Sunday, 30 December 2012


Family!! Thanks for writing! You're the best!

Dad! That's brutal about the truck. Like you said, good thing you have insurance. Here I don't think it's necessary to have insurance legally. People drive without it normally I think. That's so great about Jojo becoming a permanent resident. I really hope he gets it. One of your worker's name is NiƱo? You know what that means right? I'm glad you liked the temple. That's one thing I wish we had here in the mission. That's crazy about the Humphreys!! Congratulations!! You're doing a Monty Python sketch? Make sure to video it hahaha that will be funny. I haven't seen that one before. It is so awesome being a missionary. I love it so much. I never want it to end!! You're right though, it's sad thinking that one day this'll end. I just don't think about that very much. Even though I know that afterwards it'll be way different and I'll have other responsibilities and everything, I like to think as the mission as a start to complete service to the Lord, even though afterwards the service might just take a different form. Thanks for everything Dad. I love you a lot.

Mum! I still haven't asked President if I can extend. I'll see what I can do. The olympics activity was pretty good. At first nobody got there, but with time the turn out was pretty good. The relief society arm wrestle was pretty funny. I'll tell you more details in the general email. I don't know if nice and warm really describes the weather here... It's more like mean and hot. Haha it's not that bad but the sun is really strong here. That's crazy about the sister missionaries. Here, within about 4 months, the number of sisters in the mission will double, and we will receive 50 more missionaries. Those fifty new ones on top of the new ones that will replace the ones that leave means we will have about 100 new missionaries. Tons will train. It's gonna be crazy. Invite that family!!! and INVITE THE MISSIONARIES TO TEACH THEM!! That would be awesome. That's so cool you got to serve that sister in that way. It's just like Elder Ballard's talk at conference about praying to help others! He says that will spread our testimony from our minds to our hearts and create conversion. Also, congrats on your new calling! You'll do a great job. That new program is INCREDIBLE! We're using it here in the mission. Watch the videos!! It's called How to Teach Like the Savior right?? Good luck. Love you Mum!!!!

Michael! That's so rude you didn't write me haha. Sounds like you're being more ridiculous than I was at BYU. I hope things go well and I hope you have a blast, but make sure you're studying your scriptures well and prepping for the mission. Send me those boyband pictures. I'm glad your having so much fun. The best teaching style is what it says in Preach My Gospel. Ask inspired questions, listen and discern, teach the doctrine using the scriptures, testify and use personal experience, and promise blessings. Then invite to act and verify. That's the best way to teach! It's incredible how a good teaching situation can cause such a great change in someone. When you're a missionary, you'll learn a lot about that. It's the coolest thing ever. NIce work going to the temple too. Don't worry about me being home or whatever before your mission. I wanna see you, but just do what you think and feel is best. Love you!

Charly! You bought your friend an ipod touch??? how many of you pitched in?? That's awesome! How goes your Personal Progress? Let me know how it goes in the temple!! That's so awesome. How are your grades doing?? You excited for Christmas break? Love ya!

Jake! That's fun you got to shoot the 22. You shot muskrats? Did you eat it? Good job on making plans to help your quorum members. That's gonna help a lot. I think you'll do a great job. Nice job on getting your awards!! I'm glad everything's going great. You stoked for Christmas? I love you Jake!

I just got back from a cool activity we just did with some members. It was a blast!! The 4 missionaries in my house went to a really cool place like an hour from Linares. It reminded me a lot of Waterton. It was this awesome looking river. We fished but had no luck, and had a delicious barbecue. It was sweet cause of the two families, one of them is a family of recent converts that got baptized just a few months ago. It was a blast. 

So this week we had our Olympic Games activity which was really fun. We bought a bunch of medals and a few trophies to give out to the winners. The different organizations helped with the food and the drink. We had planned to divide everyone in teams and make it a competition type of thing, but in the end everyone got there almost an hour late and it was impossible to do it with the time we had left. We had a three-legged race, arm wrestling, basketball, tug-of-war, horseshoes, and a speedwalking race. It was a lot of fun. We gave all the kids medals, and trophies to the winners of the speedwalking race. It was a lot of fun, but a few sisters got annoyed cause they didn't win anything, unfortunately two of them being converts. It was kinda funny but kinda ridiculous cause they got a little bent out of shape out of it. We tried to tell them that we didn't have enough money to buy trophies for every event but they didn't understand. Haha oh well they're fine now.

So this week Euvlalia should be getting baptized. Her husband Guillermo went to church on Sunday too and apparently he liked it and wants to keep going!! This week in a companion transfer I taught him and he felt the Spirit very strong. He was very passive about religion but changed and said he was willing to quit going to see soccer games on Sunday in order to go to church. He's got a baptismal date for the 22nd. We just need to stay on top of him and keep him reading and praying, which is sometimes difficult cause he's pretty old and likes to watch TV a lot. I'm really excited about Euvlalia though.

This week we found someone and at the beginning she sounded like most typical Chileans, saying that all we have to do is believe in God and we're good, and it doesn't matter what religion we follow or anything. As we started teaching her about the Restoration, we could see how she started really thinking and understanding. She accepted a baptismal date. We asked her how she felt during our visit as we were finishing up and she said she had felt something really special and that she had thought about stuff that she hadn't thought about before. It's so cool seeing the Spirit working in people.

Things are going great with my companion. We get along pretty well. Our personalities are different and sometimes we have some different opinions about some things but we are combining our ideas and learning a lot. His idea was not waste any time at all with people who didn't have tons of desires and was very blunt and fast with the teaching, while my idea was more of a fight to the death for every last person, even if they didn't have any real desires. Both of us had something to learn I think. I think it's important to fight to help people receive the gospel, but also, if we spend a lot of time with people who don't want to change, we waste the Lord's time. We've improved a lot at teaching towards people's needs but at the same time qualifying our investigators. It says in D&C that the elect are those who hear His voice and hearden not their hearts. Those are the people we're looking for. Also, great missionaries like Alma, and even Jesus himself didn't waste time trying to convince people who didn't want to change when there were so many people who were willing to change that needed help. 

So I don't know if you've heard any of this stuff about the 21st of December and three days of darkness and stuff? Apparently some Japanese princess who's been seeing aliens is saying that's gonna be happen, and apparently NASA approved that there will be some huge solar storm that day that will knock out all electrical equipment. It also happens to coincide with the Mayan calendar 2012 end of the world stuff. I have no idea what's really going on but a lot of people here are talking about it a ton. It's got a lot of people worried. A lot of people think the world's gonna end and stuff. A lot of people talk about alien sightings, and weird "prophets" and stuff who have predicted all this stuff. Have you heard anything about that over there? I don't really have any idea. This is all just filtered information I get from a bunch of different superstitious Chileans haha. I just say, it doesn't really matter anyway. We know what the truth is, and we have to stick to that!

In spite of all the craziness in the world, I know what the truth is. God lives as does His Son Jesus Christ. This is His restored gospel. Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. I love being a missionary. It's the most incredible thing ever. I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Keep sharing the gospel!! Love you all!!

Elder Blomfield