Friday, 17 May 2013


Family! Thanks for writing.

Dad! The time did go by really quick. That happens all the time. It's funny cause it's just like a normal conversation and before you know it it's over. Sounds like your trip was tons of fun. The weather's pretty warm over there it sounds like. It is pretty weird knowing it'll have been 4 years without seeing Michael. It's weird talking to the family cause it seems like even though a few things have changed, everything's still the same. Thanks for writing. Love ya Dad!

Mum! That would be sweet to come meet my converts down here. You should come pick me up! Haha. I'm glad you've been able to share the gospel this week. We did something sweet this week when we went out with a member who is a mailman and just contacted the people he knew. It was interesting cause he did it without fear and the people we visited were really receptive. I think sometimes members of the church are a little scared to take the next step of inviting their friends to share with the missionaries or something, but normally doing that doesn't bug them at all and often times they're receptive. What kind of stuff does it talk about in that book? Love you Mum!

Mike! I didn't get anything from you so I'm kind of offended haha. I'm stoked for you going through the temple this week. That's gonna be such a sweet experience. You'll have to tell me all about it. Love you bro.

Charly! I hope you do well on your exam! I always hated the written part more than anything. It was always so stressful to get it done, but I'm sure you'll do a great job. Hahaha you're so trunky. Tell me about how you felt during your Patriarchal Blessing! Love you Char! Thanks for writing!

Jake! Why don't you think your bike will hold out for much longer? That bike sounds pretty expensive that you're saving up for. At least this reffing job is paying out. Have you thought about starting to work at the car wash? That would be great haha. I guess you still have to wait a couple years for that. That robotics stuff sounds pretty sweet. You'll have to show me how it works. Love you Jake!

Family! It was so great hearing from you yesterday. It came and went so fast before I even knew it. Everyone's so grown up! It's crazy. I also can't believe Michael's leaving in just a few weeks. I feel old haha. I'm so excited for him though. I'm excited to be able to speak Spanish with him. How's the whole family feeling about Michael leaving?

So this week was pretty sweet in some ways. We did a companionship exchange and I got to work with Elder Sáenz, one of our district leaders. It was pretty sweet. He's from Ecuador, and was born in La Florida just when I left to go to Coelemu, so he knows my converts there and stuff. He's a really great leader and great at being the owner of his district.

Also, we had a study with the Tomé Zone Leaders and the Assistants. We learned about the importance of focusing on the people and not just simply the numbers in our verification with our missionaries, and on trying to be more simple but intense with our focuses as a zone. What I got out of it is that often we spread ourselves thin focusing on so many things in the zone, when we should really be trying to just focus on a few main points to reach our potential and overcome difficulties. The church always does that too, as each month or year there are certain focuses in the different programs. It was something so simple but I learned a lot. We're going to focus more on the basics with the missionaries, and try to convert them more the the mission's focuses instead of just explaining them and verifying them.

We've had some pretty big struggles as some of the sisters in the zone are having problems. Some are really discouraged, while others are having major problems with obedience. It's quite a handful, but it definitely helps us learn patience and how to deal with problems. It would be easy to just freak out and not care but we have to try and treat each situation carefully. It's not just enough to correct bad behaviour, but rather to help them not want to keep committing the same mistakes. It's probably pretty close to parenting as I said on Skype.

Vilma threw a whole bunch of seventh-day Sabbath day stuff at us this week which was a little frustrating. She's really smart which sometimes impedes her humility. She accepts that it's ok that we go to church on Sunday and celebrate the Lord's day and everything, but says that that never changed or got rid of the Sabbath day being on Saturday. It's kind of a chore, cause she's letting that stop her progress. If you have any answers for that it would be great. I know the scriptures in the Bible saying that the apostles met together on Sunday and stuff, but I'm trying to look for some modern prophet quote or something that specifically states why it's on Sunday now. I know we obviously accept it with the basis of modern revelation which can be based on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, but I'm just looking for a clearer answer to give them. If you could find something it would be great. The funny thing is, yesterday at lunch the same thing came up with some adventist family members of some members we were eating with.

The Book of Mormon is the greatest book ever. I love reading it. Yesterday we visited an investigator and read some of it with her cause she didn't read what we left her, and I felt the Spirit just softly testify that it was true. I felt peace in my heart and knew that it is from God. It's so great. At times I wish I could read it for hours each day, but that would take away all my other time from teaching!

Anyway we need some miracles here to get things moving. Unfortunately, a bunch of our investigators were sick or had mothers day commitments and didn't come to church. It was quite frustrating. Also, we really struggled to find a lot of new investigators this week. We've made more plans and we're excited for this upcoming week, but we need some serious help. I know the Lord can help us, cause He always does.

I'm so grateful for being a missionary. It's the greatest experience ever. I know the church is true. Among all the religious confusion that exists nowadays, I'm so grateful that the Lord has restored His gospel upon the earth to give us more clarity and peace. I love preaching the gospel. Even in the toughest moments, I still love being able so say, "I know this is true."

I love you so much family. You're the greatest! Seriously my family is the best one. Thanks for all your love and support. Keep sharing the gospel, and invite someone to share with the missionaries! You've got nothing to lose.

Love you!

Elder Blomfield

P.S. I forgot my camera at home so can't send any pictures. I'll try next week!