Sunday, 17 February 2013

11 FEBRUARY 2013

Family!! Thanks for all your letters!

Dad! I'm so jealous of your cruise. Sounds like the weather is crazy up there. That's such a blessing that everything worked out!! Heavenly Father answers are prayers. That's really awesome about that taxi driver!! Nice guy. I think I saw Les Miserables before the mission once, but it must have been a different one. My comp is big into musicals and stuff so fills me in on all that. Sounds good! That's so funny about the handgun ammo hahaha. Nice job. That would have been bad news if they would have thought you were stealling it hahaha. Love ya Dad!

Mum! It's gonna be weird having a new comp in a couple weeks. He's feeling pretty overwhelmed about the mission ending. He says it's not that he wants to go home or anything, it's just that there are so many big things on his plate, and it's such an overwhelming feeling knowing he's about to take a step into a whole new phase of life without having a clue what to do. To make it worse, he's starting at BYU the day after he gets back, and is gonna be rooming in Heritage, maybe with freshmen. Not the ideal setup. I dunno about the soccer fans dying. I haven't heard of it. What team were they from? That's too bad about your tooth. That's good that Brother Spencer could fix it so quickly though!! Love ya Mum!

Michael! I'm so sorry about having to wait for your call haha. I think I'd just open it. When are you expecting to get it by? That was a pretty funny story about the drunk guy. I kinda wanted to hit him. Midterms are pretty stressful. Who are all your professors? When I read your letter, I thought you were saying you went on a date with a girl name Blake. I thought, what a shame. hahaha. I never went to nickel city, but I heard it's a blast. My comp is missing his brother by a week. I asked to extend, but we'll see. A lot of people are very driven by their emotions and external circumstances, so they say they want to get baptized, but when something pops up or they wake up tired on Sunday morning, they choose not act. Not always obviously, but it's a dominating trend. Here, the people are more receptive, but less commital. A common saying in Spanish is "si Dios quiere" which means "if God wants." Basically they leave it up to external circumstances and don't take control of their own situations. That's probably the biggest challenge with the investigators. I've gotten along well with almost all my comps. A couple have been more difficult, but overall everything's good. Trent's leaving already?? Crazy. Love you bro!

Charly! You've got to fill me in on everything in the cruise. What are you gonna do about the tests your missing? What kind of stuff are you doing on the cruise? How long are you gonna be there?? Are you nervous? I bet it's gonna be so much fun. I'm super jealous. Love you!

Jake! Sounds like you had quite the craziness happen in the airport. I'm glad everything worked our alright! Are you stoked or what? You have to tell me all the stuff you can do on the ship. Will you have internet access there? That wood town sounds pretty cool. I loved wood shop in Junior High. It was so fun. It was probably my favourite class. Love you bro!

This week was pretty crazy for us. We are super excited for all the new missionaries, cause the zone has got a huge boost of energy, and the unity is way better, but in spite of everything, it was really hard for everyone to find new investigators this week. We feel like everyone worked harder and we all tried to use our time wisely, but we struggled throughout most of the week to find new people. It was pretty tough, cause it put a stop in the progression of our whole zone. We've made plans this week, though, to improve that and see some more progression. Pray for us as we try to find new families to teach!

This week we saw some huge miracles though, especially on Sunday. Paola, Stanka's sister, and Sebastián's mother, has finally set a date to get married with her partner Patricio. They are getting married on the 20th of March. On Friday we invited her to prepare to get baptized on the 23rd, but she rejected, saying she didn't want to do it quite yet. She loves the church, but is a little hesitant at times to make big commitments. She used to always make up excuses to not go to church or not not read or whatever, but she's doing way better now. Anyway, her future husband works in the north of Chile in the mines. Anyway, he wasn't gonna come to church this weekend cause he had to do some work in his house, but as his family was getting ready to go to church, he felt this urge to go, considering how he always talks about how he likes our church cause we focus on the family, but that he wasn't going to accompany his family to church. His family all left, and he got up, showered really quick, and took a taxi to church. He walked in late and surprised everyone. It was so awesome. In the afternoon we went by, and they had tons of great questions. We taught a bunch of the Plan of Salvation and focused on eternal families. They had questions about infant baptism cause Paola wants to baptized her baby in the Catholic church just out of tradition and to get into Catholic schools, and they had questions about marriage and everything. It was a really powerful lesson, and both accepted baptismal dates for the 22nd of March. It was so incredible. They are awesome. Blessings!!

Yesterday was Elder Cardinal's birthday, so for our lunch some converts invited all of us 8 missionaries from Linares. We all ate pastel de choclo (something to do with corn) which is a typical Chilean food. It's delicious by the way. It was sweet. For his birthday, I gave him my Canadian flag. He's the most patriotic American comp I've had and it's hilarious. He worked with Elder Navarrette who told him for some reason that I don't like the States even though I do, so even before I knew Elder Cardinal he didn't like me, and when we met and I stuck my Canadian and British flags up in the house it really made him mad hahaha. Now we get along great. We always battle about it just like I did with PJ at BYU, so I figured he'd like the flag hahaha. It was great. Also, it was Rodrigo's birthday last week so I gave him my Canada tie. He loved it.

Anyway, this week that's coming up is gonna be great. Yesterday we saw some miracles, and are hoping to see more as the week goes on. Please pray for us as we try and inspire our missionaries and help them all reach a higher level of dedication and conversion. Being a missionary is the best thing ever. I love it!! This morning I was studying about the Priesthood, and it was great. It was cool to understand how hugely important the Priesthood is. It's the power of God. It's cool knowing that I'm authorized to preach the gospel and change people's lives. I want to trust more in that authority. As long as I'm dilligent and obedient, the Lord will bless me with power. And that's how it is with all Priesthood holders.

I love being here. The church is true! It all is true. I love it.

Love you all!!

Elder Blomfield