Sunday, 28 October 2012


Family! Thank you so much for your letters. I only heard from a few of you. I hope there are good enough excuses hahaha.

 Dad! That's lucky your speeding ticket wasn't too much haha. That's sad about Jeannie´s brother getting cancer. That's really tough. They'll be in my prayers. Did Elder Holland literally break the pulpit? That's sweet. What was he tuning up the missionaries for? That'd be cool to go to a mission reunion. Are there any interesting projects going on at work right now? Who's Mark Knopfler? That's cool you got to answer questions in the temple and stuff. I bet that was a really cool experience. I love it when people ask us real, good questions. We meet a lot of people who are quite ignorant and closed in their ideas no matter how simply we state the truth, like people saying we worship Joseph Smith and saying that we think he's greater than God among other stuff, so it's so nice to meet someone who asks sincere and decent questions. That's too bad about Mike's computer. Tell him to write me double next week haha. Love you Dad!

Mum! I got your letter you resent from last week, but I didn't get anything from this week unfortunately. What do you think about Michael going on a mission so soon? Did you like the concert of the guy I'd never heard of that Mark Knopf guy? The baptisms went through this week it was great. Hope to hear from you next week! Love ya!

Michael! That's a shame about your (my) computer bugging out. How have your classes been going? Straight A's? How bout your mission stuff, how's that coming? Have you made your decision? Did you enjoy being with the family? Love you!

Charly! Didn't hear from you this week, but I hope everything's good! How's volleyball going? I heard you had to miss some of the tournament to go to the temple. Nice work. I bet the temple was such a cool experience. I love going there. I can't wait to go againg when I go back. How are your classes going? Seminary? Love you Char!

Jake! That's so cool you got to go to conference. I loved that announcement, it was so awesome. How did you feel in conference? Nice job in soccer. How's your team doing? How are you doing on your other teams? I'm glad you enjoyed the temple, and I'm really proud of you that you brought a friend with you. Way to be a great missionary! Love you buddy.
This week was pretty awesome in some aspects and kind of lame in others, but I'm gonna start with the positive.

We had three baptisms! Well, actually the other Elders had three baptisms, but they're my investigators haha. Hector and Carolina got baptized on Saturday as well as Kassandra and it was awesome. Hector and Carolina are really happy and the ward is really excited to have them there. Since they've started going to church, they haven't missed one week. That family has changed completely. They had tons and tons of problems and fights, Hector drank quite a bit, and Yarélee didn't even believe in God. They opened their hearts and the gospel changed them. I'm so happy for them. We gave them each a triple combination and a Bible. They seem really excited to serve and to be part of the ward. Kassandra also seems really excited. Her mother, who was a less active, is now attending regularly and so is Monserrat, her sister.

Something funny about the baptism, is that Elder Hague and Elder Chagoyán forgot to turn of the taps that fill up the baptismal font, and as the talks were being given and stuff, it overflowed. Everyone had to wait about 20 minutes while we scrambled around to dry the hallway up. The pump to drain the water out was broken, so we had to use garbage bins to empty out enough water for the baptisms to work out. It was kind of a disaster, but I'm sure it'll be an unforgettable day for them forever! Luckily nobody got mad or anything and everyone just helped out.

On Friday we had a zone conference with half the mission. We learned about working with members, planning using some maps the mission gave us, and about the importance of memorizing scriptures and using them in the teaching. I learned a lot. I learned the importance of using the scriptures, because for one they give validity to our teaching, but they're also way more powerful than our own words. By doing so, we show the doctrine and then testify of it and promise blessings. I want to know the scriptures more. The conference was pretty cool too cause I got to conduct the whole thing. Another thing I learned a lot was to really do everything in order to help others and to help the Lord. I don't want to serve for my own benefit at all, but rather for the benefit and salvation of others.

This was a pretty difficult week for us in our sector, and wasn't great in the zone. We had some baptisms which was great, but we didn't have a lot of other results. I felt pretty bad personally cause we didn't really set the example. I know the Lord expects a lot more from us. We didn't have a lot of lessons or a lot of people in church either. However, we do have one great blessing which is that we have one person who will get baptized this month. She's already been several times. This week we're going to work a lot harder to be an example for the zone, and more importantly because the Lord wants us too. I know the Lord will bless us. The zone is having some challenges in the moment but we can't really help if we aren't being dilligent. I need to trust more in the Lord.

I love being a missionary. I love learning about the Savior and His gospel, and I wouldn't rather be in any other place. I want to become a more dedicated and converted servant of the Lord. I want to become a more powerful teacher. I 've been praying for trials to grow, and the Lord is blessing us with some. I love doing His work. I want to learn what He wants me to learn. I know if we give our hearts to the Lord, He can change them and mold us into what we need to be. I want to trust more in Him.

I know this is His church and His gospel. I love it. Jesus Christ is our living Savior. This is His church. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and Thomas S. Monson is one today. The Book of Mormon is true.

I love you all!! Keep being awesome!!


Elder Blomfield