Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Dad! Work is going great. I'm loving it. That's so cool you met Elder Cooper! I don't know him that well but I saw him a bunch of times. That's so cool. Did he say anything about the mission or anything?? I'll have to look into the accommodation stuff. I couldn't open that spreadsheet you sent me cause it was locked with a password. Keep pestering Scott! Where's Mt. Norquay? Keaton's preparing to go?? That's so awesome. They set the clocks back too, but for some reason they changed the date of doing it. Some people's phones still changed the hour automatically, so a bunch of people got to church late cause of it haha. Love ya Dad!

Mum! I bet it would be a really cool experience to be a senior missionary. What kind of stuff did Brother Low do as a lawyer in the mission do you know? I'm so excited for Trent. He's gonna love his mission. I understand how you feel with teaching people that sometimes don't pay attention. Sometimes it's difficult helping people understand the importance of the things we teach. I think that's one of the biggest challenges - just helping people open their eyes and really pay attention. A lot of people listen to us teach them but don't actually pay attention. A lot of people commit to do things quite firmly but then don't act. This week that happened a bunch. A bunch of people committed but didn't act, and then kept avoiding us. It's sad, but we need to focus on people who want to accept the gospel. Jenna is the new member right? Thanks for sending the package!! That's awesome about the TA job too. Love you Mum.

Michael! That's too bad about the computer. I think the charging jack is messed up cause it fell of my bed once. It worked fine when I had it though. I can't believe they charge so much for that. Are you gonna transfer all my stuff over that I have on it though?? Teaching the gospel is such a cool experience. It takes some getting used to, but it's really cool. It's cool to see how with time and experience you learn to know what people need and what direction to take the lesson. That's something I struggled with more at the beginning of my mission. I wouldn't know really well how to relate our message to their needs, or I didn't understand how to apply it to them. What did they talk about in the missionary fireside? It's always sad when people choose to exercise their agency poorly, but I hope that the time will arrive when Isabela will accept the gospel in the future. How goes your Preach My Gospel reading? Love you bro! 

Charly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!! You're so old I can't believe it. I'm excited for you, but I'm worried cause you're already 15. I remember being your age... so many years ago haha. So what plans do you have for your birthday? Who's gonna go? I hope you enjoy your week, even though you didn't write me haha. Love ya!

Jake! Congrats about your team getting the gold medal!! Also, good job for not playing on Sunday. It's sometimes tough to make sacrifices to live the commandments but it's always worth it. We always teach that to investigators but they don't always understand. Sometimes they choose to go do other things on Sunday instead of going to church, and even though it might seem like a good excuse, they're still choosing other things over God. Obeying the commandments is always the best decision, no matter how small it is. I hope you write me next week. Love ya!!

Family!! This week was so great. Mercedes and María got baptized!! They're both so happy. That same day there was a branch activity, so there were tons of people eating once (elevensies?) which they always eat every day here at dinner time. At the end we had the baptism, so tons of members were there to support them. It was great. They were both so happy. María is 88 years old, and unfortunately the brother who baptized her said it wrong the first time, so had to re-do it. Luckily, it all turned out great in the end. I'm so happy for them. They, especially Mercedes, have had a huge change.

I'm really excited too, cause Sebastián's mother, Paola, and her partner, Cristian, are getting married on the 20th and baptized on the 22nd. Stanka is Paola's sister. I was nervous about them, but they've been progressing really well. Paola is finally reading in her own time, and is loving it. Stanka is also doing a great job with that. She's reading and marking her scriptures a lot. Beforehand they didn't really understand the scriptures at all, but now both of them are understanding way better. It's so awesome. Stanka even took the initiavtive to show them the Restoration movie and everything. I'm so excited.

I've learned a lot from my new companion. He's really dilligent and dedicated. I've learned a lot about being committed to the goals we set, and also about looking for revelation constantly. Also, I've learned to constantly be thinking about how to help our investigators. I think sometimes I just think about what doctrine they need to learn and how to apply it to them, but I want to try and think more outside the box to help them.

There's also someone named Patricia we've been teaching that's a widow. She lost her husband and her son in an accident a few years ago. We had to be really persistent to get into her house, but she has opened up a lot. She had to go to Concepción this weekend and went to church down there. She has a baptismal date for the 30th but lacks a lot of preparation still. Please include her in your prayers!! 

This week I've learned a lot about the importance of inviting people boldly to repent and come unto Christ. Preach My Gospel says that people repent as they keep their commitments. I think sometimes we're scared to invite others to do things because we don't want to pressure or scare them, and of course we can't just force people into doing things and we always have to invite with the Spirit and with love, but I think when we really understand the importance of the things we do, inviting others to do them will be an act of love instead of an act of pressuring someone. It applies to inviting people to baptism, to read the Book of Mormon, to pray daily, to go to church, or for a member, to share with the missionaries. It can be difficult to do it, but when we have it clear in our heads and our hearts the importance of the restored gospel, we won't be able to not invite them.

Anyway, that's what I learned this week.

I'm really excited for this upcoming week. We have interviews with President which is always great, and I'm excited to help the missionaries progress.

Thanks for all you do, I love you all!! Keep sharing the gospel.

Elder Blomfield