Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hey fam so I don't have a lot of time today so I'm not gonna write too much, especially since I'll be talking to you tomorrow.

Good news, my package arrived!! When an Elder went to go train from our zone, he came back with my package. In Chile they open presents on Christmas Eve, so I've already opened it. I LOVED IT! Thank you so much. I'm a little concerned seeing as the majority of the stuff I got had to do with personal hygiene. I'm getting suspicious that perhaps my comp might have secretly written you a letter or if he's just had an answer to his prayers hahaha.

Thanks for sending me Scott's email too. Sounds like He's enjoying Edmonton. Kai should be getting home within a couple weeks too.

Loved the Humphreys Christmas card too. It looked pretty ridiculous. I'm impressed.

Mike looks like a goof with his face all swollen. Hope you get better soon. Also, you stoked about getting your papers in soon?? It's gonna be nuts. So when will your availability date be?

I'm glad to hear all the festivities are going well. They are here too. Gotta love Christmas!! it's not nearly as big here as it is at home though. thank you so much for all your gifts, especially for the testimonies you sent me. I loved that. I love you all!! THis is the truth.

Talk to you tomorrow!!

Elder Blomfield

Also, something crazy. It is raining tons over here. TONS. It's now summer and rain at this time of year is very strange. Also, on Wednesday, we had a huge hailstorm which is unheard of. Thunder, lightning, flooded streets, with one part under a bridge so full of water that a car got completely submerged. It was almost a white Christmas from the hail. Our house has holes in the roof cause apparently some kids through bricks at it a couple months ago, so all the inside got soaked. Our floor was flooded terribly and we had a big clean up to do. It was quite the hastle.

The four of us missionaries took a Christmas picture of ourselves and gave it to every family in the branch. It was pretty awesome.