Sunday, 30 December 2012


Family! Thanks for your letters!! This week was pretty great.

Dad! I forget sometimes how cold it must be at home. Here we're sweating  like crazy. That's kinda weird they don't let the boys watch the girls get baptized. Oh well. That's so cool you got to baptize Jake for your uncle Ben!! I remember when we got to go do a bunch of work together after I got my endowment. It was so awesome. That's sad about Darren's dad. It's so great having the gospel though and knowing that this life is just a step in the process. That's so awesome for Bruce! Congratulate him for me. I hope he's happy. I hope Michael goes Spanish speaking. Maybe he can come replace me out here. That's a really cool story about your convert. I think each investigator is individual. Some people need patience, but some people just have no real desires. I've seen how patience can really make a difference in someone's teaching. I really like that story. By the way, I spent around $20 a couple weeks ago from the card. Also, I couldn't open that sound recording you sent me. Love you Dad!

Mum!! That's weird about all that end of the world stuff that everyone's talking about. People here are just way more suspicious and stuff. It's gone so far that one member told me that a Seventy said it was true. So much confusion. That picture Dad sent was real?? Ross really had a mustache?? I thought it was photoshop or something. That's hilarious. Have you listened to him speak Spanish? He probably speaks way different Spanish than be cause it's mixed with Gaurani, and Chilean Spanish is ridiculous. I hope everything's ok with Grandad. Send him my love for me. I still don't have the package cause we are on the outisde of the mission so get mail a lot less than in Chiguayante. We have a Christmas conference on Wednesday, so I imagine I'll get in then. You're awesome Mum. Love you!

Michael! Man you're really slacking on writing me my friend!! Hopefully everything's going great down at the Y. I bet you're stoked to go visit home. It's gonna be awesome for you..... I JUST GOT YOUR LETTER! man are you lucky. We do visit less actives. Elder Cooke said reactivating a family is just important as baptizing. It's great working with part member families. This weekend we brought a less-active to church and her daughter who's not a member yet. A lot of the time they have a testimony but just for one reason or another feel uncomfortable or get out of the habit. Occasionally there are some people who go completely apostate. Dude. You're a genius. Remind me what classes you're taking again. I always forget. NIce job with the Christmas cards, I have to say I am impressed. Are any of your roommates gonna be gone next semester? Dude, don't worry about the mission date. What's two more years? You should come here and maybe I'll train you! I think learning to convey what the Spirit wants is a process and takes practice and experience to get good at. The more we feel it, the more we come to recognize it, and when we obey, it comes more. In my mission it's cool to see my own spiritual progress and how the Spirit conveys certain messages to me that get confirmed in a conference or council when the President teaches us. It's awesome. Love you bro!

Charly! Didn't hear anything from you either. I hope everything's doing well! Love ya.

Jake! I am stoked for Christmas. I'm excited to talk to the family. I'm sad though cause it means I've been out here for so long. I'm sad the time goes by so fast. Nice job in soccer as always. Hopefully you make your basketball team! Let me know how it goes. How's you're scripture reading and everything?? Love you!

This week was pretty awesome. To start off, Eulalia got baptized!!! It was great. She was so happy. Unfortunately her husband is really sick and couldn't even get to the church to see it. We haven't been able to teach him cause he's been stuck in bed. He went to the doctor the other day and is gonna have to get a whole bunch of tests done unfortunately. I hope he gets better. Him and Eulalia got married after living together for 40 years. Crazy eh? She's such an incredible lady. She's so dedicated and so awesome!!! In her baptism, her 7-year-old grandson came who behaves REALLY bad. He wouldn't stop making a ruckus. He kept jumping up in the baptism and didn't listen to anyone. It was a little difficult to keep him under control, but at least he was nice enough to support his grandma.

Last Sunday in the zone was a complete failure cause almost no one came to church, and the assistants came down on us a bit, but this week things went way better in our sector and in the zone. We had a bunch of people in church, and things are looking really good for this month. Sometimes it's really stressful having to be responsible of the zone, but it's a great learning opportunity. The Lord blessed us a lot this week and things turned around completely. 

We had a minicambio with the travelling assistants (different than the normal assistants) on Thursday. Elder Cardinal and I split up with them and went to work. We learned a lot and had a great day!! I went with Elder Brulé, who's from Ottawa. He was an assistant before and then extended to go travel throughout the mission. I gotta say it was nice having some more Canadian influence in the house, even if he is kind of a French Canadian hahaha. I learned a lot about the importance of just being confident and taking control but without stressing or going crazy. Not being lazy but not going crazy. It was good.

So this cambio is shorter because of Christmas. If we had the regular cambio schedule, we would have had cambios on Christmas day, so they moved them back a week. This was only a 5 week cambio, and the next one will be seven weeks. The one after that will only be 3 weeks cause of the big schedule change in the world due to all the new misisonaries. I'm nervous that they might change Elder Cardinal cause we get along really well. He only has 2 cambios left after this one. He's hilarious and I'll miss him if he goes. Elder Abbott, another missionary from our house, is dying that day too.

This Sunday there was a great class in Priesthood. The guy talked about how we need to obtain the remission of our sins and retain it. All the class was based on Mosiah 4 which is one of my favourite chapters. I studied that a little bit more this morning and also looked at Moroni 8:25-26. It talks about how the remission of sins brings about a change in our character. It brings us humility and meekness which lets the Spirit visit us. The Spirit fills us with hope and love, which we can keep through dilligently praying. Also, in Mosiah 4 it talks about how when we retain the remission of our sins, we won't criticize others, we'll teach our children, and we'll care for the poor. Those changes in character and changes in behaviour are natural results of receiving the remission of our sins. I think a lot of times we have a personal experience with the atonement, and feel humility and meekness, but then forget about it. It's so important to keep those experiences alive, and to continually repent and become more like Christ. The best way to change is not from our own efforts, although our own efforts are required. To change, we need to invoke the power of the atonement through repentance, and then our nature can change. It goes along really well with Alma 5 too. I'm gonna work on that personally.

Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I wish I could extend for 2 more years haha. It's so awesome!!!! I love representing the Lord. I've learned a lot about the importance of being 100% focused on the work, and really as we focus on the Lord's will, we are more happy!! I love being here. Thanks for all your support. I know this is the truth. God lives, Jesus Christ can change us, Joseph Smith was a prophet, this is the Lord's church. I love it.

Love you family!! Talk to you soon!


Elder Blomfield