Sunday, 28 October 2012


Family! Thank you so much for writing me.

Dad! Hahaha that's funny what you said about the sister missionaries. Sometimes it can be a little bit of a struggle here with that. There are some sisters that are struggling constantly but don't do anything to change it, and don't really have any desires to try harder or any efforts to be more dedicated. There are others that are always working really hard and doing an incredible job. There are sisters that come to really serve the Lord, and there are sisters who come just to come I think. Same with the Elders, but it seems to be more of a spread with the Elders. I'm glad you and Mum liked working in the temple. That's funny about your face hurting hahaha. Grandma and Grandad Blomfield are gonna be temple workers too?? That's so awesome! Make sure you send me a bunch of pictures from the cultural celebration and fill me in with everything, especially what the prophet says.

Mum! Seems like the computer's been quite a pain. I dunno why it didn't send that stuff. I got the letters though!! You've never have a speeding ticket??? Any luck with bringing people to the temple? I'm not gonna be able to watch the broadcast cause I have a baptism on Saturday and I don't think I would get permission anyway. I'm so excited that we're gonna have a temple there! Does everyone get to hear the dedicatory prayer? Who's Paul Ryan? That's so cool I have a little cousin once removed! That's so exciting for everyone. That's cool that Joseph and Jennie are gonna be fostering! So many babies. I'm sure you'll see the fruits for your missionary labours, Mum, especially now that so many people went through the temple! Grandad might have to have bypass surgery? When? Mum you have to explain to me what the heck is Omnikin cause I have no idea. You could try sending it on the cd, I think that'd be fine! What talk is it? Anything that's edible, especially chocolate, would be great. I think it would be cool to send some little mini Canadian stuff do give to some people here. I can't believe Kurt gets back so soon... I feel so old. Thanks for everything you do Mum. Love you so much! By the way, anything from facebook or anything I need to know? Are there any chilenos that have added me?

Michael! That's too bad about your laptop. I hope you manage to get it fixed! It would be a right pain trying to survive in university without a laptop. You'd have to go and use  the library computers or something. I've never been to Lagoon. Sounds like you're having a blast down there!! I'm so stoked for you. So what are your thoughts about your mission? If you feel like you need to go this next semester. GO! Don't worry about anything else. I can't believe your going to Vegas hahaha. That'll be a blast. Behave yourself haha. How are your grades? Your scripture studies? Love you bro!

Charly! Nice job in volleyball! Do you like volleyball a lot? It's a lot of fun. Are you nervous for the cultural celebration?? You'll do a great job I'm sure. You're gonna be performing in front of the prophet! I'm so excited and jealous. I'm sure your hair looks fin haha. Where are you at in seminary right now? What are you studying? How are the scripture masteries coming? Learn em they help! Love you Char!!

Jake! That's good you liked conference. It's so cool being there. You really catch the vision of how big the church is!! I love it. Those people outside are ridiculous. I wonder how many un-converts they get each year haha. It's sad that they close their hearts and don't let the Spirit in. That's funny you got lost on the way to soccer. At least you got there and scored! Nice work. I feel bad for the other team. I love you Jake!

Alrighty! So this was a pretty good week. Last week I was really grateful for the baptisms we had, but I knew that I hadn't done the best of my efforts to keep the work moving along in my sector. This week we saw a lot of results though. On Tuesday morning, the President called and told us we needed to find at least 14 new investigators this week as zone leaders, each of the district leaders would need to find 12, and the rest would need to find 10 each. It was quite a lot to find 14, but we found 19 which was pretty good. We brought a bunch of people to church too, which was stake conference. We reached all our weekly goals! We were very blessed. I'm grateful that the Lord is with us in this work when we trust in Him and do our part.

