sounds like you're taking all my advice to go to bed on time and to stay really organized and throwing it in the garbage hahaha kidding. I'm glad you're having such a blast! You've already got tons of homework? It'll probably take a little bit to get into university mode and everything. Did you manage to get all your books and stuff? Do you have a bunch of friends with cars? Tell me about your friends and where they're from. We also had BYU girls soccer posters in our dorm. I had one taped to the wall above my pillow haha. That's awesome your an FHE dad. It'l lbe a blast. Make those FHEs awesome! A lot of time people don't give importance to the FHE activities, but just make them awesome and you'll have a great time. Include everyone, prepare good lessons (with commitments so everyone in the FHE family can progress spiritually), and have tons of fun. Do you get a long with your roommates? Tell me about em and send some pictures. That's hilarious you met Felicia. Say hi! I always told her he had a black girl name. Tell me if you meet any other friends. Keep it up and have a blast! Love you bro!

Charly! Being a dental hygienest would be cool. When I was a little kid I wanted to be a dentist. Are you excited for seminary? What's the teacher's name? Who else of your friends will be going with you? What time will it start at? What classes do you have this semester? Hopefully you make the narration part in the cultural celebration, I prayed for you! What's Arlo's like? What's the basement room gonna be for? Love you Char!

Jake! Let me know about your classes and everything! That sound like fin doing the grade 7 tour. Are you nervous about this year at school? What are some of your friends' names from school? How are you doing with your Chief Scout? Your Duty to God? Scripture reading? I hope everything's going great! When is the cultural activity? Let me know how all that goes! Love you Jake!

So this week was pretty crazy. On Tuesday we had interviews with Catherine, Yarélee, and Hector. Elder Lulla, the district leader that did the interviews, said they are amazing and were really prepared. The all have a testimony and understand clearly the restoration. They all have desires to endure to the end and stay in the church. I was so happy!! We got the baptismal service planned up and the clothes ready and everything. Everything was going great! Saturday morning we had our correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader, and everything was set for the baptism at 7:00. At 6:00 I got a phone call from the ward mission leader but was in a lesson and didn't answer. After, we got to the chapel at 6:30 and the baptismal candidates just arrived to take pictures beforehand. Then we found out that nobody had a key to open the baptismal font, and that it was empty. All the family members arrived and stuff, and it was a disaster. The Bishop told us we couldn't jump into the font over the class and fill it up like that, and everything kind of went down the drain. We had to tell everyone that the baptism couldn't happen. The four of us missionaries were about to explode because it was very frustrating and in my opinion we still could have filled the font quickly with cold water if necessary by jumping the safety railing, but we decided not to go against the ward. The first counsellor took Yarélee and Catherine into the Bishop's office and explained everything. Yarélee was crying, but at the end understood and decided to get baptized next Saturday. The whole experience was really stressful and a big test of patience. We almost wanted to lose it with the ward for their seeming indifference, but decided not to criticize, and to restrain ourselves. We definitely felt that our patience grew a ton there. It was really frustrating. Catherine had prepared a little party thing in her house afterwards with us and her family. We went to that and supported them.

On Sunday, we had 7 investigators in church. Catherine (her husband Francisco had to work and didn't come), Yarélee, Hector, and their parents, a recent convert's grandson who was gonna get baptized before named Richard, and the daughter of a less active named Monserrat that we're teaching. Franco, another person that we're teaching and should get baptized this month, had to work. We have a baptismal goal of 4 this month, but hopefully we will see more. Catherine, Yarélee, and Hector will get baptized next Saturday, Francisco the 22nd, Franco the 15th, Monserrat the 22th, and hopefully Yarélee's parents, Hector and Carolina, will get married and baptized too. I'm so excited!! We've been blessed with great people. Pray for Francisco so he can make the decision, and for Franco so he can quit smoking. We're also trying to work more with the members. President Hinckley I think it was said our baptisms would double if we worked with the members. I've always struggled with that, so I want to do better.

Are you working with anyone that the missionaries can teach now? If not, get on it!! Pray to know how to do it and what plan of action to take, and set a date to do it. It can be a Family Home Evening, the temple open house, some activity, anything!! There are always people being prepared, and when the members prepare and invite those people to learn more, the chance of success goes way up. I have a talk from an apostle (don't remember who) who has since passed away, saying that 60% of people who the members have invited to share with the missionaries and do it, get baptized. That means more or less that for every 2 people that the missionaries share with that you invite, 1 will get baptized. That will be a great experience!

This Friday we also had a leadership council. Every month, all the zone leaders meet up in Chillán, but this month President did two councils because he invited the district leaders too. We only have a zone goal of 7 baptisms based on the possibilities of each sector, which is a really low goal. The President came down hard on a few zones for having such low goals. We need to really help the other sectors. A lot of the other missionaries are struggling to see success, even though they're all great missionaries, and the sectors are great too. I'm trying to figure out how to best help them. If you have any suggestions, it would be great. Also, pray for the zone!!! We learned TONS in the council though. We got tons of great ideas of how to effectively contact and find investigators, and how to up our obedience. We want to help the zone become super obedient, and last week made a list to help measure their obedience. I know every missionary can do great, but I just wanna know how to help them reach their potential.

Thanks always for all your support! I love you all so much!! I know this is the truth, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! ITS THE BEST!!!!


Elder Blomfield