Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Family!! It's so great to hear from you! Thanks for your letters! I'm short on time today so sorry ahead of time if the letter's a little short.

Dad! Sounds like your bike trip was a lot of fun. I think missionaries should be given motorbikes. It would be the coolest thing ever. We would save so much time, and I think it would be pretty funny to see a couple people with shirt and tie riding around next to each other all over the place. Can't wait to get my own bike though. The plan is to get it before getting married so my wife automatically signs the unwritten contract consenting to the fact that I own one before she can have any say in it. That's pretty cool about Adam's talk. I like what he said, and I'm learning the same thing right now. That's so crazy that he's back and the Ross is back soon. Time goes by so fast! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a complete weirdo when I get back. I'm already struggling to speak English, and the thought of being alone in a grocery store kind of scares me. I always thought it was an exaggeration when people said that they had companionship separation anxiety, but I totally see that happening with me. What did you think about the joke the Elders pulled on me? Personally, I thought it was brilliant. Love ya!

Mum! Hahahaha that prank was amazing Mum! I loved it! I think it hilarious. My companion made sure I was someone who wouldn't burst into tears or someone who knew martial arts before they did it, cause that would be bad news hahaha. I listened to all the messages and I loved em! Thank you so much. That's crazy that MIchael's going to BYU soon... Time goes by so fast! It feels like I was about to leave to BYU just yesterday! I was really nervous and questioning if I really wanting to leave. Then I was a mess when I did haha. It was a good decision though and I know Michael will do great. That's cool that you and Dad want to serve a mission. It's the best thing ever. I would give anything to have another couple years as a missionary. Love you Mum!

Michael! I know! The prank was great, wasn't it? Haha I didn't do it though so don't blame me. The ex-policeman is an investigator of the other Elders in the sector. He's been to church a few times and might get baptized this month. He's played soccer with us a few times and gone to church activities too. How did your phone broke?? Fill me in!! That's brutal!! I think Gary needs the gospel in his life. What did you say to him? I'm glad you loved your coining out ceremony. I love those. They're really powerful and they were always really uplifting experiences for me. You're so old. Good job with your Duty to God! How are you feeling with going to BYU? Love ya!

Charly! I'm glad you had fun at EFY and everything, but WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAD A COW???? THAT'S NOT ALLOWED!!! I'm glad the food was better. It was always an act of faith eating there, as we had to really depend on the blessings on the food. What was missionary day? Is that new? Tell me about it. I'd like to be an EFY counselor one year. It'd be really fun. I remember being really sad when EFY ended cause it was such a spiritual high and you make a bunch of friends and then it all ends. It's sad, but also it's important to apply what you learned at home, otherwise it's kind of in vain. I've heard some of the music and it's really good! Tell me more details about EFY! That's cool that Rachel's going to the cabin with you. Do you hang out with her a lot? I bet you're having so much fun this summer. Love you!

Jake! You don't like skiing and wakeboarding?? What a sin. That's the best part of boating easily. Kneeboarding and tubing is fun, but skiing and wakeboarding wins easily. Air soft wars are also really fun. I loved doing that. The only problem is that someone would always end up crying when we played haha. The olympics are in London right? I bet it's cool to see that. What did Mr. Bean do?? I hope you have a blast in Idaho! Love you bro!

Kenna! Thank you so much for writing to me! You're awesome. Who pulled your tooth out? Are you excited to go to the cabin? What did the tooth fairy write to you? Is it hard to talk without your tooth? I bet you're gonna have so much fun at the cabin! Love you!

This week was nuts. So to start off, on Wednesday night we got a phone call from the assistants. One of them asked to talk to me and asked me if I knew Elder Hague. I told him he was my MTC companion, and then he told me I was going to train him! I was shocked, and thought it was a little odd that they called with more than 3 weeks in advance, but then he told me that Elder Durán was leaving the next day with an emergency cambio. It was nuts. Then the phone died, and they called back saying that President didn't know that I was already companions with Elder Hague in the MTC, so they stuck him with Elder Morales who is one of the Zone Leaders in my house, and Elder Chilcote is now my companion. It is nuts!! I worked with Elder Hague his first day though while the zone leaders were with the assistants. It was sad to see Elder Durán go so fast. We got along well. It was crazy! It's also more crazy to be with Elder Hague!

Our two baptismal possibilities fell through this week... Richard's mum gave him permission to get baptized, but his dad didn't. Also, Gabriela was doing great up until Friday when everything went terribly. Gabriela suddenly said she felt pressured and dropped us. I think it more had something to do with her aunt, since we were always very clear with Gabriela that all this was her choice and we always told her to never just do something because we told her to. She was good on Thursday, but on Friday had a radical change. It was really sad. I learned about the importance of discerning how their really feeling. They can say one thing but mean another. It was really sad. I think that aunt must have said something to her unfortunately.

This week we brought a young married couple to church. It was awesome!! They could possibly get baptized this upcoming month. They are incredible and have a lot of desires to get closer to the Lord. I hope things go well with them!

Today we climbed a big hill with the zone. It was a blast. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. I'll have to steal someone else's pictures.

Sorry the letter's so short, but I have no time! Love you all! I know this is the Lord's work.


Elder Blomfield