Priscila, a 14-year-old friend of recent converts, is ready to get baptized this weekend. We were a little concerned that maybe she was only going to church because of her friends, but we found out that it's really not like that. She read a bunch. She was in 2 Nephi 5 on Saturday night. Her recent convert friends left to visit a missionary in Parral, but she went anyway. Her mum, Cecilia, explained to us that she believes in the Book of Mormon. She feels it's true, but has some questions and insecurities. She's evangelical so it's hard for her to leave behind her old way of thinking. She came to church for the second time. I think she'll probably get baptized next month. On Saturday we almost met her Dad, Luis, who also showed a lot of interest in supporting his daughter. He came to church too and loved it! He committed to read the Book of Mormon too. It's gonna be so awesome! Such an awesome family! I gained a testimony of the importance of using the members to find and teach, because if it hadn't been for that recent convert family, I think we never would have been able to taught them. Blessings!

On Tuesday, we were playing soccer at the church with converts and investigators, and there was one who was there who was watching but not playing. We've known him for a long time. He's a recent convert's son. I left my backpack and cell phone behind the net, and I was being goalie. I looked over at one moment and realized the phone was gone. The convert's son had gone to the bathroom. He's 30 something. He came back and we all started looking for it. He told me to search him and everything and got defensive. I'm pretty sure he stole it and hid in somewhere not in his clothes, cause he was the only one there. Also, supposedly he's stolen from his own sister before in order to buy drugs. He denied it and got mad too cause supposedly I was looking at him funny haha. It seems way to obvious that it was him cause he was the only one there and automatically put himself on the defensive. Oh well... We now have to wait to get another one. It's quite a shame.

Catherine and Francisco aren't doing so great. They were doing so good before but now not so much... After the cambio, the other Elders didn't visit them for almost 2 weeks, and Catherine got depressed. All their family stopped visiting them at the same time. They haven't gone now for 4 weeks. The first one, their son got really sick. Then Catherine had to work, then Francisco had an accident when a bus crashed into the bus he was in and had problems with his leg, and then this weekend supposedly their aunt got assaulted. I'm worried, cause their cell phones have been turned off on Sunday mornings for two weeks in a row. It could just be for specific things that keep happening by coincidence but I dunno. On Tuesday, Catherine came to play soccer and I talked to her there. She said she was feeling down and didn't want us to visit her anymore, even though she was gonna keep coming to church. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I'd ever heard. I was so sad. I love them so much and I know they have testimonies but I don't know how to help them. The Elders managed to visit them on Saturday though. I talked to Francisco yesterday and he said that Catherine feels better now and stuff but I'm still worried. Please pray for them.

One the other hand, Hector Torres gets the Aaronic Priesthood next week which will be awesome, and that family is doing great. they gave me this awesome gift, which was a plastic keychain thing with a picture of them being baptized on one side, and a picture of another family on the other side. It's so cool.

On Tuesday I got to do a minicambio with my son, Elder Silva, which was a really cool experience. It was cool to see how he's grown and developed as a missionary. I get along really well with him. He now takes the initiative a lot more and has learned a lot. I'm really proud of him. I like to brag to everyone telling them he's my son haha. He's a great missionary. I feel a special love for him seeing as I trained him.

Yesterday we ran into this one guy who knew A TON about the church. He had read and studied the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. It was crazy. He was the first person I've met who could really fight well with us. He quoted our own doctrine and threw tons of anti-mormon stuff at us. It was pretty intense. Apparently he had studied for 4 years trying to find out if the church was true, and said it isn't. He said he respected us for what we did as missionaries, but that we were in the wrong path. It was sad to see someone with so much knowledge reject the truth. I feel so blessed to have a testimony of the truth.

I love being a missionary. It's the greatest thing ever. Even though we run into tons of interesting situations, the Lord blesses us when we are faithful to Him. I love how we can communicate directly with the Lord through the Holy Ghost. He can answer our questions and guide us. I know He lives and that this is His church. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, and I know the Book of Mormon is true. It's simple, and everything else just doesn't matter.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I love you tons! Please pray for Priscila and for Catherine and Francisco. I love you!!


Elder Blomfield


Family! Thank you so much for your letters. I only heard from a few of you. I hope there are good enough excuses hahaha.

