Monday, 26 November 2012


Family! Thanks for writing!! You're the best.

Dad! Yeah it is pretty stressful at times with the weight of goals and everything. Sometimes the stress grows when the assistants call us and try and get us to baptize people quicker and everything. It can be stressful and everything, but the Lord has established the work in this way so we can understand the urgency of the message. That's so awesome about Mike and his family. I hope they all come back to church... Keep on top of them and don't give up!! I'm glad you had a fun Halloween. Congratulations to Becky on her daughter!! I've got another little cousin now woohoo!! I haven't heart anything about that storm Sandy, but a couple people told me about an earthquake in BC. Tell me about it! That's crazy. A bunch of people were checking to make sure the family's all good. Was there a lot of destruction?? I didn't know there could even be earthquakes in Canada. Dad, tell me some more mission stories!! Love you Dad, you're the best.

Mum! Thanks for just throwing that number in there. Rude. I loved the video! I showed it to my comp too haha. I'll try and attach some pictures today. I'm glad the activity went well!! That's a huge turnout!! An activity that size here with just the Relief Society would be ridiculous. I've heard a lot about Zumba. I never actually did it, but a bunch of friends at BYU did. I'm sure you did a great job with the activity. That's good everyone had a blast trick-or-treating. It's still not very big here. There are only a few kids that go out in the street to do it. Close to where we live it would be dangerous for little kids to be out too late. Get me a picture of Eva-Marie ASAP, and of Penny as well. I really admire Grandad's enthusiasm for sharing his testimony. I admire the people who can just share the gospel with anything without it worrying them or anything. Thanks Mum, I love you!

Michael! Didn't hear anything from you this week. I'm assuming your computer's still broken? There better be a good excuse hahaha. Are you back from Las Vegas? I hope you had fun with all your craziness over there. An English-Canadian campaining for Romney. Can't believe it. But who could turn that offer up when they pay for the hotel? Let me know how it went. Love you bro!

Charly! Motag started already??? Hahaha nice work. Too bad you're already dead hahaha. I loved motag. I got so into it but never won dang it. Who's your social teacher? Who are your other teachers? Are you memorizing scripture masteries and stuff? You should invite some friends to go to seminary with you and have a good missionary experience!!

Jake! That's awesome you're making so much money bro! Nice job saving up for your mission. Sounds like you're gonna be good to go in no time! Dude. Go on your mission when you're 18!! That would be way better. Where'd you go trick-or-treating? Any full-sized chocolate bars? That's awesome you're gonna be Deacon's quorum President. I know you'll do a great job. When I was, I didn't really understand what I had to do, but now I think I understand it a little bit more. You'll be responsible for the spiritual well-being of each member of your quorum, and will have to help those who aren't going to start going! I know you'll do a great job. Also, nice job practicing your hymns my friend. You'll use it on your mission. Love you Jake!

Family! This week was pretty sweet. We're seeing pretty good progress in a few of our investigators. Juana and Susana went to church this weekend, but Cecilia couldn't because she was traveling. Juana wasn't answering Sunday morning and we were worried she wasn't going to show up, but she did! She's great. We had a great week overall, but didn't see lots of progress in our newer investigators.

We've been making an emphasis in basing our teaching more in the scriptures and it's helping a ton! We're feeling the Spirit a lot more in the lessons, and we're teaching with more power. It's difficult for someone to disagree when they see it written in the scriptures, and when we bear testimony on top of that, people feel the need to act according to what we teach. It'll be easier to discern between those who have real intentions to change their lives and those who still aren't prepared. I want to deepen my understanding of the scriptures and be able to use them more effectively. Before my mission, I always read the scriptures, but I think I lacked really studying them. The more I've been able to really study them, the more I've come to love them. The truths that are taught in them are so incredible. It's really such a huge blessing that the Lord has given us His word to help us learn and progress. It's interesting how the Lord considered the Book of Mormon so important that he went through all the trouble to have it written, hidden, found, translated, and spread around the world. The prophets of the Book of Mormon considered it so important as well. I've been studying about the importance of the Book of Mormon this week, and it really is a miracle.

Close to the beginning of the week, we did a minicambio with Chiguay, one of the sectors that has been struggling. Elder Gómez brought in Elder Fitzugh, a really young missionary, and I went there with Elder Ferguson, who's also a pretty young missionary. It's a tough sector, and they've been struggling, so we wanted to help them, especially in learning how to find new investigators. We prayed and planned for the minicambio and it turned out great. We learned a lot about how to effectively find new investigators using the maps the mission has given us and planning more effectively, by talking with everyone, and also by working with members to get refererrals. It was an awesome experience. They tore things up afterwards and found a bunch of people. They're progressing a lot which makes me really happy.

This week we also had interviews with President which was really awesome. They're always short, but it's nice to have a chat with President. He's awesome.

So we finally managed to visit Catherine and Francisco, who are both now working until really late at night, to try and see what was up. I've actually been really sad about them... They have testimonies, but are struggling right now. We found out that Francisco has started getting together with his old friends and drinking again. Catherine has been pretty distraught about it and they've been having some fights. She wants to go to church really bad, but Francisco's being kind of an impediment. We visited them on Saturday night, and Francisco expressed how he felt repentant and wanted to keep going to church but was struggling. He expressed that he's struggling to leave his old life behind. Although I was really sad, it made me a little happier to know that they've still got desires and everything. They committed to go to church the next day, but unfortunately, didn't show up. I really don't know what else to do. I love them so much and I want them to be happy but it's pretty heart-breaking to see them without these blessings. Please keep praying for them.

This is the last week of the cambio which is nuts. It's gone by so fast. It makes me sad thinking about how short the time really is, but although I know I can do a lot better, I feel like I've progressed a lot in the time I've been on my mission. There's no experience like it. If I could, I would extend it for another 2 years easily. I love how the Lord works. He gives us the opportunity to serve Him in His work for 2 years, and in the process molds and shapes us into new people. He's got a really good system at helping His children. In spite of all the difficulties we face, the blessings are always greater. I love Him. I love learning about Him and getting to know Him more. I one day hope to be able to see Him and be in His presence. I'm so grateful for what He's done in my life. His atonement has real power. I'm grateful that He's seen fit to give me the knowledge of the restored gospel. I'm so thankful that He gave me such a great family that has always been there as a support and has always shown love.

I wouldn't give up these 2 years for anything. I love being here. This is the Lord's work!! He directs it. I know the Lord will continue to bless us.

I love you so much family!! Keep being awesome and keep sharing the gospel.


Elder Blomfield

P.S. We got a cell phone again! Also, the guy who we thought stole ours, also robbed his own mother a few days ago. Suspect confirmed.