Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Family! Thanks for writing. You rock.

Dad! Thanks for thinking about my investigators! It's sad sometimes when people are noncommital. I feel like I'm starting to understand how our Heavenly Father must feel with our lack of commitment and our laziness. So many people seem to put the gospel as "Plan B" and choose to put other things first. I feel like the mission has helped change that in my life. How can we possibly put other things first when they're so insignificant? God obviously knows what's best for us. Interviews were great. I asked President about extending, but he'll be finishing his mission as I do, so he said he's gonna ask the knew President, President Arrington, about it. That's so cool about the increase of missionaries. It's like that here too. I love it. How are the Flames doing by the way? Dad, if it isn't too big of a bother, I would love to hear your own conversion story, how you went through that change in your life. Could you send that to me? HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!!! You're gettin old. Love you Dad!

Mum! I've been really blessed with great comps in my mission and it's been great to learn from all of them. That's so awesome I'm gonna room with Scott!! That's gonna be such a blast! He'll talk to me all day about Edmonton I'm sure. Hopefully he's not too much of an Oilers fan. Thanks for taking care of all the school stuff for me. Ugh I don't really wanna have to deal with classes and stuff but I guess I have to. That's really cool about your experiences in teaching Sunday School. It's the same thing here. The preparation is essencial in the success of a lesson. Preparation in studies, obedience, dilligence, and everything. Even if our plans get thrown out the window when other needs come up, the Spirit still guides us because of our preparation. That's so awesome about Kenna. I'm glad she's so open about how she feels about church. She's been a great missionary! Thanks Mum, you're the best mum ever. Love you!

Michael! His name is Jacob Roman Cardinal. Look him up! I'd say there are more women than men, but there are a fair share of men too. There are tons of single mothers and widows and stuff here. I'm sure there's someone nearby that isn't member haha, the thing is I bet everyone and their dog has told him to get baptized already. What were your grades like? You should never wear short shorts. What were you thinking?? Don't say YOLO you wollybasher you sound ridiculous!! A missionary here told me about that and it made me sad. What is happening back home?? I think the best way to learn the language will just be talking it as much as you can and asking your comps to correct you. It'll come in no time. What could I tell you about mission life? Don't miss one minute! Time flies by, and don't forget who you are. Sometimes as missionaries we forget our authority and who we represent. If we act worthily, we'll have great power to help others change and come unto Christ. That's what I've learned about the mission recently that I wish I would have understood better earlier on. Don't by shy about the authority you have as a representative of Jesus Christ. Love you my friend! 

Charly! Hope you had an awesome birthday. Didn't hear from you this week, but I hope you're doing well! What did you do? Who came? What did you get? You're so old. Love ya Char!!

Jake! Did you have fun at Charly's party? I hope you make the badminton team. I'm sure you will though. You got a longboard? Those things look pretty sweet. Where do you wanna go ride it near the house? Why'd you get the most expensive one? You must be raking in the cash with your jobs my friend. You still reading and praying every day? Are you marking your scriptures? Love you Jake!

Alrighty! So this week was great. I had a great minicambio with one of my District Leaders, and I learned a lot! We had a great time, and he had a good week in his sector. Also, We had interviews with President. It was awesome. We learned a lot. We talked a lot about the importance of really committing people. A lot of time, people say yes to a commitment, but when it comes down to it, don't keep it. We focused on helping people overcome their doubts, and helping them become really committed to baptism. A lot of people accept a baptismal date, but aren't really committed to preparing themselves for it, so we focused on teaching to that objective, that the people really understand and commit. It was awesome. That night, the Assistants came and did a short little hour-and-a-half minicambio with us too. 

We saw a lot of progress at the beginning of the week with Patricia. She had a really cool experience. We taught her the Restoration, and as I was relating the First Vision, she said she felt like it was someone else who was talking, and she felt sure that she was gonna be with her family again. She lost her husband and son in an accident a few years ago. It was a really spiritual lesson. Then, we brought a member over a couple days later. It was good. She was really committed, but then cancelled on the next visit, and didn't show up to church. She didn't pick up her phone yesterday or on Saturday, and when we went to her house yesterday, she didn't come out. We're worried someone may have had a negative influence on her or something. Pray for her!!

Paola is set for her baptism. She's super excited. She is completely committed and has had tons of spiritual growth. She's been reading every day, and went to church even though she was deathly ill. It was incredible. I'm surprised at the progress she's had. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and I'm so happy for her. Her future husband Cristian got back on Saturday, so we went and visited him. He was really committed for church and to never drink, because he might have that temptation in his wedding. He even called to change his plans to make sure he could go to church, but on Sunday morning, his wife's grandfather showed up way too late and he couldn't just leave him hanging. He needed to go to church this weekend to get baptized, cause he hasn't gone enough times recently. He's been before, but for his work it's really complicated. We talked about it with the Assistants and he's probably going to get permission seeing as his family is all members, and he was really committed to go, and cause he will be leaving to go work for a week and a half in the north next Sunday afternoon. If his baptism gets more procrastinated, he might not make the decision. Pray for them!!!! They're getting married on the 20th, and baptized on the 22nd. 

On Saturday night, at about 9:00 (we have to go home at 10:00), we got into a house and taught a family. The husband was asleep or something, but we taught the wife, and her 30 and 17 year old daughters. They accepted baptismal dates for the 31st and went to church straight away the next day. It was awesome!! Last night we visited them to see their commitment with their baptism, and they really want to and seem committed! They're names are Judith, Macarena, and Tania. Such a miracle. Pray for them too! They're really young, but seem great!

In the zone, we had a great week overall. We were really blessed. I'm really grateful for the blessings the Lord's given us. This week I've learned something really important. Every month, the President gives us certain "Focuses of the Month" that we work with throughout the whole month. Our job is to commit and verify with the missionaries so that they apply President's vision. What I learned this week, is the importance of teaching and converting the missionaries to that vision instead of just giving them the information, hoping they obey, and verifying. It's the same thing with investigators. Teaching and leading becomes a heck of a lot easier when the people for themselves want to do the things we teach. It was a great thing I learned.

I know this is the truth. This is the true church! I love it. I love serving as a missionary. Hopefully I can extend. Jesus Christ lives and is our Saviour. Joseph Smith was a prophet, and this is the Lord's church. The Book of Mormon is true. I love it.

Thanks for all your support!! Keep sharing the gospel! I love you tons.

Elder Blomfield