 Dad! That's lucky your speeding ticket wasn't too much haha. That's sad about Jeannie´s brother getting cancer. That's really tough. They'll be in my prayers. Did Elder Holland literally break the pulpit? That's sweet. What was he tuning up the missionaries for? That'd be cool to go to a mission reunion. Are there any interesting projects going on at work right now? Who's Mark Knopfler? That's cool you got to answer questions in the temple and stuff. I bet that was a really cool experience. I love it when people ask us real, good questions. We meet a lot of people who are quite ignorant and closed in their ideas no matter how simply we state the truth, like people saying we worship Joseph Smith and saying that we think he's greater than God among other stuff, so it's so nice to meet someone who asks sincere and decent questions. That's too bad about Mike's computer. Tell him to write me double next week haha. Love you Dad!

Mum! I got your letter you resent from last week, but I didn't get anything from this week unfortunately. What do you think about Michael going on a mission so soon? Did you like the concert of the guy I'd never heard of that Mark Knopf guy? The baptisms went through this week it was great. Hope to hear from you next week! Love ya!

Michael! That's a shame about your (my) computer bugging out. How have your classes been going? Straight A's? How bout your mission stuff, how's that coming? Have you made your decision? Did you enjoy being with the family? Love you!

Charly! Didn't hear from you this week, but I hope everything's good! How's volleyball going? I heard you had to miss some of the tournament to go to the temple. Nice work. I bet the temple was such a cool experience. I love going there. I can't wait to go againg when I go back. How are your classes going? Seminary? Love you Char!

Jake! That's so cool you got to go to conference. I loved that announcement, it was so awesome. How did you feel in conference? Nice job in soccer. How's your team doing? How are you doing on your other teams? I'm glad you enjoyed the temple, and I'm really proud of you that you brought a friend with you. Way to be a great missionary! Love you buddy.
This week was pretty awesome in some aspects and kind of lame in others, but I'm gonna start with the positive.

We had three baptisms! Well, actually the other Elders had three baptisms, but they're my investigators haha. Hector and Carolina got baptized on Saturday as well as Kassandra and it was awesome. Hector and Carolina are really happy and the ward is really excited to have them there. Since they've started going to church, they haven't missed one week. That family has changed completely. They had tons and tons of problems and fights, Hector drank quite a bit, and Yarélee didn't even believe in God. They opened their hearts and the gospel changed them. I'm so happy for them. We gave them each a triple combination and a Bible. They seem really excited to serve and to be part of the ward. Kassandra also seems really excited. Her mother, who was a less active, is now attending regularly and so is Monserrat, her sister.

Something funny about the baptism, is that Elder Hague and Elder Chagoyán forgot to turn of the taps that fill up the baptismal font, and as the talks were being given and stuff, it overflowed. Everyone had to wait about 20 minutes while we scrambled around to dry the hallway up. The pump to drain the water out was broken, so we had to use garbage bins to empty out enough water for the baptisms to work out. It was kind of a disaster, but I'm sure it'll be an unforgettable day for them forever! Luckily nobody got mad or anything and everyone just helped out.

On Friday we had a zone conference with half the mission. We learned about working with members, planning using some maps the mission gave us, and about the importance of memorizing scriptures and using them in the teaching. I learned a lot. I learned the importance of using the scriptures, because for one they give validity to our teaching, but they're also way more powerful than our own words. By doing so, we show the doctrine and then testify of it and promise blessings. I want to know the scriptures more. The conference was pretty cool too cause I got to conduct the whole thing. Another thing I learned a lot was to really do everything in order to help others and to help the Lord. I don't want to serve for my own benefit at all, but rather for the benefit and salvation of others.

This was a pretty difficult week for us in our sector, and wasn't great in the zone. We had some baptisms which was great, but we didn't have a lot of other results. I felt pretty bad personally cause we didn't really set the example. I know the Lord expects a lot more from us. We didn't have a lot of lessons or a lot of people in church either. However, we do have one great blessing which is that we have one person who will get baptized this month. She's already been several times. This week we're going to work a lot harder to be an example for the zone, and more importantly because the Lord wants us too. I know the Lord will bless us. The zone is having some challenges in the moment but we can't really help if we aren't being dilligent. I need to trust more in the Lord.

