Sunday, 30 September 2012


Family!! So sorry for not writing last week!! It was impossible. All the internet places were closed cause it was a holiday, and we had to ask permission to go to a member last minute, and I had zero time when we finally found somewhere.

Dad! It really is great to see people change their lives. There have been so many blessings!! Nice work on handing out invites!! I hope you see some results. I think that would be a really spiritual experience for everyone who goes. That's interesting that you're sharing the gospel with someone who doesn't have a background of a belief in God. Here at least everyone is familiar with Christianity even if they don't believe in it. It would be a weird experience sharing with someone without that basic knowledge. If she reads the Book of Mormon with an open heart and prays, she's as good as converted. It's incredible. I love how the Lord answers prayers when people really want to know. Make sure she prays too!! Sounds like building the temple is turning into a Salt Lake City kind of thing with all the members participating! Have you seen the movie, Mountain of the Lord? It's really cool and talks about how people worked their tails off to get the temple built. That's so cool you got to do your family history for your biological dad! I'd like to learn to do genealogy too. Andy did a triathlon?? HAHAHA Triathlon Andy hahahaha. Love ya Dad.

Mum! That's funny about that hot air balloon!! How high up was it. So the cultural celebration is cow-boy style? Awesome haha send me tons of pictures. Put up the invite on my facebook! Have you been updating it? Tell me what people have requested to be my friends (their full names) and I'll tell you to accept them or not. It is pretty weird feeling that I'm entering summer again like when I got to my first sector in Talca. You know what salsa means in Spanish? It means sauce. Any kind of sauce is salsa. It's sad that people are getting so upset about that video. I hope things get figured out. There aren't many muslims here, mostly catholics and evangelicals. Love ya Mum!

Michael! That's awesome you're volunteering in the MTC. I bet it's a blast. I remember the good old MTC days haha. Seems like yesterday. Good job for putting the Lord first. That's the most important thing you can do. Never let anything else take the place of most importance in your life or in your time. YOU LEARNED TO DO A FRONT FLIP?!?! HOW?! Tell me your secret. I tried to do a backflip at BYU but almost killed myself. How goes the flag football? Go to the temple everyweek bro, that's what I wanna do after that I didn't do so well. It's a great opportunity. Careful with the tumbling gym!! It's so fun but don't dive in head first. Nice job in bio. What Bio is it? What do you do in weight training? How do they grade you? You're tearing it up!! To answer your question, I like being a zone leader cause it's a great opportunity to learn and we get direct training from President and the Assistants, but it's way more stressful haha. I'm learning a ton. How's your Spanish by the way? Love you Mike! Why the heck do they call you Big Cookie??

Charly! I'm glad you're having such a great time with everything in school and everything! What stuff do you have to do in the cultural celebration? Are you nervous? I know you'll do great. Love you Char, keep being so awesome!

Jake! Nice work on making all those teams!! You're gonna be so busy!!! I hope you have a lot of fun. Remember to never let your scripture study slip or anything though. Since when does Wilma Hansen have a soccer team though? That's awesome! Alex is moving to New Zealand? Alex Cahoon? That's crazy! Congrats on being the new Deacon's Quorum President!! I know you'll do a great job. You have to set a good example and do all you can to help each member of your quorum. It's a really big responsibility!! Love you Jake!

Kenna! Thanks for taking the time to write me, you're so nice! You're so old now I can't believe it!! How do you feel in grade 2? Are you sad that Michael is gone? I'm glad you can see the pictures. Do you have lots of friends in your class? What's your favourite thing to learn? Love you Kenna!

This week was pretty awesome. We had a rough start on Monday and Tuesday as they were Chilean holidays, and everyone that was home didn't want to open the door. On Tuesday, we went to the ward activity most of the day with some investigators. They raised the flag, sung the national anthem, and danced "La Cueca" which is the national Chilean dance. It was awesome! I have some pictures and videos to send. I loved it. We then played soccer for a bit, and later played some games like sack races and stuff. At this time of year there are tons of people flying kites. It reminds me of Talca last year. The Chilenos are so good at it! Dieciocho de Septiembre is way bigger than Christmas here. There were a good bunch of drunk people in the streets though too. Luckily, no one had any problems.

The week before on the eleventh, there was a protest thing as there is every year in Chile. It's the anniversary of when the military took over the government years ago, and Pinochev took over as the dictator and killed so many innocents. Teenagers go out at night and burn tires in the streets and cause a ruckuss even though they weren't even alive when the take-over actually took place. Luckily, nothing happened to us cause they didn't start doing anything til night.

On Saturday night we got robbed. I think Elder Hague and Elder Chagoyán left the front gate unlocked (I was on a minicambio with Elder Gómez), and someone got into our backyard and robbed our tank of gas (propane). We've had to have cold showers. It costs a ton to replace it, but luckily it's reimbursable with the mission. At least no one broke into the house or anything! A few weeks ago in the middle of sacrament meeting someone walked into the church and stole one in broad daylight too so people have had to stand as guards by the sacrament room doors to keep an eye on things through the windows.

By the way, FRANCISCO AND MONSERRAT GOT BAPTIZED!! It almost didn't go through as unfortunately the ward mission leader didn't pull through and the Bishop got a little annoyed, but we talked it over and everything's good. It was awesome. I'm so happy for them!!! They got confirmed on Sunday too. Francisco bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon which was cool too. He's not one for much words and expressing his feelings. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met though.

We have other great people who are progressing towards baptism too, but some of them are having challenges. Hector and Carolina are set to get married on the 5th of October and baptized the following week after conference. Carolina had a dream about the Book of Mormon and knows it's true. They've held strong with the Word of Wisdom in spite of all the opposition from family and friends too. They used to have so many family problems but everything is so much better now. The gospel changes lives! Franco is having problems. We set appointments everyday and they have fallen every single day. I'm afraid he's losing interest. I think he's had some problems with his girlfriend and is distancing himself a bit. Pray for him! If he doesn't accept the gospel now, I'm pretty sure his life will go down the tubes and he'll have to wait a long time after a lot of hard times before he'll have another chance like this. Kassandra, Monserrat's sister, is also having some problems as she's being a little lazy and didn't come to church this Sunday.

This week we need to find more people. We're struggling to see real progress in the new people we find. Elder Chagoyán and I are getting a long better and better every day, but we need to get better at grabbing people's attention and creating a spiritual environment. Also, the zone needs help. Some sectors have progressed tons, but some not so much. Elder Gómez is incredible and works really well, but has had some difficulties in his sector in seeing progress in his investigators. He is so dilligent and obedient, but is getting a little stressed cause he wants to set the example for the zone but is struggling to bring people to church even though he works so hard to do so. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the things I have to do, but I just need to trust more in the Lord and be a little more organized. Cambios are coming up next week so things'll get changed up a bit too.

I think something I learned this week was the importance of celestial studies. I think my studies have been alright, but I want to make more of an effort to seek specific revelation for my investigators and my missionaires, and follow the promptings I receive, which sometimes I struggle to do quickly. Elder Gómez and I had a study with one of the assistants on Friday, and learned a lot too. We both need to get better at teaching in our sectors.

I love being a missionary so much! It's very challenging at times and stressful, but when I think of the lives that have been changed, it makes me so happy. I hope it never ends ever. I love it!! I know the Savior lives and that this is His church and HIs work. I'm trying to hand my will over to Him so He can change me and develop me. I need to improve as a leader, and only He can help me.

I hope you're all sharing the gospel! Love you all!!