Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hey fam! Thanks for writing!!

Dad! You're right. Sometimes it is tough to find the balance when trying to lead the missionaries. Ideally, all we'd have to do is just direct them and give them counsel in the work, but sometimes like you said people close their hearts off. When a missionary is struggling a lot with the work but has desires to improve and is humble, that's fine with me, cause we can help. But sometimes people get defensive and don't take responsibility. This week has been a struggle with that. We've been really busy trying to help the situation. There are quite a few problems, not just one or two. I guess one of the challenges is finding the balance between being passive and being a tyrant. We need to feel our responsibility but getting yelled at doesn't always fix things. Congrats to Chad on his mission call! Sounds like Nakiska was a blast with the fam! Thanks for the pictures. Congrats to Aries about being with his family. I hope they get baptized! Love ya Dad!

Mum!  Congrats to Jessamy for going on a mission! She'll love it. Congrats to Caroline too. Everyone is going on missions!! It's great! You have to send me pictures of the basement. That's so cool that Kenna and Izaac can ski. Elder Cardinal really liked the pictures. Here, snow is a huge novelty let alone skiing. It never snows here. It's quite a blessing that we have that opportunity at home! I really love that story you had when Penny Timms called you. I've been able to see more and more and the Lord really answers prayers. It's usually a gradual and unexpected process. The answers I receive are normally from constant impressions that I receive over a series of time. It's so cool learning how the Spirit works. I've really come to trust and understand it a lot more as a missionary. I think it's so important to learn to recognize and follow the Spirit. I just started laughing about Izaac wanting to become Michael's servant, as did my comp. That's hilarious. Where did that come from? I'll pray for you Mum. Inviting to activities and stuff is one of the best things you can do. Stanka and Rodrigo, some of my converts here in Linares, came to know the church because they got invited to an activity. Now Rodrigo is gonna baptize his nephew Sebastián on Saturday, and Paola and Patricio, Stanka's sister and her partner, are listening to us and probably getting married soon, and we taught Stanka's mother yesterday who was incredibly receptive. You'll see results soon!! Scott and Kai still haven't gotten back to you?? I really have no idea what I'm gonna do haha I haven't thought much about school. What's my NetID and password and stuff? I forgot completely. Thank you for all your love. Love you!

Michael! Sorry bud, say goodbye to the Phillippines. You're coming to Chile. It's way better. I'm gonna train you. I've already decided hahaha. You're taking New Testament?? That's awesome. Dude I wanna take all the religion classes I can get my hands on when I get back. Church history, world religions, new testament, everything!! I used to think church history was boring, but now that's all I wanna learn, especially about Joseph Smith. Where in California do you wanna go?? GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MISSION CALL! LOVE YOU!!

Charly! You nervous for midterms? That's so cool you're Mia Maid president!! You'll have a great opportunity to help others. I'm so excited for you to get your Patriarchal blessing. It really is the coolest thing ever. I remember getting mine. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Keep me updated on it!! Love you Char!

Jake! That's sweet about your cub car. That's funny your instructor left you haha. Skiing is such a blast. Those pictures are awesome. I love skiing. Do you find blue runs pretty easy or are they kinda hard? Is Opa good? I've never goon. I do like calamari though. Too bad on the mission we can't eat seafood cause we might get sick. What is a kendama? I don't get what it is. Glad you had a good week bud. Love ya!

Kenna! That's so cool! I'll try and send you a picture. Sometimes it's hard though cause the computers are annoying and don't work very well. What are some goals you set? Love you!

This week was pretty awesome. Victor got baptized!! It was great. He was really happy. It was cool to see him grow in understanding and in his testimony. Unfortunately, the baptismal service didn't turn out so well since most of the people who committed to come didn't show up, including a member of the Branch Presidency. We had to preside the service ourselves which wasn't too great. Another guy named José got baptized by the other missionaries the same day. Some pretty funny stuff happened with the actual baptisms. I baptized Victor, but forgot to tell him to plug his nose. Sometimes he's a little bit awkward and stuff too when he give hugs (here people give hugs when they shake hands), and when I submerged him in the water, he kind of flopped and went limp in the water. It was pretty funny. When Elder Fuller baptized José, he forgot to tell him to bend his knees, so he fell back and banged his head on the wall. They got baptized but it was pretty hilarious.

Yesterday in church, it was awesome. In Priesthood, the Elders Quorum President, who's really been trying to get the Priesthood moving, instead of giving a class got everyone on their feet and made them visit all the brothers who hadn't come that day. It was awesome!! It was great to see the Priesthood in action. I loved it. That's how it should be.