I love being a missionary. I love learning about the Savior and His gospel, and I wouldn't rather be in any other place. I want to become a more dedicated and converted servant of the Lord. I want to become a more powerful teacher. I 've been praying for trials to grow, and the Lord is blessing us with some. I love doing His work. I want to learn what He wants me to learn. I know if we give our hearts to the Lord, He can change them and mold us into what we need to be. I want to trust more in Him.

I know this is His church and His gospel. I love it. Jesus Christ is our living Savior. This is His church. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and Thomas S. Monson is one today. The Book of Mormon is true.

I love you all!! Keep being awesome!!


Elder Blomfield

General Conference was INCREDIBLE - 8TH OCTOBER 2012

Family! GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST EVER!! That announcement that missionaries can now leave at a younger age was awesome. I'm so pumped about that. The work will explode. Here, and in some other latin american countries, the missionaries could already leave at age 18.

Dad! That's quite a shame about your ticket, but not gonna lie, I laughed. How much was it? What was your favourite talk from conference?? There were so many great ones that I couldn't decide which was my favourite. I'm glad everyone had a good time. What's Zupas? I totally forgot about Thanksgiving with all the conference ruckus, and almost didn't eat at all yesterday haha. Luckily a member gave us some chicken nuggets and little potatoe tater tot things. Quite the Thanksgiving feast. Did you watch all the sessions? In my letter I'll talk about some of my favourite talks and stuff. That was really rude that you put that wretched number 9 in your email. I have a lot of time still left in my mission, and it's never gonna end. I was thinking a lot recently about how great of a dad you've always been. Thanks for always providing for us and being a good example. I always loved spending time with you and I'm really grateful for all you taught me. You've always been strong in the church and I admire your dedication. You never gave me an excuse to mess up and flake out. Thank you so much for that, because thanks to your example, I've been able to obtain my own testimony and my own conversion. I would like to hear more stories of the days of your youth (so long ago) and your mission, cause I don't know that much. Could you send me some cool stories or something? I love you so much Dad, you're the best!

Mum! Still haven't heard anything from you yet. I hope everything's good! I hope you manage to get an email out before I leave. I loved conference this weekend. It was my favourite conference ever. I wish it never ended. What were some of your favourite talks? Did you enjoy Utah? I bet it was cool seing Michael and stuff. They talked a lot about the family and stuff this conference which I liked. Thank you so much for all you've ever done in raising me and showing me a good example. You're spiritual sensitivity and missionary efforts have been an example to me in the mission field. I feel like I'm learning a lot about how the Spirit works. I love being here, and thank you for always supporting me. I think as a youth one always takes for granted what your parents do for you, because it's just expected, but I'm starting to see how big the sacrifices you made for me were. Thank you for dedicating yourself to raising us, even though at one point it meant stopping working during the day. Thank you for always having a strong testimony and helping me develop. I appreciate how, especially the last couple years before my mission, I could trust you with my problems and troubles and thoughts and you could always help me. I'm grateful for the time and the love you always gave to me. I love you tons Mum.

Michael! I can't belive you did a frontflip. That's awesome. Writing was my worst class in BYU too. It depends a lot on your professor, cause others said it was the easiest class ever. Who are your professors? Your friend has a rock climbing wall in her house??? That's ridiculous! What was your favourite session? I LOVED conference. You'll talk more about the second coming later? Bro, if you feel like you need to go, do it. If there's one thing I learned from General Conference, and from the prophet himself, we need to follow promptings immediately, without worrying what the results are. Remember that the Lord's will is the most important here. It'll be sad not seeing you, but if the Lord wants it, then do it. Just follow the Spirit and make sure the decision you take is what the Lord wants. I'm in the same ward, but there are 4 missionaries in this ward. We divided the boundaries of the ward so each companionship generally works on one half to save time and be more efficient. My new companion is awesome. Tell Trent congrats!!!!! That's crazy he's going to St. Louis. Love you Mike, I know you'll make the best decision. Read, pray, serve, and fast to have the Spirit. Love you!

