Sunday, 4 November 2012


Family! So great to hear from you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MUM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!  I love you so much. Sorry I couldn't write you yesterday, we had a crazy change of plans. Every month we have leadership counsels with all the zone leaders in the mission, normally held in Chillán. Because of the travels and everything, they give the zone leaders P-day until the end of the night on those days to get everything done. This month we were gonna have a leadership council with Elder Arnold, the Area President, on Tuesday in Concepción, and have our normal P-day on Monday til 6:30, but then last second on Sunday changed it when he couldn't make it in time. We had planned a zone activity for Monday and had no idea of the change of plans. The assistants called us at 7:30 in the morning on Monday telling us about the meeting, and that we had one hour to be in Concepción so the President could take us to Chillán in his car. They forgot to tell us the day before, so we had to drop everything and run, leaving the zone to do the activity without us. Because we didn't have time to cancel any appointments we had, we couldn't have our full-day p-day and had no time to write or buy food or anything, so the assistants said we could do it this morning.

Dad! Yes, the baptism did go ahead. It was great! Is the ball really big or something for that Omnikin game?? Send me a picture if you can! That's awesome that the performance went well. That would have been really cool to see. That's too bad that President Monson couldn't come, but it's cool that he chose to be with his wife. He still did the dedication though which is cool. What are some things he said?? Congrats for Jojo, hopefully he can become Canadian soon! That's disappointing about missing the SEMA show. I wanna go to that one year. Zellers is now a Wal-Mart? That's awesome! Wal-Mart is way better. Love you Dad!

Mum! Thanks for sending me a package Mum. I don't know if you'd like me to send a package to the family? I would love to but I just know it's gonna cost a ton, and the mission budget doesn't exactly cut it hahaha. I figured I should probably check considering it's your credit card. If not, I'll just bring stuff back at the end. You had to have a recommend? How could kids over 8 get one? Where in the temple did they do the dedication? Let me know how everything goes with Auntie Becky with the baby!! That's exciting news. Yesterday President Humphrey said Romney's doing pretty good. All the Americans here can vote online, and President said they would accept my vote too hahaha. Love you Mum!

Michael! The laptop is still broken?? That's so frustrating. Who's fixing it?? Nice work on your grades. Just get that World Religions up to an A and you're set! Nice job. What time to you go to bed normally every day? That should be fun going to Vegas. Tunnel singing was pretty cool. I liked announcing my mission call there haha. I'm glad you followed the Spirit on making your mission call decision. That's the best thing you could have done. That was pretty funny about the phone, but it's been a huge pain trying to live off the other Elders' cell phone. They're really stingy with letting us use it haha. Keep it up bro. Love ya!

Charly! I didn't hear from you this week! I'm starting to think you don't love me hahaha. I hope everything's good and that you keep behaving yourself! I heard you did great in the cultural celebration too. Tell me about it! Love you!

Jake! Nice job in soccer. That's impressive that you've scored in every game. sounds like We Day was pretty cool. What was your favourite thing you learned in We Day? Did you have a lot of fun in the cultural celebration? That's cool you got to see the temple dedication. That would have been so cool. That's a pretty awesome pumpkin that you carved. I liked the puking idea haha. Love you Jake!

Kenna! Did you have a lot of fun with Lily? Georgia was baptized? That's so cool. Are you excited for your own baptism? That's gonna be so cool. What am I learning about? Good question. I think the most important thing I'm learning about is how to be a good leader. Thanks for writing me Kenna, love ya!

Alrighty! Thanks for writing me family. I have best family in the world. We were really blessed this week. We had a baptism!! Priscila, the friend of a recent convert family was baptized on Saturday, as were two other people that I found with Elder Chagoyán that he was teaching with Elder Hague. It was pretty awesome. All of them are youth, but it's probable that their parents get baptized afterwards. Cecilia, Priscila's mum, has felt the Spirit and recognizes it. She knows this is the truth but due to some previous problems that had in her Evangelical church, it's difficult for her to make the firm decision to be baptized. She has a baptismal date for the 17th of November, but it isn't too solid. She has a testimony and loves the church, but just needs a little bit mroe. This last week we had to focus completely on Priscila to make sure she was all ready for baptism, but now we'll be able to focus more on Cecilia and her husband. Cecilia has already been to church three times. Please pray for her!!