This week Sebastián should be getting baptized. It's been tough to teach him this week as he's been really busy with work, but he's doing good with the commandments and everything and is ready to get interviewed. I'm so excited. Rodrigo's gonna baptize him. Rodrigo is apparently really excited and got emotional thinking about it yesterday. It is so cool. It's gonna be the first time I can see my convert baptize someone. I love it. Pray for him!

This week has been quite a struggle again with the zone. We've done companion exchanges, visits, studies, and everything to try and help the missionaries out. We're seeing progress in some areas but some areas still need some help. It's been quite a cool experience. The Lord has told me a lot about sacrifice in these last few weeks. We've had to drop what we wanna do and what would be easiest to try and help the missionaries out. Both me and my comp agree that we haven't worked so hard for a calling before. It's hard at times but very spiritually rewarding. The Lord is teaching us a lot and it's a great experience. I realize I have to improve tons. It's a great chance to learn and to grow, and I'm grateful the Lord gives us these types of experiences to help us  become what we should.

Richard, Sarela, Enrique and Karen came to church again this week. She got hospitalized again, but things are looking better now. He's out of work which makes things kind of complicated for them. It's been tough to have a lot of contact with them this week, cause either she's been in the hospital, or he's been off doing little jobs here and there, and we haven't been able to see them that much. Also, apparently he talked to Rodrigo at work before and mentioned he didn't want to get too involved in the church too fast. Apparently also his mother who is really evangelical was causing opposition. On Saturday though, we got to meet her and she was really nice to us and supportive of them going to church. I really hope they progress... They aren't married so there's still a lot of work ahead. Apparently Richard wants to get married but Sarela doesn't. Elder Cardinal and I both felt they were gonna get baptized the first time we met them, but they have a lot ahead of them still. Pray for them!

Loreta has been backing out a little it seems like since she smokes a lot. We're gonna keep trying to work with her, but she's depressive and really sensitive so it can be kind of difficult. Also, her daughter Constanza failed a big exam in law school. One that she had studied hours on end for. I think it's been really hard for them. Pray for them!

Anyway, we have a great week coming up. We have the first conference of the year in the mission coming up, and we're excited to see what we're gonna learn. It's gonna be a great experience. I'm excited to learn more about how to work more effectively and how to be  a better servant of the Lord. Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world. I never want it to end.

Keep sharing the gospel family! It's the best way to be happy. Love you tons!!

Elder Blomfield


Hey fam! Thanks for writing!

Dad! The family of 4 did not go. Apparently she had cancer, and this week she got operated on and had to stay in her bed. It seems like everything's gonna be ok, but they couldn't go to church unfortunately. That's cool you still have contact with some converts. Good job being a missionary on Facebook! Being a missionary is really the greatest thing ever. A lot of time the little fears we have don't really have any base seeing as the majority of the people don't get offended by religion. It's a lot easier talking to people about the gospel as a missionary though seeing as I'm dressed the part with nametag and all. At the beginning of my mission it was difficult to do so, but it's gotten easier and easier as time's gone by. I'm glad you got to help the Humphreys move. Hopefully they enjoy their new ward. It'll be weird without them in our ward. Keep up the missionarywork!! Love ya!

Mum! Sebastián is doing great. He is so set on baptism, and his mother has noticed a huge change in him. I'm so excited to see him progress. My comp leaves in 6 weeks. This cambio has 3 weeks left, and then we have a short, 3 week cambio due to the change in the MTC schedule. He leaves just after that. It's gonna be sad! I'll have been with him longer than any other comp besides my trainer, Elder Navarrete. Sounds like your new calling is awesome. I'm so glad you have the chance to help the youth. I think the new program will change people's lives. Lots more youth will go out on missions I think. You're right, Mum, the gospel is the best thing ever. I love teaching it. Love ya!

Michael! That's too bad you had to rearrange all your classes, but that's good it worked out. Nice. You crowd surfed? Oh my gosh you're ridiculous hahaha. I'm so excited for you to go on a mission. I'll pray so you get called here. It's a long shot, but how cool would it be if you got called her and I trained you? Just sayin, that would be so solid. The evangelicals out here have a little bit of everything. Some baptize babies, some don't. Some blatantly reject prophets and continuing revelation, but some tell us about how the "Spirit" takes people over in their meetings, making them dance, scream, and prophesy. It's pretty intense stuff. There's a little bit of everything. No church is the same, seeing as most of them exist cause members from one church get annoyed and go and make their own. There are great people from every church though obviously. I've baptized a few ex-evangelicals. The good thing is they have a lot of faith. Gotta love the true church though. Love ya!