Charly! I'm glad you loved the temple. It's so cool! Are you excited to perform in the cultural performance? Did you have a lot of fun in Utah? What was your favourite talk? Did that announcement make you want to serve a mission? Where did you sit in the conference? What kind of stuff do you have to do in the performance? I bet it's gonna be so cool. I wanna see videos and stuff. Love you Char!

Jake! Haven't heard from you, but I hope you're doing well! Wasn't conference awesome? What was you're favourite talk? Was that the first time you've been now? That's cool that you could be leaving on a mission in only 5 years. I'm so jealous you get to leave earlier. Love you Jakob!

This week was so awesome. I like working with my new companion, Elder Gómez. He's really awesome. I know we're going to have a great time together. He's always super motivated and loves talking with absolutely everyone. It's awesome. We have a lot of fun together and laugh a lot too which is great.

On Friday, we had an awesome leadership council in Chillán, and we learned a lot there. We reached our zone goal of 7 and actually got 9 baptisms last month. This month, our goal is 9. I couldn't go unfortunately, but Hector and Carolina got married!! They're getting baptized this weekend and so is Kassandra. It's gonna be great!!!

We are teaching a friend of some recent converts, who wants to get baptized. She's only 14, but has a lot of support from her friends. We had a family home evening with her and her mother this week with the convert family, and talked a lot about the family. She loved it. Then, they both went to general conference and loved it too. It was great. We prepared a lesson for them, and the mother, Cecilia, started out by saying that she supported her daughter and everything but already had her religion and wasn't going to change. For a second we lost hope, but thought that a missionary is powerful when faced with opposition. We followed our plan, and the Spirit was so strong. Cecilia accepted to read the Book of Mormon, and accepted the baptismal invitation, however without a date. It was a great experience. I trust more and more in our singular message to the world. The Spirit can really work miracles.

General Conference was INCREDIBLE! I have never enjoyed conference so much as I did this week. I got to watch it in English with some other missionaries. It's way better that way. I understand it in Spanish, but it's not the same when we don't hear their same voices. I loved the new missionary announcement. I think it'll be way better. I think a lot more missionaries will go out to serve and it'll bring great results. I'm gonna talk about my very favourite talks only, cause there are so many that I loved.

Elder Ballard on Saturday afternoon gave a great talk about how we should be like bees. I loved how he said that small acts of service can bring us closer to the Lord and give us more of His Spirit. I learned a lot from that . He said we need to spread our testimony from our mind to our heart by praying so that the Lord can guide us to people in need. A big theme from conference was conversion, and how acting on what we know is what really converts us, and plants our testimony in our hearts. If we want the Spirit more, we have to act more on our knowledge.

I also loved Elder Robert C. Gay's talk about what we are willing to do to give up our soul. "Would you sell your soul for a nickel?" It confirmed a lot of some of my promptings recently about the importance of teaching about eternal life as I teach investigators, and not just focusing on their temporal needs. It made me think a lot about what is really more important in life, and prioritizing. I want to live and teach that more.

Elder Neil L. Anderson's talk was incredible. If we want to know the true doctrine to church, it's not hard to find. Trials are designed to help us grow, but can destroy us if we aren't prepared. To prepare we need to study the scriptures, pray, serve, fast, and never leave the church. I want to pray for more trials, because through trials we can really grow. Trials are the best learning experiences.

Anthony D. Perkins in Priesthood session talked about 6 principles do deepen conversion. Prayer, Study, Participate in ordinances, Showing love, Tithing, and Chastity. Very simple but very powerful. we can't affort to let our guard down at all, even if we think we will never fall.

President Monson in Priesthood talked about we need to see people as the changed people they can become, and really trust in that atoning power. I need to see everyone in white as a missionary. I loved that talk. It strengthened my testimony of the atonement.

I loved Henry B. Eyring's talk on Sunday also about how God never hides from us. We need to be willing to accept the Lord's will and timing. Sometimes we want things done our way, but we have to be willing to do things His way in order to grow. He knows what we really need a lot more than we do.

