Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hey fam! Thanks for writing!!

Dad! You're right. Sometimes it is tough to find the balance when trying to lead the missionaries. Ideally, all we'd have to do is just direct them and give them counsel in the work, but sometimes like you said people close their hearts off. When a missionary is struggling a lot with the work but has desires to improve and is humble, that's fine with me, cause we can help. But sometimes people get defensive and don't take responsibility. This week has been a struggle with that. We've been really busy trying to help the situation. There are quite a few problems, not just one or two. I guess one of the challenges is finding the balance between being passive and being a tyrant. We need to feel our responsibility but getting yelled at doesn't always fix things. Congrats to Chad on his mission call! Sounds like Nakiska was a blast with the fam! Thanks for the pictures. Congrats to Aries about being with his family. I hope they get baptized! Love ya Dad!

Mum!  Congrats to Jessamy for going on a mission! She'll love it. Congrats to Caroline too. Everyone is going on missions!! It's great! You have to send me pictures of the basement. That's so cool that Kenna and Izaac can ski. Elder Cardinal really liked the pictures. Here, snow is a huge novelty let alone skiing. It never snows here. It's quite a blessing that we have that opportunity at home! I really love that story you had when Penny Timms called you. I've been able to see more and more and the Lord really answers prayers. It's usually a gradual and unexpected process. The answers I receive are normally from constant impressions that I receive over a series of time. It's so cool learning how the Spirit works. I've really come to trust and understand it a lot more as a missionary. I think it's so important to learn to recognize and follow the Spirit. I just started laughing about Izaac wanting to become Michael's servant, as did my comp. That's hilarious. Where did that come from? I'll pray for you Mum. Inviting to activities and stuff is one of the best things you can do. Stanka and Rodrigo, some of my converts here in Linares, came to know the church because they got invited to an activity. Now Rodrigo is gonna baptize his nephew Sebastián on Saturday, and Paola and Patricio, Stanka's sister and her partner, are listening to us and probably getting married soon, and we taught Stanka's mother yesterday who was incredibly receptive. You'll see results soon!! Scott and Kai still haven't gotten back to you?? I really have no idea what I'm gonna do haha I haven't thought much about school. What's my NetID and password and stuff? I forgot completely. Thank you for all your love. Love you!

Michael! Sorry bud, say goodbye to the Phillippines. You're coming to Chile. It's way better. I'm gonna train you. I've already decided hahaha. You're taking New Testament?? That's awesome. Dude I wanna take all the religion classes I can get my hands on when I get back. Church history, world religions, new testament, everything!! I used to think church history was boring, but now that's all I wanna learn, especially about Joseph Smith. Where in California do you wanna go?? GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MISSION CALL! LOVE YOU!!

Charly! You nervous for midterms? That's so cool you're Mia Maid president!! You'll have a great opportunity to help others. I'm so excited for you to get your Patriarchal blessing. It really is the coolest thing ever. I remember getting mine. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. Keep me updated on it!! Love you Char!

Jake! That's sweet about your cub car. That's funny your instructor left you haha. Skiing is such a blast. Those pictures are awesome. I love skiing. Do you find blue runs pretty easy or are they kinda hard? Is Opa good? I've never goon. I do like calamari though. Too bad on the mission we can't eat seafood cause we might get sick. What is a kendama? I don't get what it is. Glad you had a good week bud. Love ya!

Kenna! That's so cool! I'll try and send you a picture. Sometimes it's hard though cause the computers are annoying and don't work very well. What are some goals you set? Love you!

This week was pretty awesome. Victor got baptized!! It was great. He was really happy. It was cool to see him grow in understanding and in his testimony. Unfortunately, the baptismal service didn't turn out so well since most of the people who committed to come didn't show up, including a member of the Branch Presidency. We had to preside the service ourselves which wasn't too great. Another guy named José got baptized by the other missionaries the same day. Some pretty funny stuff happened with the actual baptisms. I baptized Victor, but forgot to tell him to plug his nose. Sometimes he's a little bit awkward and stuff too when he give hugs (here people give hugs when they shake hands), and when I submerged him in the water, he kind of flopped and went limp in the water. It was pretty funny. When Elder Fuller baptized José, he forgot to tell him to bend his knees, so he fell back and banged his head on the wall. They got baptized but it was pretty hilarious.

Yesterday in church, it was awesome. In Priesthood, the Elders Quorum President, who's really been trying to get the Priesthood moving, instead of giving a class got everyone on their feet and made them visit all the brothers who hadn't come that day. It was awesome!! It was great to see the Priesthood in action. I loved it. That's how it should be.

This week Sebastián should be getting baptized. It's been tough to teach him this week as he's been really busy with work, but he's doing good with the commandments and everything and is ready to get interviewed. I'm so excited. Rodrigo's gonna baptize him. Rodrigo is apparently really excited and got emotional thinking about it yesterday. It is so cool. It's gonna be the first time I can see my convert baptize someone. I love it. Pray for him!

This week has been quite a struggle again with the zone. We've done companion exchanges, visits, studies, and everything to try and help the missionaries out. We're seeing progress in some areas but some areas still need some help. It's been quite a cool experience. The Lord has told me a lot about sacrifice in these last few weeks. We've had to drop what we wanna do and what would be easiest to try and help the missionaries out. Both me and my comp agree that we haven't worked so hard for a calling before. It's hard at times but very spiritually rewarding. The Lord is teaching us a lot and it's a great experience. I realize I have to improve tons. It's a great chance to learn and to grow, and I'm grateful the Lord gives us these types of experiences to help us  become what we should.

Richard, Sarela, Enrique and Karen came to church again this week. She got hospitalized again, but things are looking better now. He's out of work which makes things kind of complicated for them. It's been tough to have a lot of contact with them this week, cause either she's been in the hospital, or he's been off doing little jobs here and there, and we haven't been able to see them that much. Also, apparently he talked to Rodrigo at work before and mentioned he didn't want to get too involved in the church too fast. Apparently also his mother who is really evangelical was causing opposition. On Saturday though, we got to meet her and she was really nice to us and supportive of them going to church. I really hope they progress... They aren't married so there's still a lot of work ahead. Apparently Richard wants to get married but Sarela doesn't. Elder Cardinal and I both felt they were gonna get baptized the first time we met them, but they have a lot ahead of them still. Pray for them!

Loreta has been backing out a little it seems like since she smokes a lot. We're gonna keep trying to work with her, but she's depressive and really sensitive so it can be kind of difficult. Also, her daughter Constanza failed a big exam in law school. One that she had studied hours on end for. I think it's been really hard for them. Pray for them!

Anyway, we have a great week coming up. We have the first conference of the year in the mission coming up, and we're excited to see what we're gonna learn. It's gonna be a great experience. I'm excited to learn more about how to work more effectively and how to be  a better servant of the Lord. Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world. I never want it to end.

Keep sharing the gospel family! It's the best way to be happy. Love you tons!!

Elder Blomfield