Friday, 17 May 2013

15TH APRIL 2013 - PENCO!

Dad! That youth activity sounds pretty cool. I would like to have done more missionary activities like that as a youth. That's so great that Maegan's getting baptized!! Congratulate the family for me. That's awesome. Give my congratulations to Aries as well! That's great that he went through the temple. I'm excited for Michael. Sorry about the snow! Love ya!

Mum! That's sad about those people attacking the church like that. I don't get why they do it. That's good that you're going out running and stuff. Can you just show up to the Calgary Tower to race up it or is it a special event or something? I love the Restoration. Without it, we wouldn't understand anything about the purpose of life or about how to have a happy family. Only thanks to the Restoration do we know exactly what we need to do. Any other belief that people have can't match up to it cause they can't have the same surety we have. It's such a great blessing.

Michael! Haven't heard from you this week. I hope you do well in school! When are finals? Times running out at BYU my friend! Buckle up for the mission! Love ya.

Charly! I remember when people went on SALTS. Beforehand I didn't really have any interest but afterwards when people got back it looked like they had a blast. Hahaha it is an interesting experience trying to teach what we know to someone who doesn't know anything about that. I sometimes wish there was a way to just stick everything we know in someone's head so they understand it! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that haha. Good job on your talk!! I bet you did a great job. Love ya!

Jake! Nice job in badminton, keep it up! Sounds like that project's gonna be pretty sweet. Be sure to send me pictures of your sword. You're gonna do reffing? Where will you be reffing? Did you like Cirque du Soleil? Sounds pretty sweet. Love you Jake.

My new comp, Elder Carter, is great. He was in Penco zone with me before in a place called Dichato when I was in Coelemu. He's got one cambio less than me. He's from Utah. We get along great! He's got a really good attitude and takes his calling seriously. The missionaries trust him a lot too. Being the leader of so many sisters is pretty difficult. It's tough cause most of them have less than 3 months in the mission and it's ridiculous. In one companionship, one sister has 9 weeks in the field while the other has 6 weeks. It's crazy. We can't do companion exchanges with them obviously so itm akes it a lot more difficult to help them. They're so new so a lot of the time still don't know exactly how things are done and don't really have anyone who can go and show them. It's a little tough but it's a good learning experience. Also, there are already some emotional and other problems... It's a lot different than working just with Elders. Other missionaries laugh saying it's the Relief Society zone hahaha.

Our sector and the zone are struggling pretty bad. When I got here we basically had to start from zero in our sector. The Elders had just recently opened a new sector and starting completely from zero 6 weeks before. Now we have to try and get things going cause unfortunately we don't have very many investigators. It's been a struggle, but we've got some great plans ahead and we're excited to see them give results.

One miracle we saw was pretty awesome. We basically had one investigator that had been going to church but wasn't really progressing spiritually. She didn't really want to prepare for baptism and was non-commital with some things. Her name was Ambar. The missionaries were initially also teaching her mother, Vilma, but she would always go on tangents and throw off the lessons if the missionaries focused on her, so they didn't really work with her. She knows tons from the Bible and we've got to know our stuff to teach her cause if we say anything that isn't Biblically correct, she could call us on it. She used to participate a lot in another church. Anyway, we went to teach them, and Ambar wasn't there. We taught Vilma, and as we testified of the Restoration, she accepted to prepare herself to be baptized and to go to church. The second time I went by she had questions about women and the Priesthood and stuff, but we managed to bring the lesson in and she ended up going to church. We had explained to her that it would be a great opportunity to receive an answer from God. Anyway, she came, and it seemed like she had a really good experience. It seemed like she was really paying attention, and in one moment she got emotional. We haven't taught her since, but we have high hopes. We're really excited to see her progress. Pray for Vilma!

We're trying to have an added focus on the Restoration, and as we've applied that this week, I've felt the Spirit a lot and my testimony has been strengthened. As I've read the Book of Mormon I've come to love it more. It's so awesome. I know it's true. I love how simple our message is. We can just base all our teaching, all the commitments we extend, and everything we do, all off the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. If it's true, so is everything we teach. If it isn't, then everything we say is false. But it is true, and I know it. I want everyone to read the Book of Mormon!

Thanks for all your love and support. I really appreciate it. I love you tons and hope that everything goes well back home!

Love you!

Elder Blomfield