Elder Holland's talk was incredible too. He's given a talk really similar to missionaries in the MTC before. I love when he talks about Peter and his progress. It's so awesome. It made me think, why do I serve, and how much do I love the Lord? I loved it. The Lord did so much for us, and He needs our hearts now.

Russell T. Osguthorpe was awesome too. He talked about how conversion is the goal of teaching. It made me think about my own teaching as a missionary, and how I need to teach key doctrine, relate it to their lives, invite to action, and promise blessings.

David A. Bednar's talk was incredible. I never thought of that distinction between testimony and conversion. It was so cool. A testimony is gained by searching and asking, but conversion comes through the application of the received testimony. By living the gospel, we change bit by bit, and give our whole heart to the Lord. A testimony is not enough to protect us. I've seen that so much. Many people with testimonies aren't converted because they choose not to apply the teachings of the gospel. When we do so with a willing heart, we see a change.

Some promptings I felt during the conference were the importance of re-living the first principles and ordinances of the gospel constantly. Faith, repentance, baptism (sacrament), and holy ghost. By doing so, we will constantly change and become more like Jesus Christ. We will be worthy of the Holy Ghost, and will experience a change of heart and be converted. I've been feeling a lot recently that it is important to converse with the Lord in my prayers. I feel like as I do so, I will be blessed in every aspect.

Basically this week was a huge spiritual feast. I wish I could feel like that always. I'm striving to always feel like that in my studies. I love this church and this gospel. I love the Saviour. I know He lives and restored His church through Joseph Smith. This is the truth. I know it, because the Holy Ghost has testified to me. I love serving here. I never want it to end.

Thanks for all your love and support. I hope you loved conference as much as I did, and I hope you keep sharing the gospel!! I love you all!!


Elder Blomfield


Family! Thank you so much for writing to me. I love you all!

Dad! That's crazy about all that middle east stuff. That's a shame about Romney too... What happened there? That's cool about the mayor!! Wow I love that the Spirit was manifest so strongly there in the temple. That's awesome. Let me know what the people from work thought! Nice work with the genealogy. Are you catching that Spirit of Elijah yet? I fogot it's Canadian Thanksgiving haha. I'll have to celebrate it. Where's the mission reunion gonna be? In Utah I imagine. Those brown recluse spiders are the same thing as corner spiders I'm pretty sure. There are a bunch, but I haven't seen any for quite a while. There was a missionary in my zone that was bitten at one point in his mission, but got a blessing and nothing ended up happening. Pretty cool. I'll be careful though. Love you Dad!

Mum! It wasn't scary with the tarantula haha. It was a member's pet. It was pretty cool! That's so cool about all those temple experiences. I love hearing those stories. It's so amazing when people begin to feel the Spirit and start to recognize what it is. I love seeing how it changes people's lives. I'm glad you liked the broadcast. I love conferences and stuff like that cause they get me super pumped up to go out and do more. I really like that activity idea with the pictures and stuff. I love how those small ideas that the Spirit gives us and cause such a great difference. I'm trying to get better and recognizing and following those small promptings, now matter how insignificant they seem. PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! I can't believe it... time goes by so fast. I dunno... maybe little Canadian souvenirs, chocolate is always good, maybe some Beehive Books stuff too, like some little gifts or something. Hahaha someone thought you had 4 kids... I'm glad you loved the temple! Thanks Mum, Love you!

Michael! What the heck does "Yolo brother. (you only live once)" mean? Man it looks like the Utards got to you... Hahaha. That's crazy that your roommate's going to Argentina. It's almost as good as Chile! Haha. It looks like twins often get called to the same country but different missions. I had friends who had the same thing happen in Australia. I know it's tough to put scripture reading first, but you gotta do it! I wish I would've been more dilligent at really having celestial studies before the mission. Franco is dying as an investigator it looks like... Every appointment falls through and I dunno what's going on. We've still got hope though. David is doing great as far as I know. Chile isn't run by a military dictatorship anymore, but it was before. Someone smashed the car window???? You're the best bro. Love ya!

