Sunday, 28 October 2012


Family! Thank you so much for writing to me. I love you all!

Dad! That's crazy about all that middle east stuff. That's a shame about Romney too... What happened there? That's cool about the mayor!! Wow I love that the Spirit was manifest so strongly there in the temple. That's awesome. Let me know what the people from work thought! Nice work with the genealogy. Are you catching that Spirit of Elijah yet? I fogot it's Canadian Thanksgiving haha. I'll have to celebrate it. Where's the mission reunion gonna be? In Utah I imagine. Those brown recluse spiders are the same thing as corner spiders I'm pretty sure. There are a bunch, but I haven't seen any for quite a while. There was a missionary in my zone that was bitten at one point in his mission, but got a blessing and nothing ended up happening. Pretty cool. I'll be careful though. Love you Dad!

Mum! It wasn't scary with the tarantula haha. It was a member's pet. It was pretty cool! That's so cool about all those temple experiences. I love hearing those stories. It's so amazing when people begin to feel the Spirit and start to recognize what it is. I love seeing how it changes people's lives. I'm glad you liked the broadcast. I love conferences and stuff like that cause they get me super pumped up to go out and do more. I really like that activity idea with the pictures and stuff. I love how those small ideas that the Spirit gives us and cause such a great difference. I'm trying to get better and recognizing and following those small promptings, now matter how insignificant they seem. PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! I can't believe it... time goes by so fast. I dunno... maybe little Canadian souvenirs, chocolate is always good, maybe some Beehive Books stuff too, like some little gifts or something. Hahaha someone thought you had 4 kids... I'm glad you loved the temple! Thanks Mum, Love you!

Michael! What the heck does "Yolo brother. (you only live once)" mean? Man it looks like the Utards got to you... Hahaha. That's crazy that your roommate's going to Argentina. It's almost as good as Chile! Haha. It looks like twins often get called to the same country but different missions. I had friends who had the same thing happen in Australia. I know it's tough to put scripture reading first, but you gotta do it! I wish I would've been more dilligent at really having celestial studies before the mission. Franco is dying as an investigator it looks like... Every appointment falls through and I dunno what's going on. We've still got hope though. David is doing great as far as I know. Chile isn't run by a military dictatorship anymore, but it was before. Someone smashed the car window???? You're the best bro. Love ya!

Charly! I didn't hear from you this week, but I hope everything's going well! What did you think of the temple? Isn't it awesome?? How are your classes? How's seminary? Love you Char!

Jake! I didn't hear from you either! Lame! Did you like the temple? How goes Scouts? How's everything going in church? Love you Jakob.

So today is cambios. I got moved, but not very far. I am now companions with Elder Gómez! I moved over to his sector, and Elder Hague moved over to mine. I guess they want the zone leaders to work together. It's kind of sad cause I'm losing all my investigators, but we have the same ward so it's fine. I'll still see them a bunch and be able to visit them.

This week was pretty awesome. We saw a bunch of miracles. It was the best week I've had in the church my whole mission! We had 7 people which was really cool. A great blessing. Hector and Carolina are getting married this Friday and baptized on the 13th, Kassandra, Monserrat's sister, is also getting baptized on that day. We also brought a family that had shared several times beforehand with missionaries and the kids from another family we're teaching. The mother couldn't come because last minute she had to work.

Hector and Carolina have had a lot of opposition from the family, and a lot of difficulties, but are incredible. They're set on getting baptized, going to the temple, and enduring to the end. They are so awesome!! They have changed a ton. The other week, Carolina went to the municipality to set a time for their wedding (in Chile you have to get married legally first by a representative of the government), but then Hector called it off. We were really worried. In Chile, people get married civilly and then in their churches. He had the idea that he was going to get immediately married in the church, but we explained to him that the marriage we do in the church comes a year after baptism, and it's done in the temple. He had a hard time understanding it and cancelled everything. Carolina and their kids got all mad at him, because of all the family problems (which are pretty big) which they've had before, and blamed him saying he didn't want a commitment and was bailing out. Luckily it was all just a misunderstanding and everything got fixed. That family has changed a ton. They are AWESOME! In spite of all the garbage the family says, they know where they are and where they're going.

Franco is unfortunately dying off as an investigator because he keeps falling through on us. It's sad, but we still hope to find him somehow. We can't go to his house cause his dad doesn't want him to which makes it complicated. On the phone the other day he said we wanted to get baptized, but hasn't shown a lot of efforts in getting there. Now he says he wants to go every other Sunday to church, and every other Sunday to play soccer. He promised to come yesterday but didn't show up. It's sad.

There's another family we're teaching that has a lot of problems. The parents recently split up, and the kids are kind of struggling. One of them, the oldest, is really rebellious and always answers back to his mum. The two younger kids came to church this weekend and liked it though. Hopefully we (or rather, Elder Chagoyán and Elder Hague) see some progress there, as well as with the other family that hopefully don't turn into eternal investigators.

In the zone this cambio we had some changes. They stuck Elders in a sector where sisters were, and a few other missionaries left. One of them finished her mission, and another went home because she had problems with her ankle and her stomach. It's a shame, but sometimes that's just what happens. I don't know how long they'll let me stay here. I'm worried it'll only be for this cambio. Elder Gómez and Elder Hague have been struggling to see progress in their sector and now I'm there, so hopefully Elder Gómez and I will be able to get things going. I know the Lord will bless us if we're dilligent and obedient and humble.

I'm really trying to have more celestial studies in the mornings. I want to seek specific revelation everyday instead of just reading and learning more. I want to learn something everyday that will change my mission. I love reading the scriptures. I wish I could stop time and study 10 hours a day. That would be the best.

I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord and helping other people. My relationship with the Lord is a lot stronger, and I'm striving to get to know Him even more. I love this work! I know this is true. To know it's true we just have to follow some simple steps with a willing and sincere heart. Just like Joseph Smith, we have to attend church, read, meditate, and pray. I want to follow that model more to receive revelation. I think that sometimes I look for revelation through prayer, but I would like to search for my answers more in the scriptures. I love this!

Thank you so much for everything. I love you tons!! By the way, I might buy some scriptures for my converts using the credit card if that's ok. If I do it, just take it from my account.