Charly! No balloon drop? How sad. That's nuts about all the snow. Meanwhile I'm burning out here in the sun. You don't wanna go to high school? High school is way better than junior high. You'll love it. I'm glad you made a funny video. That's always a lot of fun. I have plans with Elder Cardinal to make some after the mission haha. It's a blast. Love you Char!

Jake! I heard you worked your butt off this week!! Nice work! I bet shoveling that much was terrible. That's pretty cool you got to see a roughnecks game. I had a companion, my MTC comp, who was way into lacrosse. He says it's a blast. I remember watching a Roughnecks game and it was pretty intense. Good job inviting your friend to the activities!! Good job being a missionary. Love ya!

Ok! So this week was pretty nuts. We had a good week in our sector, but in the zone we are still having a bunch of problems. There have been a bunch of problems with unity and with pride with some of the missionaries. The attitude of some missionaries is making it really difficult for the other ones who live with them. It's kind of been a struggle. We're having to start almost from scratch with some of the missionaries, seeing as trying to direct them in the work and provide counsel to help their investigators progress doesn't really go anywhere if the missionaries have problems with their companions or refuse to accept any kind of help. It's been difficult and we've had quite a stressful week, but we're grateful for the trials. Success does not come when everything goes great, but when we can progress and get up again after everything goes bad. I'm glad the Lord had used my previous experiences to help my handle today's experiences. If it wasn't for the fact that I had had other trials earlier in the mission, I wouldn't be able to handle these trials now. I'm excited to see how the Lord will use today's experiences to help in tommorrow's.

Apart from that, things are great. It has been ridiculously hot though. Apparently one day, it got up to 37 degrees, that being measured in the shade. I gotta say that being all sweaty all day isn't that great, but if that's what's necessary, it's alright haha. 

So Victor, the slightly different guy that we were teaching before, is getting baptized this weekend. He's been really great with his commitments and has tons of desires. I feel bad cause he's almost like a little kid trapped in a man's body, and he doesn't feel a lot of love from his wife who's already a member, or from the family of his wife. We went and taught him yesterday with the Elders Quorum President, and he said something that really touched me. He said that we will be really blessed in the Resurrection because when he has all his mental capacities he'll be grateful for the patience we had in teaching him. He's really a great guy.

Sebastián is doing great. He decided completely, although a little sadly, to live the law of chastity and word of wisdom. He's so awesome and I'm so impressed with him. His mum has seen a huge change in him, and is actually finally cracking and wants to get baptized too. The only problem is that she isn't married to the guy she lives with yet, although it sounds like they do have plans. Anyway, Sebastian came with a friend of his that we taught at his house to church. It was awesome. Sebastián is gonna be an awesome missionary. To top it all off, Rodrigo, his uncle who's my convert, is gonna baptize him. How awesome will that be?

Rodrigo blessed the sacrament for the first time yesterday, and did a great job. He is really progressing a lot. He's already in Jacob in is Book of Mormon reading. His wife, Stanka, is also doing great. She's giving a talk next weekend! I'm so excited. I love that family.

The family of 4, Richard, Sarela, Enrique, and Karen, didn't come this week unfortunately. Turns out Sarela had cancer and got operated on this week. She's doing a lot better, but it was still a big concern. We had a sweet restoration lesson with Richard and the kids. The Spirit was really strong, and he read in the Book of Mormon, but it seems like his family, who are really evangelical, is creating some opposition. Pray for them!!

Loreta, someone else who went last week, had a big turn around! She didn't seem that interested, but really liked church, and we had a great Restoration lesson with her too. She read in the Book of Mormon and went to church. She's doing great!! Now she just needs help with the Word of Wisdom cause she smokes about 20 a day. Pray for her!!

We did 2 minicambios this week. I brought in one of the District Leaders, Elder Conti, to my sector, while Elder Cardinal went there. Then I went over to the other branch in Linares to meet some investigators of the other missionaries. It gave some fruit, seeing as some people we found in Linares during the minicambio went to church in the other sector and probably will get baptized next month. It was stressful to do those minicambios, cause working with someone besides your comp can always take some getting used to, but it was a good experience. This upcoming week is gonna be busy too. We need all your prayers so the missionaries respond well to what we want to teach them. We want them to really just lose themselves and dedicate themselves to the work, leaving behind all petty problems and pride. It'll be difficult to help ingrain that in some of the missionaries, but the Lord will help us.

Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I am so glad I'm here. I wouldn't change it for the world! We don't lose 2 years at all. It's more like getting 20 more years in life. We progress and learn so much during the time here. It's like cramming 20 years of experience into only 2. Oh how I wish I could be here longer!! I love the Lord. I know He lives. I know this is His church. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. The Book of Mormon is true. This work is true. I love it.