Charly! I didn't hear from you this week, but I hope everything's going well! What did you think of the temple? Isn't it awesome?? How are your classes? How's seminary? Love you Char!

Jake! I didn't hear from you either! Lame! Did you like the temple? How goes Scouts? How's everything going in church? Love you Jakob.

So today is cambios. I got moved, but not very far. I am now companions with Elder Gómez! I moved over to his sector, and Elder Hague moved over to mine. I guess they want the zone leaders to work together. It's kind of sad cause I'm losing all my investigators, but we have the same ward so it's fine. I'll still see them a bunch and be able to visit them.

This week was pretty awesome. We saw a bunch of miracles. It was the best week I've had in the church my whole mission! We had 7 people which was really cool. A great blessing. Hector and Carolina are getting married this Friday and baptized on the 13th, Kassandra, Monserrat's sister, is also getting baptized on that day. We also brought a family that had shared several times beforehand with missionaries and the kids from another family we're teaching. The mother couldn't come because last minute she had to work.

Hector and Carolina have had a lot of opposition from the family, and a lot of difficulties, but are incredible. They're set on getting baptized, going to the temple, and enduring to the end. They are so awesome!! They have changed a ton. The other week, Carolina went to the municipality to set a time for their wedding (in Chile you have to get married legally first by a representative of the government), but then Hector called it off. We were really worried. In Chile, people get married civilly and then in their churches. He had the idea that he was going to get immediately married in the church, but we explained to him that the marriage we do in the church comes a year after baptism, and it's done in the temple. He had a hard time understanding it and cancelled everything. Carolina and their kids got all mad at him, because of all the family problems (which are pretty big) which they've had before, and blamed him saying he didn't want a commitment and was bailing out. Luckily it was all just a misunderstanding and everything got fixed. That family has changed a ton. They are AWESOME! In spite of all the garbage the family says, they know where they are and where they're going.

Franco is unfortunately dying off as an investigator because he keeps falling through on us. It's sad, but we still hope to find him somehow. We can't go to his house cause his dad doesn't want him to which makes it complicated. On the phone the other day he said we wanted to get baptized, but hasn't shown a lot of efforts in getting there. Now he says he wants to go every other Sunday to church, and every other Sunday to play soccer. He promised to come yesterday but didn't show up. It's sad.

There's another family we're teaching that has a lot of problems. The parents recently split up, and the kids are kind of struggling. One of them, the oldest, is really rebellious and always answers back to his mum. The two younger kids came to church this weekend and liked it though. Hopefully we (or rather, Elder Chagoyán and Elder Hague) see some progress there, as well as with the other family that hopefully don't turn into eternal investigators.

In the zone this cambio we had some changes. They stuck Elders in a sector where sisters were, and a few other missionaries left. One of them finished her mission, and another went home because she had problems with her ankle and her stomach. It's a shame, but sometimes that's just what happens. I don't know how long they'll let me stay here. I'm worried it'll only be for this cambio. Elder Gómez and Elder Hague have been struggling to see progress in their sector and now I'm there, so hopefully Elder Gómez and I will be able to get things going. I know the Lord will bless us if we're dilligent and obedient and humble.

I'm really trying to have more celestial studies in the mornings. I want to seek specific revelation everyday instead of just reading and learning more. I want to learn something everyday that will change my mission. I love reading the scriptures. I wish I could stop time and study 10 hours a day. That would be the best.

I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord and helping other people. My relationship with the Lord is a lot stronger, and I'm striving to get to know Him even more. I love this work! I know this is true. To know it's true we just have to follow some simple steps with a willing and sincere heart. Just like Joseph Smith, we have to attend church, read, meditate, and pray. I want to follow that model more to receive revelation. I think that sometimes I look for revelation through prayer, but I would like to search for my answers more in the scriptures. I love this!

Thank you so much for everything. I love you tons!! By the way, I might buy some scriptures for my converts using the credit card if that's ok. If I do it, just take it from my account.