A member has been bringing his friend to church for a while now, but only recently after seeing her in the bus and talking to her, have we managed to teach her. We tried before but the member wanted to give her more time. She feels great in church and believes it's true. She feels peace in her heart when she's there and accepted a baptismal date for the 17th as well. Her name is Susana. She's great. Pray her for!!!

Another person we're teaching that could possible get baptized in November is Juana. She's about 60ish and has gone to church twice. She goes really easily and is really firm with her commitments! I love it. A lot of the time we have to be so on top of people so they go to church, but she simply just does it! When we tell her we're gonna call or go pick her up she just says, I already committed so I'm going to go. She's awesome! Please include her in your prayers.

So yesterday with our crazy leadership counsel, we basically went over the same things as last month. All of it was practically repitition but it was great. We talked about the importance of learning and teaching the doctrine. A lot of the time as missionaries we try to teach using our experiences and testimonies, and then we use the scripures to support our teaching. The mission is trying to change that teaching style, and start using the doctrine in the scriptures as the base of our teaching, with testimonies and personal experiences as a support of what we're teaching. It's great!! We're memorizing a bunch of scriptures and it has helped a ton. It helps people trust in us more, it helps the Spirit be more present cause the scriptures are more powerful than our own words, and it also helps them grow to love the scriptures. I've learned a lot about that.

We're also making a greater effort to work with members, by doing inspired lists and praying to know which of their friends or acquantances is ready to receive the gospel (that's how we found Priscila and Cecilia), and by going over our lesson plans and practicing with them before the lesson. Preach My Gospel says that when we work with members, more people are baptized an remain active. There is a support system, and members soften people's hearts in a way we can't. We've seen how when a member friend is involved, people who would have said no if we knocked their door say yes, and people who wouldn't go to church end up going. It's great. President Hinckley said baptisms will double if we work with members more. Are the missionaries teaching anyone right now that you can help? Are they bringing people to church? I think you should do the same inspired list activity that we did maybe in FHE or something. You start by sharing a spiritual thought, then each family member is supposed to write all the names of everyone you know without prejudice, preferably those that live in ward boundaries but others as well. Each family member does it and then revises the list. After, the family should kneel down and ask the Lord which of those people are prepared to receive the gospel. Then you mark the ones that jump off the page, and make plans to invite them to an FHE or something, and soon meet with the missionaries. The Lord knows which of our friends are ready to receive the gospel. I think that would be a great idea and would give a lot of results. It would help the missionaries a ton!!

We reached our zone goal of 9 baptisms last month, and put a goal of 10 this month. Looking at our possibilities, it looks like it could be a bit of a struggle, but I know the Lord can bless us and help us. We prayed about it and felt best with that goal.

I love being a missionary. I feel like I keep improving everyday at teaching and planning. I have so much more to learn. Being in the service of the Lord brings the greatest happiness and also the greatest sorrow. There is nothing greater than seeing people progressing towards baptism and remaining active, but it hurts a lot to see people fall away. I feel like I'm understanding a little tiny bit more of how our Heavenly Father must feel. It's so sad to see people go inactive and it's really heartbreaking. I wish I could help everyone see how great this is and how they can't afford to miss it. One thing that I've gained from seeing people unfortunately stop going to church, is that it's strengthened my resolution to never do it. I know this is the truth and we can't just leave it. The Lord has done so much for us, more than we can imagine, and He asks us so little. We owe Him that much.

I love you family, thank you so much for your support and prayers. Please keep praying for everyone over here, we need those prayers. I hope everything's going great at home. Love you so much!!


Elder Blomfield