I love you all! Thanks for your support and prayers. Also, congrats to Becky on getting her mission call!


Elder Blomfield

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Family!! Thanks for writing me. It was a pretty good week for us in our sector this week, but with some problems in the zone unfortunately.

Dad! At New Years here, there aren't any really cool celebrations, just everyone gets completely smashed. There were tons of drunk people all over the streets everywhere. Some yell at us, and some suddenly awaken to a sense of their eternal state and try and talk to us. The problem is that they forget everything before the next day hahaha. I can't believe Michael's  leaving for the mission so far. That's so funny about Izaac. I remember having some pretty embarrassing moments in sacrament meeting as a kid haha. One when a bird came in and I said something loud, and I think one when you gave a talk and mentioned how I had called a woman fat or something. Pretty funny. Love you Dad!

Mum! I'm glad you enjoyed having Michael home. I bet it was hard seeing him leave. That's cool you drop in at the new temple. I'm excited to see what it's like one day. I'm glad you're liking your calling. Teaching the gospel really is the coolest experience ever. I love seeing the lights come on in people's eyes. Something that we're focusing on here in that teaching pattern is the inviting to act and verifying the invitation. As the investigators live the gospel we teach, then they receive spiritual confirmations and become converted. It's the same with everyone. Love you Mum!

Michael! How did it feel going back to school? It's kind of a weird feeling leaving the family. I know how you feel haha. We get some say in what goes on, but just in specific areas that are unclear or that we think need to be improved. There are all types of missionaries out there. Some are great, some are crazy. Did you get any pictures at the bike show? Send some to me. Still not sure about extending. What martial arts class are you gonna take? That sounds fun. I felt the same going back to BYU after Christmas. A bunch of my friends had left, and a bunch of new people came. It took some adjusting, but turned out ok. Love you!

Charly! Tell me about the new years dance!! I always loved those. It was formal right? Did they do the big baloon drop thing? Is there a lot of snow at home right now? Do I know the family you babysat for? Did they pay you well? I'm glad you had a good new years. Love you Char!

Jake! You're gonna have so much fun on that cruise ship my friend. It'll be a blast.I'm jealous, but I'd rather be here in Chile. Excited to go back to school soon? Here they're in their summer vacations cause the seasons are backwards. Love you Jake!

Kenna! My Christmas was awesome thanks. Do you like your ipod?? That's awesome. I got some candy, some Canadian stuff, some shower stuff, and some clothes. It was awesome! Are you gonna miss Michael? Love you Kenna!

Ok! This week had some ups and downs. We had some challenges, but had tons of blessings.

Starting out, a lot of the possibilities that the zone has for baptism this month started dying out. We're worried because we committed with the Lord to reach a certain goal and things are looking quite tough, and we feel the responsibility seeing as we need to be leading the zone. A new missionary, Elder Cortés, got sent home on Thursday morning because he had some severe problems with his knees. He couldn't ride his bike at ll or walk very well, and got sent back up north where he lives in Chile. It was pretty sad. I knew it was coming cause President told us, but we couldn't tell him anything. I was on a minicambio with him when President called him to break him the news. He was pretty torn up and didn't know what to do. He felt like a failure and he felt useless in the hands of the Lord. I was able to console him a little bit but it was still sad. His comp, who's been having a lot of problems recently, also took it pretty hard and has been struggling to have a good attitude.

Basically, we've been seeing some struggles with some of the missionaries and we're praying and studying to know how to help them. We've made some plans this week to help them out. Some need to understand their purpose more, and some need help learning how to take control of their situations instead of being controlled by them. It's difficult, but the Lord will help us. Please pray for us!!

We did see some great blessings in our own sectors. Sebastián is a 16-year old who went last week, who is a nephew of Stanka and Rodrigo, some of our converts. His little brothers are already members. He recently took interest last Thursday out of no where, seeing as beforehand had no interest whatsoever in the church. He has read everything we've left really well, and has such a great understanding. In our second lesson, after having read all the first pamphlet, he gave us the best explanation of the Restoration that I've heard from any investigator ever. He understood the need of Priesthood authority and everything, wanted to read the Book of Mormon, and wanted to get baptized. In the next lesson, he had read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it, and felt it was true. He's incredible. He's had a rebelious past, but I don't blame him seeing as the upbringing from his parents has not been good. He comes from a broken home with a lot of problems, but is willing to make changes. Some of the commandments will be difficult for him to keep, so please pray for him. He's getting baptized on the 26th. Also, his nick-name between us is Elder Araya. He'll be a great missionary some day.

Guillermo, Eulalia's husband, is back on board. We taught him the other day and he's doing quite a bit better health-wise. He's still struggling to remember some things, but took a baptismal date for the 26th as well, and came to church. We went by on Sunday afternoon with some members and it was great. I think he'll do great. Eulalia cried a little bit as she testified to him about the church. It was incredible. They are incredible. Pray for him!

Victor is someone we've been teaching for a while. We stopped teaching him for a bit because he had some really weird ideas and it seems like he struggles a bit mentally. He had talked about some previous weird spiritual experiences, and it seemed like he was lying to us and just going to church cause his wife who's a member wanted him to. He proved otherwise, as he brought his family to church by himself, and has since then been progressing greatly. He's a little different, but we've seen a sincere change in his understanding and his desires. He has a baptismal date for the 19th. Pray for him!

Rodrigo, my convert, got the Priesthood on Sunday!! He'll probably be the one baptizing Sebastián which will be incredible.

We brought a family of four to church yesterday which was great. We had been teaching the wife and kids for almost two weeks, but the husband was always too busy to share with us. They were gonna come last week but the daughter had an accident on her bike on Saturday night and had to go to the hospital. On Saturday night we taught the husband for the first time, and they all came to church. He's got some Evangelical roots and he seems to have some left over beliefs of theirs like how the Spirit takes control of people and makes them dance and scream and all that weird stuff, but he can change that. That's a common belief here. At church, we found out that Rodrigo knew him from beforehand!! The only problem, is that the parents aren't married. Pray for them!!

Being a missionary is a really great experience. I wish I could stay here longer. I love how the Lord teaches us. The difficulties we have help us improve and learn more about the gospel. I wish I could always be a full-time missionary. I know this is the truth.

I love you all. Thank you so much for everything. You're really the best family ever.


Elder Blomfield


Hey family!!! Thanks for writing. Sorry to tell you that this week's letter will be shorter... We had to go to Chillán today for mission council and have very little time on new years eve before they shut everything down.

It was great talking to you all at Christmas. It's weird seeing how everyone's grown, but at the same time it feels kinda normal talking to you. It's weird cause it just kinda turns into a normal conversation and I feel like I never get to really express what I want to. It was great though. I love you all so much.

Sounds like that was a huge blessing not having a fire on Christmas! Just the Lord letting us know again that He's in control and watching out for us. I love it.

I can't believe you're gonna go on a cruise!! That'll be a blast. It'll be fun in 2015. I'll just have to make sure I get my beach body by then hahaha. The mission isn't the best way hahaha.

We did find a family after we spoke, but we'll see how they progress. Hopefully we see some miracles!! 

Sounds like Michael got an interesting gift from Mary-Clare... pretty hilarious.

Mike, we have til 10:00 just like every other night, and are gonna be eating with some converts. Advice for the mission? WORK WORK WORK. Also, work for the right reasons. Be open and humble. Study well. PRACTICE TEACHING A TON, every single day at least 20 minutes I would say in your comp study. Getting dropped off at first I felt like a deer in the headlights, but I was so stoked. you'll do a great job.

Hopefully you're feeling better Mum! I'll pray for you.

Sorry for being so rushed. Quickly, in council today I saw Elder Gomez, and he told me about my converts in Chiguayante. They are doing great for the most part. Two other people I taught got baptized!! One I only taught once and had no interest, but apparently had a big turn around!! The other was Priscila's mother, Cecilia. I taught her a bunch and she had a testimony, but struggled to make the decision to get baptized. It was so great to hear. Apparently she has a really strong testimony. It shows how great working with members is. I'm so happy! I got letters from some converts and it made me soo happy. The Torres family is doing great, and Hector (the dad) blessed the sacrament on Sunday. Catherine has gone a bunch to church although Francisco hasn't, but they have fed the missionaries lunch and they ate with them at Christmas which is great. Juana and Susana go, and so does Monserrat, but Kassandra doesn't. As I heard all their spiritual progress it made me so happy. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I saw how the Lord had answered my prayers. There is no greater joy than being an instrument in helping people come unto Christ. I love it so much.

Mission council was interesting this week as some changes were made in the mission. Some of the zone leaders were quite strong in their opinions. The mission is being more strict with the way it counts key indicators and is trying to make the numbers more reflective of what's really happening. It's great. Some missionaries had some weird opinions about it cause they wanted to do even more changes or do it differently and some got quite fired up. It was quite entertaining.

I'll have to tell you about my investigators next week, but pray for Sebastian. He's awesome.

Thanks so much for all your support and love. I love you all! I love being a missionary. Sorry once again for the short letter, I'm in a bit of a rush.

Happy New Years!!


Elder Blomfield